List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2014) 


# Date Title
456 01/01/14 Annual Report on dwkcommentaries (2013)
457 01/25/14 Bipartisan Call for Reform of U.S. Elections
458 01/27/14 What Are the Determinants of Individual Success?
459 01/29/14 Prayer of Confession
458A 01/30/14 Comment: Profile of Chu and Blumenfeld
460 01/31/14 “God Be in My Head”
461 02/01/14 The Vocations of Tabitha, Peter, Lydia and Paul
462 02/02/14 The Vocations of A Pastor and Her People
458B 02/02/14 Comment: Review of “The Triple Package” Book
457A 02/03/14 Comment: Washington Post Endorses Presidential Commission’s Recommendations for Reforming U.S. Voting Laws and Procedures
463 02/03/14 “How Clear Is Our Vocation, Lord”
464 02/04/14 “Give Thanks, O Christian People”
458C 02/04/14 Comment: Anderson Cooper Interviews Amy Chua
465 02/05/14 “Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I Go”
466 02/06/14 My General Thoughts on Vocation
467 02/07/14 President Obama Speaks Out for Religious Freedom
467A 02/08/14 Comment: President Obama Criticized for Not Addressing U.S. Religious Freedom
468 02/10/14 Aeschylus on Suffering and Wisdom
469 02/12/14 The Global Choir of Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
470 02/14/14 Amending Spain’s Universal Jurisdiction Statute
471 02/15/14 Another Powerful Worship Service about Vocation
472 02/17/14 Other Scriptural Passages About Vocation
473 02/18/14 U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms Dismissal of Case Against Former Mexican President
474 02/19/14 What Happens When Jesus Calls?
470A 02/20/14 Comment: Baltasar Garzon Criticizes Amendment to Spain’s Universal Jurisdiction Statute
475 02/23/14 My Vocations
476 02/26/14 The Extraordinary “Ordinary Grace”
477 03/01/14 Federal Appellate Court Allows Lawsuit by Guantanamo Detainees
478 03/04/14 The Latest U.S. State Department Report on Human Rights
479 03/07/14 U.S. State Department’s Latest Report on Cuban Human Rights
480 03/07/14 Other Details about Congressional Briefing by Cuban Religious Leaders
481 03/10/14 U.S. Policy Implications of State Department’s Report on Cuban Human Rights
482 03/15/14 Jesus’ Night of Mindfulness
483 03/18/14 Spanish Court Refuses To Apply New Amendment to Spain’s Universal Jurisdiction Statute
483A 03/20/14 Comment: Spain Debates Decision Not To Enforce New Amendment
483B 03/21/14 Comment: More Spanish Resistance to New Amendment on Universal Jurisdiction
483C 03/23/14 Comment: El Pais’ Editorial on Universal Jurisdiction
484 03/24/14 God’s Humility
485 03/27/14 President Obama’s Audience with Pope Francis
486 04/02/14 What Does the Way of the Cross Ask of Us? Mercy
487 04/04/14 U.S. Secret Cuba Social Media Program Raises Questions about the Validity of Criticisms of Cuba by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
488 04/06/14 Repentance
487A 04/08/14 Comment: Other Opinions on the USAID’s Secret Social Media Program for Cuba
489 04/08/14 Mortality
490 04/09/14 U.S. Senate Hearing Discusses USAID’s Social Media Program for Cuba
491 04/09/14 What Is Wrong with the White House’s Plan for Democracy in Cuba?
