List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2017)


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01/01/17 Report for dwkcommentaries–2016
935 01/02/17 More Reasons To Believe There Is a Dim Future for U.S.-Cuba Normalization
936 01/05/17 Secretary of State John Kerry’s Review of His Stewardship of U.S. Foreign Policy Regarding Cuba
937 01/06/17 U.S. Secretaries of Commerce and Treasury Comment on Developments Regarding Cuba
938 01/09/17 Why Is Donald Trump Disparaging the U.S. Intelligence Community?
938A 01/09/17 Other Observers Identify Trump’s Character Flaw
938B 01/10/17 Another Columnist Nails Trump’s Character
848H 01/10/17 Increased Competition Among Top-Tier Law Firms
927D 01/10/17 Cuba’s Private-Ownership Sector Faces Dual Uncertainties
939 01/10/17 Three Experts Anticipate Little Change in U.S. Policies Regarding Cuba
939A 01/10/17 Another Expert Believes Trump Administration Will Find Good U.S. Deals with Cuba
940 01/11/17 Washington Post Endorses Continued Normalization with Cuba
941 01/12/17 Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson Addresses U.S. Policies Regarding Cuba
942 01/12/17 Representatives Emmer and Castor Introduce Bill To End Embargo of Cuba
943 01/13/17 U.S. Ends Special Immigration Benefits for Cubans
943A 01/13/17 Plaudits (2 to 1) for Ending U.S. Special Immigration Benefits for Cubans
944 01/14/17 Additional Reactions to End of U.S. Special Immigration Benefits for Cubans
945 01/15/17 Other Current Developments Regarding Cuban Migration to U.S.
946 01/17/17 U.S. and Cuba Continue To Implement Normalization
947 01/18/17 Lobbying the Incoming Trump Administration To Continue Normalization with Cuba
315A 01/19/17 Larry Leventhal’s Participation in Minneapolis Public Schools’ Desegregation Case
948 01/20/17 U.S. and Cuba Sign Additional Agreements
949 01/21/17 Criticism of U.S.-Cuba Law Enforcement Agreement
950 01/23/17 Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State Nominee, Provides Written Responses Regarding Cuba to Senate Foreign Relations Committee
951 01/26/17 President Raúl Castro Says Cuba Can Work with Trump Administration
952 01/26/17 Increased Risk of Nuclear War
953 01/27/17 New U.S. Ambassador to U.N., NIckki Haley, May Present a Challenge to Supporters of U.S.-Cuba Normalization
954 01/28/17 Cuban Entrepreneurs Express Frustration and Confidence
955 01/29/17 Fraud in Cuba’s Foreign Medical Mission
956 01/30/17 Jesus’ Inaugural Address
957 02/02/17 Langston Hughes’ Poem Sung at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
958 02/04/17 Trump Administration Reviewing U.S. Policies Regarding Cuba
959 02/05/17 Senate Confirms Nomination of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State
960 02/07/17 James Weldon Johnson Poem Sung at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
961 02/09/17 The Improper Use of Senate Rule XIX To Stop Senator Warren from Speaking
962 02/11/17 Jesus, the Refugee
963 02/12/17 Trump’s Unfounded Fear of Refugees
964 02/15/17 U.S. First Congress: Overview, 1789-1791
965 02/17/17 Trump and Rubio Share Similar Views on Cuba
966 02/18/17 U.S. First Congress: Creation of the Federal Judiciary, 1789
967 02/20/17 U.S. First Congress: Establishment of Racial Categories for U.S. Census and Citizenship Naturalization, 1790
968 02/22/17 U.S. First Congress: Debates Slavery, 1790
969 02/26/17 Trump’s Macroeconomic Idiocies
970 03/04/17 U.S. First Congress: Adoption of the First Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
971 03/10/17 The U.S. Senate’s Dysfunctional Confirmation Process
972 03/13/17 Reactions to Tom Friedman’s “Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations”
973 03/15/17 Proposed Reparations for Slavery
