List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2013)

# Date Title
370 01/01/13 Report on dwkcommentaries–2012
371 01/04/13 U.S. Senate Postpones Filibuster Reform to January 22nd
372 01/09/13 Alien Tort Statute Case Against a Corporation Is Settled by Its Paying $5.28 Million
368A 01/10/13 Comment: Endorsement of Having a Bipartisan Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
373 01/12/13 Minneapolis and St. Paul Declare U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 “Genocide”
374 01/15/13 Additional Support for Reform of U.S. Congress
375 01/16/13 U.S. Ratification of the Genocide Convention
376 01/19/13 GOP Scheming To Thwart Majority Popular Vote for President
377 01/23/13 U.S. Senate Again Postpones Decision on Filibuster Reform
378 01/24/13 U.S. Senate Adopts Modest Reform of Its Filibuster Rule
376A 01/25/13 Comment: Under GOP Scheme, Romney Would Have Won Electoral College in Last Election
376B 01/26/13 Comment: “Rig the Vote”
379 01/26/13 Additional Reactions to U.S. Senate’s Adoption of Modest Reforms to Its Filibuster Rule
379A 01/27/13 Comment: Washington Post Endorses Senate’s Reform of Its Filibuster Rule
380 01/27/13 Mission Statement of Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
376C 01/28/13 Comment: More Criticism of GOP Scheme
376D 01/28/13 Comment: Haley Barbour Says No GOP Plot To Rig Electoral College Voting
381 01/30/13 Rev. Philip Perry Brown and Betsy Dickey Brown
382 02/01/13 Grand Central Terminal’s Centennial
376E 02/02/13 Comment: Washington Post Condemns GOP Scheme To Rig Electoral College
383 02/05/13 U.S. Ratification of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
171D 02/05/13 Comment: Sentencing of Colonel Montano Postponed So U.S. Court Can Hear Further Argument on Whether His Human Rights Record in El Salvador May Be Used To Increase His Sentence
202A 02/05/13 Comment: Spanish Supreme court Dismissal of Appeal of Staying Spanish Criminal Case Against the “Bush Six”
384 02/06/13 Cuban Blogger Obtains Cuban Passport and Plans Trip to Latin America, North America and Europe
385 02/09/13 Multilateral Human Rights Treaties Ratified by the U.S.
386 02/12/13 Multilateral Human Rights Treaties Signed, But Not, Ratified by the U.S.
387 02/13/13 Jurisdictional Black Hole for Certain Crimes by Non-Indian Men Against Indian Women on Indian Reservations
388 02/16/13 Multilateral Human Rights Treaties Not Signed and Ratified by the U.S.
389 02/19/13 The Fate of Black British Loyalists in the American Revolutionary War
390 02/21/13 The Black British Loyalists Through the Eyes of Lawrence Hill
391 02/23/13 Further Reflections on “The Book of Negroes”
392 02/26/13 A Septuagenarian’s Reaction to the Social Media
393 02/28/13 GOP Senators Continue To Flirt with Filibusters
394 03/01/13 Congress Passes Violence Against Women Act of 2013
395 03/04/13 The Voting Rights Act of 1965
396 03/06/13 The Voting Rights Act of 2006
397 03/08/13 Prior U.S. Supreme Court Case Regarding the Voting Rights Act of 2006
398 03/10/13 Mexican Court Invalidates Former Mexican President’s Immunity from Alien Tort Statute and Torture Victims Prevention Act Case in U.S.
