List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2015)


# Date Title
594 01/01/15 Annual Report on dwkcommentaries (2014)
595 01/02/15 Legal and Political Issues Regarding U.S. Rescission of Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
596 01/03/15 U.S. Has Conceded Many Reasons Why Cuba Has Provided Assurances That It Will Not Support Future Acts of International Terrorism
597 01/04/15 Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church Celebrates U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
598 01/05/15 Additional Details About U.S. Announcement of U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
599 01/06/15 Rejection of Criticism of Cuban Cancellation of Open-Microphone Event and Arrests of its Organizers
600 01/07/15 Email to President Obama Objecting to Covert or “Discreet” U.S. Programs Purportedly Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in Cuba
601 01/08/15 Nachito Herrera Concert at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
599A 01/08/15 Comment: Criticism of Possible Minnesota Prosecution To Recover Damages from Protesters
599B 01/09/15 Comment: Editorial about Minnesota Mall Protest
602 01/10/15 Launching of United States Agricultural Coalition for Cuba
603 01/11/15 U.S. Restrictions on Felony Voting Do Not Comply with International Law
604 01/12/15 Cuba Fulfills Its Commitment To Release 53 Political Prisoners
605 01/13/15 Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Connections with Cuba
599C 01/15/15 Comment: Criminal Charges Against Minnesota Mall Protesters
599D 01/15/15 Comment: Developments Regarding 53 Released Cuban Dissidents
606 01/15/15 U.S Easing Restrictions on Travel and Exports to Cuba
606A 01/16/15 Comment: Cuba Reports New U.S. Travel and Export Regulations
607 01/18/15 This Weeks U.S.-Cuba Meetings in Havana
608 01/19/15 Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero Closer to Beatification
599E 01/20/15 Comment: Criticism of Prosecution of Minnesota Mall Protesters
593B 01/20/15 Comment: News About “The Cuban Five”
609 01/20/15 U.S. Congressional Meetings in Havana
609A 01/20/15 Comment: Words on Cuba by Senator Leahy After Three Days of Meetings in Cuba
610 01/21/15 Cuba’s Perspective on This Week’s U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Meetings
611 01/22/15 Bills To End U.S. Embargo of Cuba Introduced in House of Representatives
612 01/25/15 U.S. and Cuba Hold Inconclusive Talks on Restoring Diplomatic Relations
611A 01/27/15 Comment: Additional Cosponsors for Bill To End Embargo
613 01/27/15 Cuba’s Unhappiness with U.S. Meeting with Cuban Dissidents
614 01/30/15 Obama’s Negative Reaction to Netanyahu’s Planned Speech to the U.S. Congress Validates cuba’s Negative Reaction to U.S. Meeting with Cuban Dissidents
615 02/01/15 Does the Church Control Salvation?
616 02/03/15 Pope Francis Confirms Martyrdom of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero
617 02/04/15 Additional Details About Future Beatification of Oscar Romero
614A 02/04/15 Comment: Tom Friedman Also Criticizes Netanyahu’s Planned Speech to U.S. Congress
618 02/04/15 International Reactions to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
619 02/07/15 Cuba’s Reactions to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
617A 02/08/15 Comment: Recent Articles about Oscar Romero
620 02/11/15 U.S. Government’s Reactions to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
621 02/12/15 American People’s Reactions to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
621A 02/12/15 Comment: Twin Cities Newspaper Endorses U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
622 02/13/15 Minnesota Orchestra To Go to Cuba
623 02/13/15 Senator Amy Klobuchar Introduces Bill To End Embargo of Cuba
624 02/16/15 Recent News about U.S. Government’s Actions Regarding Cuba
625 02/16/15 More Observations on Cuba’s Reactions to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
626 02/17/15 Other Opinion Polls Confirm Broad American Support for U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
627 02/18/15 More U.S. Senators Visit Cuba
628 02/20/15 Nancy Pelosi and Other House Democrats Visit Cuba
629 02/24/15 Issues Regarding Cuba and U.S. Extradition of the Other’s Fugitives
630 02/27/15 Senate Committee Approves Bill To Limit Releases of Guantanamo Detainees
631 03/03/15 The 1901 Contest for Control of the Northern Pacific Railway
632 03/06/15 U.S. and Cuba Hold Productive Second Round of Negotiations
633 03/08/15 U.S. Agricultural Coalition for Cuba Sends Delegation to the Island
634 03/10/15 EU and Cuba’s Negotiations Over Human Rights and Other Issues
635 03/12/15 U.S. BIA Decides Former Salvadoran General Should Be Deported
636 03/13/15 Charanga Tropical Concerts in Twin Cities, March 13-15
637 03/13/15 Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero To Be Beatified on May 23, 2015
578A 03/13/15 Comment: Assange To Be Interviewed in London Embassy by Swedish Prosecutor
638 03/15/15 U.N. Human Rights Council Is Warned About Human Rights Violations
639 03/16/15 U.S. and Cuba Squabble Over U.S. Sanctions Against Certain Venezuelans
640 03/18/15 U.S.-Cuba Hold Unproductive Extended Second Round of Talks
641 03/18/15 Venezuela’s Open Letter to People of the U.S.