974 03/17/17 Granma’s Positive View of Cuban Free Enterprise
975 03/19/17 George Will’s Embrace of Natural Law
976 03/20/17 Judge Gorsuch Might Be A Liberal Originalist on Supreme Court
977 03/22/17 Cubans Want Economic Growth and Opportunity
978 03/24/17 Economic Problems Bedevil Cuban Government and President Raúl Castro
973A 03/26/17 Georgetown University Employee’s Ancestor Was Slave Sold by the University
978A 03/26/17 Elderly Cubans Unable To Retire
979 03/27/17 The Importance of a Growing U.S. Population
980 04/02/17 Salvadoran Responses to Invalidation of Its Amnesty Law
979A 04/03/17 Comment about Nick Kristoff by Chuck Coate
979B 04/03/17 Response about Nick Kristoff
981 04/04/17 Delay in U.S. Extradition of Inocente Orlando Montano Morales to Spain for Trial in Murder of Jesuit Priests in El Salvador
982 04/05/17 Uncertainty Over Future Cuba Policies of Trump Administration
982A 04/06/17 Uncertainty About U.S. Policies Regarding Cuba Still Reigns Amid Competitive Lobbying
983 04/10/17 Disagreement About the Positive Impacts of Immigration
984 04/23/17 U.S. Entry Into the Cuban War of Independence and Establishment of the Protectorate of Cuba, 1898-1934
918B 05/03/17 Comments from Seven Minnesota Interracial Couples
979C 05/07/17 U.S. Needs Immigrants for Economic Growth
985 05/07/17 Cuba and Morocco Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations
986 05/09/17 U.N. Security Council Orders More Negotiations About Western Sahara Conflict
987 05/11/17 Further Delay in Extradition of Former Salvadoran Military Officer to Spain
987A 05/13/17 Report of Developments Regarding Montano Quoted in Another Blog
988 05/13/17 Reinstatement of Sentence of Former Salvadoran Military Officer for Participation in Murders of Jesuit Priests
989 05/15/17 A Christian-Muslim Conversation About Forgiveness
990 05/17/17 An Exciting Introduction to Morocco
991 05/19/17 Morocco’s Multilateral and Bilateral Counterterrorism Efforts
918C 05/19/17 Increase in Racial Intermarriage in U.S.
992 05/21/17 Morocco Promotes Moderate Islam with Declaration of Marrakesh
993 05/23/17 U.S. State Department’s Opinion on Moroccan Religious Freedom
994 05/24/17 The Mission of Morocco’s Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs
995 05/25/17 Rumors of Upcoming Trump Administration Rollbacks of U.S. Normalization of Relations with Cuba
985A 05/27/17 Cuba Reaffirms Support of Polisario
996 05/27/17 New U.S. Senate Bills Embrace Normalization of Relations with Cuba
902A 05/29/17 Cuba’s Birth Rate Declined in 2016
997 05/31/17 U.N. Human Rights Committee’s Evaluation of Morocco’s Human Rights Record
998 06/03/17 God’s Restlessness at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
918D 06/04/17 Broader Social Impact of Interracial Marriages
999 06/05/17 U.S. State Department’s Report on Morocco’s Human Rights
1000 06/10/17 Trump Administration Reportedly Planning Reversal of Some Aspects of U.S. Normalization of Relations with Cuba


1000A 06/10/17 Another Source Predicts Limited Changes to U.S. Policies Regarding Cuba
1001 06/11/17 U.S. Senators Urge Prioritization of Obtaining Compensation for Cuban Expropriation of Property Owned by U.S. Nationals
1001A 06/12/17 Question About U.S. Standing To Assert Expropriation Claims Against Cuba
1001B 06/12/17 Response Regarding U.S. Expropriation Claims Against Cuba
918E 06/13/17 Additional Reflections on Impact of Supreme Court’s Loving Decision
1002 06/14/17 U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Criticizes Certain Aspects of U.S.-Cuba Normalization
1003 06/14/17 Senator and Congressman Urge Increased U.S. Agricultural Exports to Cuba