492 04/11/14 Death Certificates’ Documentation of Mortality
493 04/14/14 Spanish Court Dismisses Drug-Trafficking Charges Against Foreign Sailors
494 04/16/14 Spanish Court Refuses To Apply New Amendment to Spain’s Universal Jurisdiction Statute
495 04/19/14 U.N. Human Rights Committee Reviews U.S. Human Rights
496 04/21/14 U.N. Human Rights Committee’s Hearings on U.S. Human Rights
497 04/24/14 U.N. Human Rights Committee’s Concluding Observations on U.S. Human Rights
498 04/26/14 U.S. Orders Deportation of Former Salvadoran General
499 4/27/14 Argentina’s Exercise of Universal Jurisdiction Thwarted by Spain
497A 04/29/14 Comment: Botched Oklahoma Execution Postpones Another
500 04/30/14 U.S. Citizens Convicted of Felonies Should Be Allowed To Vote
499A 04/30/14 Comment: Another Spanish Rejection of Extradition to Argentina
501 05/02/14 U.S. Report on Terrorism for 2013
502 05/03/14 The Novel “Ordinary Grace” Receives Awards
503 05/06/14 U.S. Stupidity and Cowardice in Continuing To Designate Cuba As a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
504 05/09/14 Litigation Over an Early Compact Fluorescent Lamp
505 05/12/14 A Trial Lawyer’s Reflections on His Calling
506 05/15/14 William Carlos Brown: A 19th Century Railroading Success Story
507 05/18/14 The New York Central Railroad at Start of the 20th Century
508 05/20/14 Progress on Vatican’s Canonization of Archbishop Oscar Romero
493A 05/21/14 Comment: Dismissal of Drug-Trafficking Charges Against More Foreign Sailors
509 05/25/14 Former U.S. Diplomats and Government Officials Urge President Obama To Expand U.S. Involvement with Cuba
510 05/26/14 Another Perspective on the Dysfunctionality of the U.S. Government
511 05/30/14 William Carlos Brown’s New York Central Career
512 06/03/14 The U.S. Presidential Election of 1900
513 06/06/14 William Carlos Brown’s Loyalty to His Parents and Home State of Iowa
514 06/10/14 Theodore Roosevelt’s Involvement in the U.S. Presidential Election of 1900
515 06/11/14 Christian Wiman’s “Gazing Into the Abyss”
516 06/12/14 Baccalaureate Sunday
517 06/13/14 Over-Reaction to Eric Cantor’s Electoral Defeat?
518 06/15/14 Developments in Use of U.S. Immigration Law To Enforce International Human Rights
519 06/20/14 Christianity in the Age of the Sprit
520 06/22/14 Global Forced-Displacement Tops 50 Million
521 06/24/14 The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s Annual Report 2014
284A 06/25/14 Comment (Peter Bernard): cover of Foreign Affairs (July/August 2014) uses “Anatomy of a Murder” artwork.
284B 06/25/14 Comment: response to Peter Barnard on Foreign Affairs cover.
522 06/26/14 Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Takes Action Regarding Cuba
523 06/28/14 Assassination of President William McKinley and Swearing-in of Theodore Roosevelt as President
524 06/30/14 PBS’ “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History”
525 07/02/14 Latest U.S. Report on Global Human Trafficking
526 07/06/14 The Challenges of The Lord’s Prayer
527 07/09/14 U.S.’ Latest Assessment of Cuban Human Trafficking Record
528 07/12/14 Ted Cruz Torpedoed U.S. Ratification of Treaty on Rights of People with Disabilities
529 07/16/14 Federal Regulation of Railroads During President Theodore Roosevelt’s First Term (1901-1905): Introduction