642 03/19/15 ALBA Emergency Meeting’s Action Regarding President Obama’s Executive Order Imposing Sanctions on Seven Venezuelans
643 03/20/15 Criticism of Venezuela’s Response to President Obama’s Executive Order
644 03/21/15 U.S. Praises Cuba’s Record on Narcotics Trafficking
599F 03/23/15 Comment: Mall Prosecution Continues
633B 03/23/15 Comment: Minnesota Bill To Help Farmers Export to Cuba
645 03/23/15 New Details About U.S. Secret Normalization Negotiations with Cuba
646 03/24/15 Essay About Archbishop Oscar Romero in Cuban Newspaper
647 03/25/15 Cuba Meets with European Union and Russian Foreign Ministers
648 03/26/15 U.S. Radio and Television Broadcasts to Cuba at a Crossroads
649 03/27/15 Cuba and U.S. To Discuss Human Rights
650 03/28/15 Issues of Cuban Human Rights To Be Discussed by Cuba and U.S. (Part I)
651 03/29/15 Issues of Cuban Human Rights To Be Discussed by Cuba and U.S. (Part II)
652 03/30/15 Issues of Cuban Human Rights To Be Discussed by Cuba and U.S. (Part III)
653 04/01/15 Results of U.S. and Cuba’s First Meeting About Human Rights
654 04/02/15 Cuba and U.S. Have Same Concept of International Human Rights
655 04/04/15 Resolution of Issues Regarding Cuba-U.S. Lease of Guantanamo Bay
656 04/06/15 Resolution of U.S. and Cuba’s Damage Claims
657 04/08/15 U.S. Clarifies Positions on Cuba and Venezuela in Preparation for Summit of the Americas
658 04/09/15 Seventh Summit of Americas Is Underway in Panama
659 04/15/15 President Obama Rescinds U.S. Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
659A 04/15/15 Comment: State Department Discusses Rationale for Rescission
635A 04/15/15 Comment: Casanova Deported
660 04/16/15 President Obama’s Major Speech at the Summit of the Americas
661 04/17/15 President Castro’s Major Speech at the Summit of the Americas
662 04/18/15 Presidents Obama and Castro’s Meeting at the Summit of the Americas
663 04/19/15 Other Remarks by President Obama at the Seventh Summit of the Americas
664 04/21/15 Cuba Holds Municipal Elections
665 04/22/15 Committee To Protect Journalists Criticizes Cuba’s Censorship of the Press
665A 04/24/15 Comment: Committee To Protect Journalists Background
666 04/24/15 Congressional Opposition to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation Accepts Terrorism Rescission
664A 04/25/15 Comment: More Details About Cuba’s Municipal Elections
667 04/26/15 Does Cuba Have the Right To Terminate the U.S. Lease of Guantanamo Bay?
664B 04/28/15 Comment: Final Results of Cuba’s Municipal Election
665B 04/28/15 Comment: Committee To Protect Journalists Issues Alarming Annual Report
668 04/28/15 Council of Americas and Americas Society: Other Supporters of U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
669 04/30/15 Senate Hearing on Expanding U.S. Agricultural Trade with Cuba
670 05/01/15 The Important Moral Virtues in David Brooks’ “The Road to Character”
671 05/02/15 David Brooks’ Moral Exemplar
672 05/04/15 Religious Leaders Support U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
455A 05/05/15 Comment: U.S. Intent To Extradite Montano to Spain
673 05/06/15 Oppose Congressional Attempts To Restrict U.S. Travel to Cuba!
