Additional Details About Future Beautification of Archbishop Romero

On the morning of February 3, 2015, the Roman Catholic Church’s commission of cardinals unanimously confirmed the martyrdom of Archbishop Romero and that same afternoon Pope Francis did the same. February 3 is also the day that Romero was named Archbishop of San Salvador in 1977. [1]

The date of the beatification is being determined by the Vatican, but the place will be the Salvador del Mundo (Savior of the World) monument and plaza in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador.

Super Martyrio, a layman’s blog devoted to the beatification and canonization of Romero, asserts that the determination of Romero’s martyrdom is significant for the following reasons:

  1. Archbishop Romero represents total fidelity to the Gospel and to the Church.
  2. Archbishop Romero is emblematic of the “New Martyrs”.
  3. Archbishop Romero is a model of holiness.
  4. Archbishop Romero is a peacemaker.
  5. Archbishop Romero embodies a coherent Christianity
  6. Archbishop Romero challenges us to be a Church that goes forth into the world.
  7. Archbishop Romero is a guide for the “preferential option for the poor”.
  8. Archbishop Romero challenged all parties to work together for the common good.
  9. Archbishop Romero is a great preacher.
  10. Archbishop Romero is recognized beyond the Church.

Great News! Muchas gracias, Super Martyrio, for your constant and excellent work on this most important cause!


[1] This post is based upon Tim’s El Salvador Blog, St. Romero of the Americas (Feb. 3, 2015)(this blog post also has links to sources about Romero); Super Martyrio, At last, a speedy approval for Romero (Feb. 3, 2015)(extensive discussion of the reasons for the long delay in determining martyrdom); Super Martyrio, Ten reasons Romero matters (Feb. 3, 2015). 

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  1. Comment: Recent Articles about Oscar Romero

    Tim’s El Salvador Blog for February 7 has the following list of recent hyperlinked articles in English about Oscar Romero:

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    Muchas Gracias, Tim!

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