1004 06/16/17 More Delay in U.S. Extradition of Former Salvadoran Military Officer to Spain
1005 06/19/17 President Trump Announces Reversal of Some U.S.-Cuba Normalization Policies
1006 06/21/17 U.S. Reactions to Trump Reversal of Some U.S.-Cuba Normalization Policies
1007 06/22/17 Cuban Reactions to Trump Reversal of Some U.S.-Cuba Normalization Policies
1008 06/23/17 This Blogger’s Reactions to Trump Reversal of Some U.S.-Cuba Normalization Policies
1009 06/24/17 President Obama and Moroccan King’s White House Meeting
1005A 06/24/17 More Details on Trump’s Announcement of Reversals of Some Cuba Normalization Policies
1006A 06/24/17 More Details on U.S. Reactions to Trump’s Announcement of Reversals of Some Cuba Normalization Policies
1007A 06/24/17 More Details on Cuban Reactions to Trump’s Announcement of Reversals of Some Cuba Normalization Policies
1008A 06/24/17 More Details on This Blogger’s Reactions to Trump’s Announcement of Reversals of Some Cuba Normalization Policies
1010 06/25/17 Current Status of U.S.-Morocco Relations
1011 06/26/17 President Trump’s New Policy on Cuba Could Substantially Reduce Remittances to Relatives in Cuba
1012 06/27/17 Cuban Council of Churches Statement Regarding President Trump’s U.S.-Cuba Policy
1013 06/28/17 Reducing Adverse Impact on Cuban Entrepreneurs of Trump’s Partial Ban on U.S. Person-to-Person Travel to Cuba
1007B 06/29/17 Mixed Signs on Impact on Cuba of Trump’s Policy Shift
1014 06/30/17 Analysis Shows Cuban Military Controls Only 4% of Cuba’s Gross Domestic Product
1015 06/30/17 Cuban Council of Ministers Reviews Cuban Budget and Economy
1016 07/04/17 Cuban Entrepreneurs Fear Implementation of Trump’s Ban on Individual Person-to-Person Travel to the Island
581A, 793A, 876B, 922A 07/04/17 Bryan Stevenson’s Update on Racial Injustice
918F 07/07/17 Additional Reflections on Supreme Court’s Loving Decision
1017 07/08/17 Welcoming Immigrants at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
1018 07/11/17 Revisionist Christians
1019 07/16/17 Open Letter to U.S. Congress About U.S. Freedom To Travel to Cuba
1020 07/18/17 President Raúl Castro Affirms Importance of Cuba’s Private Sector
1021 07/19/17 President Raúl Castro Discusses Cuba-U.S. Relations
1022 07/19/17 Cuban Entrepreneurs Issue Policy Recommendations to Trump Administration
1023 07/20/17 U.S. Continues To Suspend Part of Its Embargo of Cuba
1024 07/22/17 No Mention of Cuba in U.S. State Department’s Latest Report on Terrorism
1025 07/26/17 President Eisenhower’s Secret Campaign Against Senator Joe McCarthy
1026 07/27/17 Another Perspective on the Parable of the Good Samaritan
1027 08/02/17 New Cuba Limits on Private Enterprise
1028 08/03/17 Why Is the Cuban Government Trying To Slow Down the Private Sector?
1028A 08/07/17 Cuban Government Shuts Down Accounting Cooperative
1028B 08/08/17 Cuba Tries To Calm Private Sector
1028C 08/09/17 More Cuban Government Explanations About Actions Regarding Private Sector
1029 08/10/17 U.S. and Cuba Have Diplomatic Dispute
1030 08/10/17 Another State Department Briefing Regarding Cuban Diplomatic Dispute
1031 08/13/17 Subversive Revolutionaries
1032 08/13/17 Cuba’s Unchanged Status in U.S. State Department ‘s Annual Report on Human Trafficking
1028D 08/16/17 Exodus of Cuban Professionals?
1033 08/17/17 U.S. State Department Unjustly Continues To Allege That Cuba’s Foreign Medical Missions Engage in Forced Labor
1034 08/19/17 U.S. State Department’s Positive Assessment of Cuban Religious Freedom
1035 08/20/17 Bleak Economic Prospects for Cuba
1036 08/23/17 Update on U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Dispute Over Health  Conditions of U.S. Diplomats Stationed in Cuba
1037 08/24/17 Jesus’ Question: Who Do You Say that I Am?