674 05/08/15 Spain’s Criminal Investigation of 1989 Murders of Jesuits in El Salvador Is Approved by Spain’s Supreme Court
675 05/09/15 Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Criticizes Cuban Human Rights
676 05/10/15 Pope Francis Holds Private Audience with Raúl Castro
578B 05/11/15 Comment: Sweden’s Supreme Court Rejects Assange’s Appeal
677 05/11/15 Minnesota Orchestra Goes to Cuba This Week
678 05/13/15 Imminent Restoration of U.S.-Cuba Normal Diplomatic Relations?
673A 05/14/15 Comment: House Appropriations Committee Approves Restrictions on U.S. Travel to Cuba
679 05/16/15 David Brooks Speaks on “The Role of
Character in Creating an Excellent Life”
680 05/18/15 Old Cuban Court Judgment for Money Damages Against U.S. Government


681 05/21/15 Another U.S. Coalition for U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
682 05/22/15 U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Holds Hearing About Cuba
683 05/25/15 Update on Proposed U.S. Legislation Supporting U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
684 05/26/15 Update on Proposed U.S. Legislation Opposing U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
685 05/28/15 Pending Congressional Appropriation and Authorization Bills Relating to Cuba
686 05/29/15 More Congressional Delegations Visit Cuba
687 05/29/15 U.S. Rescinds Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
688 06/01/15 Assessment of the Status of U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
689 06/02/15 U.S. House Committee Proposes to Impose Impediments to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
690 06/04/15 More Details Regarding Issues for                  Re-establishment of U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Relations
691 06/07/15 Naturalized U.S. Citizens: Important Contributors to U.S. Culture and Economy
692 06/08/15 Minnesota Welcomes New U.S. Citizens
693 06/10/15 U.S. House Approves Impediments to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
694 06/11/15 Spanish Court Terminates Universal Jurisdiction Case Against Three U.S. Soldiers
695 06/12/15 More House Republican Efforts To Impede U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
696 06/14/15 U.S. Supreme Court Decision Bolsters Obama Administration’s Normalizing Relations with Cuba
697 06/16/15 New Senate Bill To End U.S. Embargo of Cuba
698 06/18/15 Two Major U.S. Groups Urge Congress To Promote U.S. Trade and Travel with Cuba
699 06/20/15 Cuba Still “State Sponsor of Terrorism” in State Department’s Report for 2014
700 06/23/15 Update on Congressional Actions Regarding Cuba
701 06/26/15 U.S. Annual Human Rights Report Again Criticizes Cuba
702 06/29/15 Why Did Senator Leahy and Two Other Senators Visit Cuba Last Week?
703 07/01/15 U.S. Announces Agreement To Restore Diplomatic Relations with Cuba
667A 07/01/15 Comment: U.S. Discussions with Cuba About Using Guantanamo Bay for Detention of Global War on Terrorism Suspects?
704 07/02/15 Cuba Announces Agreement To Restore Diplomatic Relations with U.S.
704A 07/02/15 Comment by Greg Klave re McCollum bill against Radio and TV Marti
704B 07/02/15 Comment: Details about McCollum bill against Radio and TV Marti
705 07/03/15 White House Press Secretary and Senate Majority Leader Offer Conflicting Comments About U.S.-Cuba Relations
680A 07/03/15 Comment by Greg Klave about U.S. and World Court
680B 07/03/15 Reply: U.S. and World Court
706 07/05/15 Additional Information About U.S. Reactions to Restoration of U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Relations
707 07/09/15 Cuba Explains Path to Restoration of U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Relations
708 0713/15 Barack Obama’s Comments About Cuba During His Campaign for the Democratic Party’s Presidential Nomination, 2007-2008
709 07/17/15 Barack Obama’s Comments About Cuba During His Campaign for the Presidency, August 28 through November 4, 2008
710 07/20/15 President Obama’s First-Term Record Regarding Cuba, 2009-2013
711 07/21/15 The Reopening of Cuba and U.S. Embassies
711A 07/21/15 Comment about Warren Smith by Greg Klave
711B 07/21/15 Comment: Reply to Greg Klave about Warren Smith
712 07/22/15 Joint Press Conference of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Cuba Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez
713 07/23/15 Comments About Cuba by White House Press Secretary
714 07/27/15 Reactions to U.S. and Cuba Reopening Embassies and Other Issues Regarding U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
715 07/28/15 Bipartisan Bill To End Embargo of Cuba Introduced in House of Representatives
715A 07/29/15 Comment: More Details for H.R.3238
716 07/31/15 President Barack Obama’s Lack of Comments Regarding Cuba in His Re-Election Campaign of 2012
717 08/02/15 President Barack Obama’s Second-Term Record Regarding Cuba, 2013-2014
718 08/05/15 Is the U.S. Congress Rethinking the U.S. Embargo of Cuba?
