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# Date Title
153 10/21/11 The Alien Tort Statute, 1789-1979,
154 10/23/11 U.S. Circuit Court’s 1980 Decision Validates Use of Alien Tort Statute To Hold Foreign Human Rights Violators Accountable,
155 10/25/11 The Alien Tort Statute, 1980-2004,
158 11/09/11 Alien Tort Statute Interpreted by U.S. Supreme Court in 2004, 
161 11/14/11 The Alien Tort Statute, 2004-Present,
141 10/11/11 Litigation Against Conspirators in the Assassination of Oscar Romero,
159 11/11/11 Former Salvadoran Generals Held Liable by U.S. Courts for $54.6 Million for Failure To Stop Torture,
160 11/13/11 Former Salvadoran Vice-Minister of Defense Held Liable by U.S. Courts for $6 Million for Torture and Extrajudicial Killing,
316 09/12/12 The U.S. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act,
167 11/26/11 Important Sovereign Immunities Case
317 09/14/12  U.S. Supreme Court Decides that Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Does Not Apply to Former Foreign Government Official,
318 09/15/12  U.S. District Court Decides That Former Somali Government Official Is Not Entitled to Common Law Immunity and Is Liable for $21 Million of Compensatory and Punitive Damages,
342 11/07/12 Appellate Court Affirms Denial of Common Law Immunity to Former Somali Official,
189 12/29/11 Former President of Mexico Is Sued in U.S. Federal Court for Alleged Human Rights Violations
189A 01/10/12 Comment: Former President of Mexico’s Dismissal Motion
319 09/17/12  U.S. State Department Suggests Former President of Mexico Is Immune from Suit in U.S. Federal Court for Alleged Human Rights Violations,
319A 10/17/12 Comment: District Court Orders Plaintiffs To Show Cause Why Case Should Not Be Dismissed
398 03/10/13 Mexican  Court Invalidates Former Mexican President’s Claim of Immunity from Alien Tort Statute and Torture Victims Protection Act Case in U.S.,
405 03/26/13 Additional Thoughts on U.S. and Mexican Legal Issues in the Pending U.S. Lawsuit Against ErnestoZedillo, Former Mexican President,
406 03/28/13 Mexican Court Decision Is Filed in U.S. Case,
414 04/17/13 Former Mexican President Tells U.S. Court To ignore Mexican Court Decision
445 07/23/13 Dismissal of U.S. Case Against Ex-President of Mexico
473 02/18/14 U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms Dismissal of Case Against Former Mexican President
339 11/01/12 Case Against Corporations under the Alien Tort Statute Allowed To Proceed,
339A 03/28/13 Comment: District Court Dismisses Complaint Against Two Corporations
372 01/09/13 Alien Tort Statute Case Against a Corporation Is Settled by Its Paying $5.28 Million,
84 07/09/11 Alien Tort Statute: Important Cases Heading to U.S. Supreme Court,
84A 03/25/13 Comment: D.C. Circuit Case Regarding Corporate Liability Under the Alien Tort Statute Is Stayed Pending U.s. Supreme Court Decision in Kiobel
149 10/17/11  U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Cases Challenging Whether Corporations Can Be Held Liable for Aiding and Abetting Foreign Human Rights Violations,
215 02/25/12 Procedural Background for U.S. Supreme Court Argument in Kiobel on Corporate Liability for Foreign Human Rights Violations,
216 02/26/12  Second Circuit’s Decision inKiobel Rejecting Corporate Liability for Assisting Foreign Human Rights Violations,, assisting-foreign-human-rights-violations/
220 03/02/12 U.S. Supreme Court Hears Case That May Decide If Corporations Are Liable Under the Alien Tort Statute,
223 03/10/12 U.S. Supreme Court Orders Rehearing in Kiobel Case,
223A 03/11/12 Comment: Response to Erik Hare
223B 07/23/12 Comment: Law Professors Say Alien Tort Statute Was Intended To Have Extraterritorial Effect
223C 03/28/13 Comment: Rio Tinto Case Being Held by Supreme Court Until After Its Decision in Kiobel
327 10/04/12 Re-Argument of Important Human Rights Case in U.S. Supreme Court,
327A 10/05/12 Comment: Wall Street Journal Reiterates Its Opposition to Alien Tort Statute
416 04/18/13 The U.S. Supreme Court Severely Limits Application of Alien Tort Statute
477 03/01/14 Federal Appellate Court Allows Lawsuit by Guantanamo Detainees
255 05/04/12 Federal Appellate Court Grants Immunity to Author of Legal Memoranda Regarding U.S. Detention and Interrogation of Suspects in the “War on Terrorism”
255A 05/09/12 Comment: More Criticism of Ninth Circuit’s Decision in Case Against Author of Legal Memoranda Regarding U.S. Treatment and Interrogation of Detainees
214 02/24/12 Former Salvadoran Military Officer Is Determined To Have Assisted in Torture and Murder [U.S. Immigration Crime],
413 04/14/13 Enforcement of International Human Rights Norms with U.S. Immigration Laws
214 02/24/12 Former Salvadoran Military Officer Is Determined to Have Assisted in Torture and Murder [U.S. Immigration Court]
455 09/05/13 Former Salvadoran Colonel Inocente Orlando Montano To Serve 21 Months in U.S. Prison
498 04/26/14 U.S. Orders Deportation of Former Salvadoran General
241 04/09/12 Netherlands Court Awards Monetary Damages to Palestinian for Libyan Torture
241A 04/18/12 Comment: Libyans Sue Former U.K. Foreign Minister over Alleged Complicity in Libyan Torture


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