1036A 08/24/17 At Least 16 U.S. Diplomats Who Had Served In Cuba Have Medical Problems
1036B 08/25/17 Washington Post Editorial Blames Cuba for Americans Medical Problems in Cuba
1038 08/25/17 The Trump Administration’s Record on Changing Federal Laws
1036C 08/26/17 News About Cuba-Related Medical Problems from Canada and London
1039 08/29/17 The Tragic Extinguishment of the Eloquence of Robert F. Kennedy
1040 09/01/17 Humility and Equipoise As Fundamental Civic Virtues
1041 09/02/17 In August, New Cases of Injured U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1042 09/04/17 Bobby Kennedy’s Obsession with Combatting Communist Cuba
1043 09/07/17 Lover’s Quarrel
1044 09/09/17 Cuban Criticism of Government’s Crackdown on Private Sector
1045 09/10/17 Hurricane Irma Hits Cuba
1046 09/12/17 Update on Hurricane Irma’s Impact on Cuba
1041A 09/13/17 Two More U.S. Diplomats Serving in Cuba Have Medical Problems
1046A 09/13/17 Cuba’s Crumbling Infrastructure Battered by Irma
1047 09/14/17 More Mystery Surrounding :Medical Attacks” on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1048 09/14/17 U.S. Tells Americans Not to Go to Cuba While It Recovers from Hurricane Irma
1046B 09/14/17 Imminent Collapse of Cuba’s Aging infrastructure?
1049 09/15/17 An Analysis of Robert Frost’s Poem, “The Lesson for Today”
1050 09/16/17 GOP Senators Ask Administration To Take Actions Against Cuba Over U.S. Diplomats
1051 09/18/17 U.S. Evaluating Whether To Close U.S. Embassy in Cuba
1052 09/19/17 New Travel Warning for Americans Traveling to Cuba
1053 09/20/17 Developments Regarding U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1054 09/21/17 President Trump Condemns Cuba at United Nations
1055 09/22/17 Horizontal Faith
1056 09/24/17 U.S.-Cuba Relations Discussed in U.N. Proceedings
1056A 09/26/17 Opposition to U.S. Embargo Voiced at U.N. General Assembly
1057 09/27/17 Request Temporary Loosening of U.S. Embargo of Cuba
1058 09/28/17 U.N. Human Rights Council’s Sparring Over Cuba
1059 09/30/17 Medical “IIncidents”Affecting U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Prompts U.S. To Close Embassy in Cuba and Urge Americans Not to Travel to Cuba
1059A 10/02/17 More Developments Affecting U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1060 10/02/17 Whatever Became of “Grace Alone”?
1061 10.04/17 U.S. Orders Cuban Diplomats To Leave U.S.
1062 10/05/17 Cuba’s Reaction to U.S. Ordering Removal of Cuban Diplomats
1063 10/05/17 More News Regarding Medically Affected U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1064 10/06/17 Other Reactions to U.S. Ordering Removal of 15 Cuban Diplomats
1065 10/07/17 U.S. Embassy in Cuba Issues “Hotel Restrictions” Security Message
1066 10/07/17 Whatever Became of “Faith Alone”?
1067 10/08/17 The Wall Street Journal’s Annual Christmas Message
1068 10/09/17 Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Morning Prayers
1069 10/13/17 Whatever Became of “Scripture Alone”?
1070 10/13/17 Intended Nomination of a Cuban-American as an Assistant Secretary of State
1071 10/14/17 Continued Official Uncertainty Over Cause of Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1072 10/15/17 The Protestant Reformation: Where Does It Go from Here?
1071A 10/17/17 President Trump’s Unreliable Opinion That Cuba Is Responsible for “Attacks” on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1071A 10/17/17 President Trump’s Unreliable Opinion That Cuba Is Responsible for “Attacks” on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1071B 10/18/17 State Department Clarifies Trump Comment on “Attacks” on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1073 10/18/17 Global Music on World Communion Sunday
1074 10/19/17 Cuba Pays $60 Million to Major Creditor Nations
1075 10/20/17 Senator Leahy Criticizes Trump Administration’s Reaction to Alleged Sonic “Attacks” on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1076 10/21/17 A Plea for Apologies Regarding President Trump’s Call to the Family of Sgt. La David Johnson
1077 10/23/17 Emerging Development of Cuba’s Mariel Port
1078 10/25/17 Cuba Report of its Investigation of Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1078A 10/27/17 Additional Cuban Refutation of U.S. Claims Regarding Medical Conditions of U.S. Diplomats in Havana
1079 10/27/17 JFK Files and Cuba
1079A 10/28/17 Additional Anti-Cuba Details in JFK Files
1080 10/29/17 Westminster Presbyterian Church’s Challenge to Be Always reforming
1081 10/31/17 Cuba Calling Alleged Sonic Attacks on U.S. Diplomats “the Sonic Maine”
1081A 11/01/17 Granma Journalist Sees Alleged Sonic Attacks As Latest Example of U.S. Creating Pretext for Hostile Actions
1082 11/01/17 Another U.N. General Assembly Resolution Condemning U.S. Embargo (Blockade) of Cuba
1083 11/03/17 Cuba Foreign Minister Accuses U.S. of “Lying” About U.S. Diplomats in Havana
1079B 11/04/17 Did Fidel Order Killing of President Kennedy?