715B 08/06/15 Comment: Representative Emmer Discusses His Bill To End the Embargo
719 08/07/15 U.S. Upgrades Cuba in State Department’s Annual Report on Human Trafficking
720 08/11/15 Cuba Commemorates Its 1960 Nationalizing Certain U.S. Properties
721 08/12/15 U.S. Supreme Court Comments on U.S.-Cuba History
722 08/12/15 Reactions to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between Me and the World”
723 08/14/15 Additional Details About U.S.-Cuba Secret Discussions Leading Up to December 17, 2014, Announcement of Rapprochement
722A 08/16/15 Comment: Coates’ Comments on Books and Writers
724 08/16/15 U.S. Secretary of State Speaks to Cuban People
725 08/18/15 Results of U.S.-Cuba Discussions After Ceremonial Opening of U.S. Embassy in Havana
725A 08/19/15 Comment: U.S. Said No Deadline To Resume Airliner Service with Cuba
726 08/19/15 U.S. Should Offer Aid to Cuba to Combat Drought
727 08/20/15 U.S. Secretary of State Meets with Cuban Dissidents
725B 08/21/15 Comment: State Department Confirms No Plan To Stop Cuban Medical Parole Plan
728 08/22/15 Beautiful Poem Celebrates Ceremonial Opening of U.S. Embassy in Havana
729 08/24/15 Kerry’s Meeting with Cuban Dissidents Gets Rave Reviews
730 08/27/15 Spanish Court Dismisses Criminal Investigation of Alleged Torture at U.S. Detention Facility in Guantanamo Bay Cuba
731 09/12/15 U.S.-Cuba Bilateral Commission Sets Agenda for Future Discussion of Remaining Issues
732 09/14/15 Cuba Prepares for Pope Francis Trip with Conflicting Actions Regarding Prisoners
732A 09/15/15 Comment: Details About Increasing Social Work of Cuban Churches
733 09/16/15 Cuba’s Foreign Minister’s Comments on U.S. Embargo and Pope’s Upcoming Visit to Cuba
734 09/17/15 Ta-Nehisi Coates Discusses the Age of Mass Incarceration
733A 09/17/15 Comment: Another Estimate of Cuba’s Alleged Damages from U.S. Embargo
733B 09/17/15 Comment: Cuban Foreign Minister’s Full Remarks on Cuba’s Alleged Damages from U.S. Embargo
735 09/18/15 New Cuban Ambassador to U.S. Presents His Credentials to President Obama


736 09/18/15 U.S. Announces Concrete Improvements in Relations with Cuba
737 09/18/15 Pope Francis’ Message to the Cuban People
738 09/20/15 The First Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the Cuban People
739 09/21/15 The Second Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the Cuban People
8A 09/23/15 Comment: Correction of Author of “We Are Not Prophets of a Future Not Our Own”
740 09/25/15 The Third Day of Pope Francis Mission to the Cuban People
741 09/26/15 The Fourth Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the Cuban People
742 09/27/15 The First Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the American People
743 09/27/15 The Second Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the American People
744 09/29/15 The Third Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the American People
745 10/01/15 Presidents Obama and Castro Speak and Meet at United Nations
746 10/05/15 The Fourth Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the American People
747 10/06/15 The Fifth Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the American People
748 10/07/15 The Sixth Day of Pope Francis’ Mission to the American People
749 10/15/15 U.S. Governors Call for Ending U.S. Embargo of Cuba
750 10/18/15 Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Unsatisfactory “Case for Reparations”
751 10/20/15 “Get Home Safely”
752 10/23/15 The Atrocious Benghazi Hearing
753 10/26/15 A Protestant Christian’s Reactions to Pope Francis’ Missions to the Cuban and American Peoples
754 10/27/15 Reflections on Learning and Teaching
754A 10/27/15 Comment: Additional Details Regarding Grinnell College’s First-Year Tutorial
755 10/28/15 Another U.N. General Assembly Resolution Condemning U.S. Embargo of Cuba
756 11/02/15 The Great Prayer of Thanksgiving
757 11/03/15 A Protestant Christian’s Reactions to the Roman Catholic Church’s Synod on the Family
758 11/06/15 Reforming U.S. “Democracy Promotion” Programs in Cuba
759 11/07/15 Successful Democratic Presidential Forum
760 11/08/15 Developments in U.S.-Cuba Normalization
760A 11/09/15 Comment: Next Meeting of U.S.-Cuba Bilateral Commission
760B 11/09/15 Comment: U.S. and Cuba Hold Law-Enforcement Dialogue
761 11/11/15 Results of Second Meeting of U.S.-Cuba Bilateral Commission
760C 11/11/15 Reply to 11/11/15 Comment by Greg Klave
762 11/12/15 Cuban Realities Adversely Affecting Normalization with U.S.
