List of Posts to dwkcommentaries—Topical: George Floyd Killing


                                 JUNE 2020
1604 06/05/20 What Happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020
1606 06/08/20 Minneapolis Religious Leaders Condemn Killing of George Floyd
1608 06/10/20 Initial Hearings in Criminal Cases for Killing George Floyd
1609 06/12/20 The Criminal Complaint Against Derek Chauvin Over the Death of George Floyd
1610 06/13/20 Judge Peter Cahill Appointed To Handle Criminal Cases Over Death of George Floyd
1611 06/14/20 The Criminal Complaints Against the Other Three Policemen Involved in  George Floyd’s Death
1613 06/16/20 May 25th Calls for Help at George Floyd Scene
1616 06/18/20 Revised Length of Time for Minneapolis Police Restraint of George Floyd
1619 06/20/20 Another Minneapolis Policeman in George Floyd Cases Makes Bail
1623 06/24/20 Minneapolis Police Chief and Union President Agree: Chauvin rightfully Fired for Killing George Floyd
1625 06/28/20 Developments in Criminal Cases Over Death of George Floyd
1626 06/30/20 Pretrial Hearing in Criminal Cases Over George Floyd Killing
1630 07/05/20 Third Ex-Cop in George Floyd Cases Posts Bond and Leaves Jail
1632 07/08/20 Derek Chauvin’s Wife’s Divorce Petition Raises Questions
1633 07/09/20 Ex-Officer Lane Moves for Dismissal of Criminal Charges for George Floyd Killing
1634 07/09/20 Gag Order in George Floyd Murder Cases