1084 11/06/17 Senator Flake’s Courageous Defense of American Values and Democracy
1085 11/07/17 Developments Regarding Morocco’s Human Rights
1086 11/08/17 New U.S. Regulations Regarding U.S. Travel to Cuba and Transactions with Certain Cuban Entities
1087 11/09/17 Reactions to New U.S. Regulations About U.S. Travel to Cuba and Transactions with Cuban Entities
1088 11/11/17 Additional Reactions to New U.S. Regulations Regarding Cuba
1081B 11/14/17 International Conference of Medical Experts Rejects U.S. Claim of Acoustic Attacks
1081C 11/14/17 Cuba Establishes Campaign Against Alleged ‘Acoustic Attacks’
1089 11/18/17 Trump’s New Regulations Adversely Affect Cuban Entrepreneurs
1090 11/19/17 Spain Ready to Proceed with Case Over 1989 Killing of Jesuit Priests in El Salvador
1091 11/20/17 El Salvador Perspective: A Strong Rebuke for El Salvador on Human Rights
1092 11/21/17 U.N. High Commissioner Speaks About Jesuits Murder Case
1093 11/22/17 Cuba’s Many Problems Prompt Speculation Galore
1094 11/25/17 Is Cuba-North Korea Cooperation Good Or Bad for U.S.?
1095 11/25/17 Muslim Nations Led Actions Against Terrorism
1096 11/27/19 Muslim Nations Embrace Counter-Terrorism Coalition
1097 11/29/17 Cuba’s Elections, 2017-2018
1098 11/30/17 Trump’s Despicable Anti-Muslim Tweeting Undercuts Islamic Allies
1097A 12/01/17 Renewed Speculation That Raúl Castro Will Remain Cuba’s President
1099 12/01/17 Former Salvadoran Military Officer Extradited from U.S. to Spain for Trial in Jesuits Murder Case
1099A 12/02/17 More Details on Spanish Court Proceeding Regarding Former Colonel Montano
1099B 12/05/17 Montano Denies Involvement in Murders of Jesuit Priests
1100 12/05/17 Another Perspective on Cuba’s Current Elections
1101 12/06/17 Discovery of Brain Abnormalities in U.S. Diplomats in Havana with Medical Problems
1093A 12/06/17 Another Indication of Cuba’s Economic Troubles
1102 12/08/17 Cuban Scientists’ Assessment of Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats
1102A 12/09/17 State Department’s Update on Health Problems of U.S. Diplomats
1103 12/10/17 Salvadoran Attorney General Requests Reopening of Jesuit Priests Murder Case
1104 12/12/17 U.S. and Cuba Hold Biannual Migration Talks
1104A 12/14/17 U.S. Reiterates No Knowledge of Causes of Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Havana
1105 12/15/17 U.S. and Cuba Hold Discussions About Human Trafficking and Migration Fraud
1105A 12/15/17 More Details on December 12, 2107, U.S.-Cuba Meeting
1106 12/16/17 Congressional Proposal for Extradition of U.S. Fugitives in Cuba
1088A 12/18/17 More Russian Oil for Cuba
1107 12/19/17 Trump’s Hostility Towards Cuba Creates Opportunities for Russia
1108 12/21/17 Raúl Castro To Remain Cuba’s President for at Least Two More Months
1109 12/23/17 USCIS Moves Field Office from Havana to Mexico City
1110 12/25/17 Cuban Council of Churches Helps People with Disabilities
1111 12/27/17 Senator Rubio Takes Credit for More Hostile U.S. Policies Regarding Cuba