763 11/16/15 U.S. State Department’s 2015 Human Trafficking Report’s Objectivity Still Unresolved
764 11/18/15 U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Visits Cuba
765 11/20/15 Cubans in Central America Provide Cuba with an Opportunity To Reiterate Its Objections to U.S. Immigration Policies
766 11/23/15 Another Perspective on Gratitude
766A 11/23/15 Comment by David Nichols
765A 11/24/15 Comment: Reply to Greg Klave Comment
765B 11/24/15 Comment: Reply to Another Greg Klave Comment
767 11/24/15 U.S. Process for Screening Refugees
768 11/26/15 Other Comments on Gratitude
769 11/27/15 Update on Cuban Migrants in Central America
719B 11/30/15 Comment: Cuban Doctors’ Reflections on Medical Missions
770 12/01/15 U.S. and Cuba Fail To Resolve Complaints About U.S. Immigration Policies
771 12/02/15 Interfaith Worship Service at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
771A 12/02/15 Comment:: English Translation of Muslim Call to Prayer
770A 12/03/15 Comment: U.S. State Department Comments on Cuban Migration and Counter-Narcotics Talks
771B 12/03/15 Comment: English Translation of Jewish Call to Prayer
772 12/04/15 President Obama Should Exercise His Legal Authority To End U.S. Admission of Cubans with “”Dry Feet”
754B 12/04/15 Comment by Dr. Henrietta Barnes on Modes of Learning and Teaching
754C 12/04/15 Comment by Teodora Cakarmis on Modes of Teaching and Learning
773 12/11/15 Status of Cuban Migrants in Central America Still Unresolved
774 12/13/15 Resolving U.S. and Cuba’s Damage Claims
773A 12/14/15 Comment: Costa Rica and Cuba To Discuss Cuban Migrants
774A 12/14/15 Comment: Additional Details About U.S. and Cuba’s Damage Claims
775 12/15/15 Minneapolis Clergy Call for Compassion for All People
773B 12/16/15 Comment: Costa Rican and Cuban Presidents Discuss Cuban Migrants
775A 12/16/15 Comment: Muslim Parents Advice to Their Children
776 12/16/15 President Obama Welcomes New U.S. Citizens with Inspiring Challenge
777 12/17/15 Minnesota Orchestra’s Cuba Trip Garners National Recognition
778 12/18/15 Commemorating the First Anniversary of U.S.-Cuba Rapprochement
779 12/19/15 Raul Castro’s Declaration Regarding the First Anniversary of   U.S.-Cuba Rapprochement
777A 12/20/15 Comment: Profile of Minnesota Orchestra’s President
780 12/21/15 New York Times Calls for End to Special U.S. Immigration Program for Cubans
779A 12/21/15 Comment: U.S. Opposition to U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
781 12/22/15 U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals Affirms Deportation (Removal) of Former Salvadoran General Jose Guillermo Garcia
782 12/24/15 Muslims’ Christmas Greeting to Their Christian Brothers and Sisters
783 12/25/15 Pope Francis’ Christmas Message
773C 12/27/15 Comment: Costa Rica To Deport Some Cubans
784 12/30/15 Resolution of Problem of Cuban Migrants Stranded in Costa Rica