399 03/11/13 The D.C. Circuit’s Decision Upholding the Validity of the Voting Rights Act of 2006
400 03/14/13 James DeGrush Brown and Ella Francelia Dye Brown
401 03/17/13 George Edwin Brown and Jennie Olivia Johnson Brown
402 03/18/13 U.S. Supreme Court Shows Unjustified Hostility to Voting Rights Act of 2006
403 03/24/13 Organization of American States Strengthens Inter-American Human Rights System
84A 03/25/13 Comment: D.C. Circuit Case Regarding Corporate Liability Under the Alien Tort Statute Is Stayed Pending U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Kiobel 
404 03/26/13 Failed Efforts To Weaken the Inter-American Human Rights System Under the Guise of Reform
405 03/26/13 Additional Thoughts on U.S. and Mexican Legal Issues in the Pending U.S. Lawsuit Against Ernesto Zedillo, Former President of Mexico
406 03/28/13 Mexican Court Decision Regarding Zedillo Imunity Is Filed in U.S. Case
339A 03/28/13 Comment: District Court Dismisses Complaint Against Two Corporations
223C 03/28/13 Comment: Rio Tinto Case Being Held by Supreme Court Until After Its Decision in Kiobel
407 04/01/13 International Criminal Court: Status of Its Situations and Cases
408 04/02/13 International Criminal Court: Other Developments
409 04/03/13 International Criminal Court: the U.S. and the ICC
410 04/07/13 Another Report on Grand Central Terminal’s Centennial
411 04/09/13 Are the International Criminal Court’s Kenyan Cases Collapsing?
412 04/11/13 Judging on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
413 04/14/13 Enforcement of International Human Rights Norms with U.S. Immigration Laws
414 04/17/13 Former Mexican President Tells U.S. Court To Ignore Mexican Court Decision
415 04/17/13 The Outrageous, Dysfunctional U.S. Senate
416 04/18/13 The U.S. Supreme Court Severely Limits Application of Alien Tort Statute
417 04/20/13 Watertown, Massachusetts, 238 Years Ago
418 04/21/13 Inspiration from Charles Wesley
419 04/24/13 Latest U.S. Report on Human Rights Around the World
420 04/24/13 Evaluations of President Obama
421 04/27/13 What Do We Christians Do After Easter?
297A 04/27/13 Comment: New Book on Battle of Bunker Hill
422 05/01/13 Reflections on the New Testament’s John 21:1-14
423 05/04/13 Additional Reflections on the New Testament’s John 21
424 05/15/13 Save the Minnesota Orchestra!
425 05/18/13 Jury Duty
426 05/21/13 President Abraham Lincoln’s Involvement in the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
427 05/22/13 Latest U.S. Reports on International Religious Freedom
428 05/23/13 Beatification of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero?
429 05/25/13 Cuban Religious Freedom (U.S. State Department’s Report
430 05/27/13 Cuban Religious Freedom (U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom)
431 05/29/13 U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom: Structure and Composition
432 05/31/13 Slavery in Minnesota
433 06/01/13 Cuban Blogger, Yoani Sanchez, Returns Home
434 06/04/13 U.S. Report on Terrorism for 2012
435 06/07/13 U.S.’ Absurd Designation of Cuba As a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
436 06/11/13 U.S. Military Commission Trials of Dakota Indians After the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
437 06/15/13 Cuba Adopts Regulations Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
438 06/17/13 Ecuador Continues To Restrict Freedom of the Press
439 06/19/13 Other Voices on Cuban Religious Freedom
440 06/21/13 “Just As I Am”
441 06/24/13 President Abraham Lincoln’s Involvement in the Military Commission’s Convictions and Sentences of the Dakota Indians
442 07/02/13 U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates Key Provision of Voting Rights Act of 2006
443 07/04/13 The “Revolutionary Summer” of 1776
444 07/20/13 “I don’t want to belong to any club [like the U.S. Senate] that will accept me as a member”
445 07/23/13 Dismissal of U.S. Case Against Ex-President of Mexico
446 07/26/13 Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Criticizes Its Decision on the Voting Rights Act of 2006
447 07/29/13 U.S. Needs New Voting Rights Act
448 08/01/13 The Importance of Religious Freedom
449 08/04/13 “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”
450 08/09/13 A Prayer and a Spanish Hymn at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
424A 08/14/13 [Comment: Minnesota Orchestra Dispute]
451 08/15/13  The Witness of a Lawyer for a Salvadoran Soldier Accused of 1980 Murder of American Churchwomen
452 08/19/13 New U.S. Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives
431A 08/19/13 Comment: Limited Authority of U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom
453 08/24/13 Leaders of U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Criticize U.S. Government for Alleged Failure to Promote Religious Freedom
454 09/01/13 Is this Blog’s Proposed Federal Voting Rights Act Constitutional?
455 09/05/13 Former Salvadoran Colonel Inocente Orlando Montano To Serve 21 Months in U.S. Prison

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