530 07/20/14 Federal Regulation of Railroads During President Theodore Roosevelt’s First Term (1901-1905):The Northern Securities Case
531 07/24/14 Federal Regulation of Railroads During President Theodore Roosevelt’s First Term (1901-1905): The Elkins Act
532 07/28/14 Theodore Roosevelt’s 1904 Election As U.S. President
533 07/31/14 U.S. State Department’s 2013 Report on International Religious Freedom
534 08/04/14 United Nations Focus on Freedom of Religion or Belief
535 08/08/14 U.S. Hijacker of Airliner to Cuba Is Sentenced to 20 Years in U.S. Prison
536 08/12/14 Yet Another USAID Effort To Promote Regime Change in Cuba
537 08/13/14 Another USAID Effort To Promote Regime Change in Cuba: U.S. Government’s Reactions
538 08/14/14 Another USAID Effort To Promote Regime Change in Cuba: Other Reactions
360A 08/19/14 Comment: Popular History of the Massacre of El Mozote
539 08/19/14 Federal Regulation of the Railroads in U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s Second Term (1905-1909): Introduction
540 08/22/14 Pope Francis Urges Swift Beatification of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero
487B 08/23/14 Comment: Costa Rica To Investigate Use of Its Citizens and Territory for USAID’s Anti-Cuban Programs
536A 08/23/14 Comment: Costa Rica To Investigate Use of Its Citizens and Territory for USAID’s Anti-Cuban Programs
538A 08/23/14 Comment: Costa Rica To Investigate Use of Its Citizens and Territory for USAID’s Anti-Cuban Programs
541 08/26/14 Coming Soon—“The Roosevelts: An Intimate History”
542 08/29/14 Federal Regulation of the Railroads in U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s Second Term (1905-1909): the Hepburn Act
543 08/29/14 Cuban Events in Minnesota
544 09/02/14 International Criminal Court Prosecutor: ICC Has No Jurisdiction Over Alleged War Crimes in Palestine (Gaza)
545 09/03/14 Palestine To Join International Criminal Court
546 09/04/14 Alarming U.S. Federal Government Fiscal Challenges
547 09/06/14 Tom Hayden: Will U.S.-Cuba Normalization Fail Again? [Re-posting]
548 09/08/14 Reactions to the Hepburn Act Regarding Railroad Freight Rates, July-December 1906
549 09/11/14 U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s Second Term: The Economy and Securities Markets of 1906-1907
550 09/12/14 Public Debate About U.S. Regulation of Railroads, January-May 1907
551 09/13/14 President Theodore Roosevelt and William C. Brown’s Interactions Regarding Railroad Regulation, January-May 1907
552 09/14/14 President Theodore Roosevelt’s “Decoration Day” Speech About Railroads (May 30, 1907)
553 09/19/14 A Presbyterian’s Musings About Saints
553A 09/22/14 A Friend’s Comment About Saints
553B 09/22/14 Another Friend’s Comment About Saints
554 09/25/14 Why I do Not Want To die at 75z
555 09/30/14 Additional Reactions to Ezekiel Emanuel’s Desire To Die at 75
556 10/04/14 Continued Bad News about U.S. Policies Regarding Cuba
540A 10/05/14 Comment: Salvadoran Bishops Unhappy with Possible Beatification of Oscar Romero
557 10/06/14 Another Perspective on Dying
557A 10/07/14 Comment: Review of Dr. Atul Gawande’s “Being Mortal” Book
556A 10/09/14 Comment: U.S. Now Willing to Accept Cuba at Summit of Americas?
