List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2020)


Number Date Title
                    January 2020
1515 01/01/20 Pope Francis Reminds Us To Welcome, Protect, Promote and Integrate Migrants and Refugees
1516 01/03/20 Another U.S. Designation of Cubans Ineligible To Enter U.S.
1498A 01/07/20 North Dakota County Affirms Consent to Refugee Resettlement
1517 01/07/20 Five More States Consent to Refugees Resettlement
1518 01/08/20 Alaska Says “Yes” to Refugee Resettlement
1509A 01/09/20 Using Robots Not So Easy for Japan
1519 01/10/20 Implications of Reduced U.S. Population Growth
1520 01/11/20 Texas Says “No” to Refugee Resettlement
1521 01/13/20 President Trump Proclaims His “Success” on Cuba
1522 01/14/20 Blowback on Two REfugee Resettlement Decisions
1523 01/15/20 Minnesota Counties’ Actions on Refugee Resettlement
1524 01/16/19 Court:Trump’s Illegal Consent Procedure for Refugee Resettlement
11525 01/18/20 President Trump’s Unjust Criticism of Court’s Enjoining the Consent Procedure for Refugee Resettlement
1526 01/20/20 Washington Post Endorses Court Injunction Against Trump’s Consent Requirement for Refugee Resettlement
1524A 01/20/20 Additional Counties Actions on Consenting to Refugee Resettlement
1527 01/21/20 “The Chinese Population Crisis”
1528 01/22/20 Former Cuban Judge Criticizes Cuban Legal System
1512A 01/24/20 Minnesota’s Slow Job Growth Due to Slow Population Growth