558 10/11/14 Spanish Court Issues Decision on Universal Jurisdiction
559 10/13/14 New York times Urges U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
560 10/16/14 President Obama’s Response to This Blog’s Latest Post Urging U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
557B 10/17/14 Comment: Another Review of “Being Mortal”
560A 10/17/14 Comment by David A. Nichols on Normalization of U.S.-Cuba Relations
560B 10/18/14 Comment” Blog Post Sent to President Obama
560C 10/18/14 Comment: Fidel Castro and Ladies-in-White co-Founder Endorse Normalization of U.S.-Cuba Relations
561 10/19/14 New York Times Commends Cuba for Fighting Ebola in West Africa and Again Urges U.S.-Cuba Normalization
561A 10/20/14 Comment: U.S. Infectious Disease Expert Applauds Cuba Ebola Fighting in West Africa
557C 10/21/14 Comment: Yet Another Review of “Being Mortal”
559A 10/21/14 Comment: Washington Post Says U.S. Embargo of Cuba Should Not End
561B 10/23/14 Comment: U.S. and Cuba To Collaborate in Fighting Ebola
562 10/24/14 Andrew Carnegie’s Quest for Peace
563 10/26/14 New York Times Again Urges Normalization of U.S.-Cuba Relations
557D 10/26/14 Comment: Interview of Atul Gawande
564 10/27/14 The Birth of the Word “Genocide”
565 10/28/14 Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Men’s Retreat
566 10/30/14 U.N. General Assembly Again Condemns U.S. Embargo of Cuba
557E 10/30/14 Comment: Dr. Gawande’s Conversation with Charlie Rose
563A 10/31/14 Comment: Readers support Times’ Editorials on U.S.-Cuba Relations
561B 11/02/14 Comment: U.S. Attends Ebola Meeting in Cuba
567 11/03/14 New York Times Recommends U.S.-Cuba Prisoner Exchange
568 11/04/14 Courts Reject Lawsuit Challenging U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
569 11/06/14 Baseless Ground for U.S. Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
567A 11/07/14 Comment: Support for U.S.-Cuba Prisoner Exchange
559B 11/07/14 Comment: Cuba’s Problems in Developing Mariel Deep-Sea Port
570 11/10/14 New Examination of 1980 Rapes and Murders of Four American Churchwomen in El Salvador
571 11/10/14 New York Times Criticizes USAID’s Efforts To Promote Regime Change in Cuba
572 11/12/14 How Do We Remember God?
573 11/13/14 U.S. Senate Democrats Unwisely Re-elect Harry Reid as Leader
573A 11/14/14 Comment: More Information about Senate Democrats’ Re-election of Reid as Leader
 574  11/16/14 The Martyred Jesuit Priests of El Salvador Continue to Inspire Others
 575  11/17/14 Other Details About Commemoration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Murders of the Jesuits of El Salvador
 576  11/18/14 Update on Spain’s Case Regarding the Murder of the Jesuits of El Salvador
 577  11/19/14 Cuban Government Meets with Religious Leaders
 576A  11/20/14 Comment: CJA Confirms Details About Its Salvadoran Consultations
 578  11/20/14 Swedish Court Denies Julian Assange’s Appeal to Quash Detention Order
 561E  11/21/14 Comment: Cuban Doctor with Ebola in Switzerland for Treatment
 579  11/22/14 New York Times Calls for End of U.S. Program for Special Immigration Relief for Cuban Medical Personnel
 579A  11/25/14  Comment: U.N.
 580  11/25/14 University of Central America Endorses Beatification and Canonization of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero
 581  11/26/14 TODAY on Minnesota Public Radio: Bryan Stevenson’s “Just Mercy: Reforming the Criminal Justice System”
 582  11/29/14 Further Reflections on Ezekiel Emmanuel’s Desire To Die at 75
 583  12/01/14 Additional Commemoration of the  Martyred Jesuits
 582A  12/06/14 Comment: David Brooks’ Gentle Retort to Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel
 584  12/06/14 Other Legal Proceedings Regarding the Murders of the Jesuit Priests
 561F  12/07/14 Comment: Cuban Ebola Patient Recovers
 585  12/08/14 An Enjoyable Thanksgiving Day in Nebraska City, Nebraska
 582B  12/10/14 Comment: Other Articles About Happiness
 586  12/11/14  Fr. Dean Brackley, S.J., Another Brave Jesuit Priest
 562A  12/12/14 Comment: Carnegie Mansion Renovation
 587  12/14/14 Inspiration of a Christian Lawyer by the Martyred Jesuit Priests of El Salvador
 588  12/15/14 New York Times’ Reiterated Call for Ending U.S. Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
 589  12/16/14 113th Congress Takes Actions on International Religious Freedom
 590  12/21/14 U.S. and Cuba Embark on Reconciliation
 591  12/22/14 Praise God for Leading U.S. and Cuba to Reconciliation
 592  12/26/14 President Obama’s Strategic Timing of Announcement of U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
 593  12/31/14 U.S. Imprisonment of “The Cuban Five” and Their Recent Releases from U.S. Prison

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