List of Posts to dwkcommentaries—Topical: LAW (CRIMINAL JUSTICE)

As of 05/31/18

# Date Title
22 04/26/11 International Criminal Justice: Introduction
564 10/27/14 The Birth of the Word “Genocide”
47 05/27/11 International Criminal Justice: Mladic To Face Charges at ICTY
54 06/01/11 International Criminal Justice: Mladic Update
54A 05/17/12 Comment: Trial of Former Bosnian Serb Military Commander Starts
54B 05/18/12 Comment: Mladic Tial Delayed
54C 05/25/12 Comment: Mladic Trial To Resume
54D 07/10/12 Comment: Mladic Trial Resumes
54E 07/13/12 Comment: Mladic Ill and Trial Suspended
67 06/18/11 International Criminal Justice: Winding Down Two Ad Hoc Criminal Tribunals
67A 12/19/11 Comment: Continued Problems in Winding Down Ad Hoc Criminal Tribunals
81 07/04/11 International Criminal Justice: Libya, Sudan, Rwanda and Serbia Developments
48 05/28/11 International Criminal Justice: The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals
118 08/20/11 International Criminal Justice: Other International Criminal Tribunals
251 04/26/12 Former President of Liberia Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes
251A 05/17/12 Comment: Charles Taylor’s Sentencing Hearing
251B 05/30/12 Comment: Charles Taylor Sentenced to 50 Years Imprisonment
252 04/27/12 Reactions to Charles Taylor’s Conviction
252A 04/29/12 Comment: Additional Reactions to Conviction of Charles Taylor
252B 05/09/12 Comment: Another Criticism of the Charles Taylor Conviction
71 06/22/11 International Criminal Justice: U.S. Reportedly Failed To Detain Rwandan Indictee of Spanish Court
173 12/06/11 Universal Jurisdiction for the Most Serious Crimes
264 05/20/12 South Africa Invokes Universal Jurisdiction for Alleged Crimes in Zimbabwe
264A 06/08/12 Comment: Zimbabwe President Asks for Halt to South African Investigation
200 01/21/12 Spain Invokes Universal Jurisdiction for Three Criminal Cases Against U.S. Officials and Soldiers
201 01/23/12 Spain’s Criminal Case Over Alleged U.S. Torture of Detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
201A 02/09/12 Comment: Details of U.S. Torture of Guantanamo Bay Detainee Submitted to Spanish Court
730 08/27/15 Spanish Court Dismisses Criminal Investigation of Alleged Torture in U.S. Detention Facility in Guantánamo Bay Cuba
202 01/25/12 Spain’s Criminal Case Against Authors of U.S. Legal Memoranda Allegedly Justifying Torture
202A 02/05/13 Comment: Spanish Supreme Court Dismissal of Appeal of Staying Spanish Criminal Case Against the “Bush Six”
203 01/28/12 Spain’s Criminal Case Over Alleged U.S. Killing of Spanish Journalist in Iraq
204 01/31/12 Alleged Interference with Spanish Judicial Process by U.S. and Spanish Officials
694 06/11/15 Spanish Court Terminates Universal Jurisdiction Case Against Three U.S. Soldiers
470 02/14/14 Amending Spain’s Universal Jurisdiction Statute
470A 02/20/14 Comment: Baltasar Garzon Criticizes Amendment to Spain’s Universal Jurisdiction Statute
483 03/18/14 Spanish Court Refuses To Apply New Amendment to Spain’s Universal Jurisdiction Statute
483A 03/20/14 Comment: Spain Debates Decision Not To Enforce New Amendment
483B 03/21/14 Comment: More Spanish Resistance to New Amendment on Universal Jurisdiction
483C 03/23/14 Comment: El Pais’ Editorial on Universal Jurisdiction
493 04/14/14 Spanish Court Dismisses Drug-Trafficking Charges Against Foreign Sailors
493A 05/21/14 Comment: Dismissal of Drug-Trafficking Charges Against More Foreign Sailors
494 04/16/14 Spanish Court Refuses To Apply New Amendment to Spain’s Universal Jurisdiction Statute
499 04/27/14 Argentina’s Exercise of Universal Jurisdiction Thwarted by Spain
499A 04/30/14 Comment: Another Spanish rejection of Extradition to Argentina
558 10/11/14 Spanish Court Issues Decision on Universal Jurisdiction
205 02/07/12 Spain’s Criminal Cases Against Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon
206 02/09/12 Judge Garzon Convicted in Case Involving Bugging of Attorney-Client Communications
207 02/10/12 Reactions to Judge Garzon’s Conviction
208 02/11/12 Reactions to Spanish Criminal Cases Against Judge Baltasar Garzon
267 05/26/12 European Judicial Group Calls for Pardon of Garzon
209 02/13/12 Dismissal of Criminal Case Against Judge Garzon
210 02/14/12 Commentary on Spanish Criminal Cases Against Judge Garzon
213 02/21/12 Update on Reactions to Spanish Criminal Cases Against Judge Garzon
213A 02/23/12 Comment: Further Developments in Garzon Criminal Cases
218 02/29/12 Dismissal of Spanish Criminal Case Against Judge Baltasar Garzon Over Franco-Era Investigation
235 04/01/12 Garzon Calls for Spanish Truth Commission Regarding Franco Regime’s Crimes
237 04/02/12 Are International Criminal Tribunals Successful?
581 11/26/14 TODAY on Minnesota Public Radio: Bryan Stevenson’s “Just Mercy: Reforming the Criminal Justice System”
793 01/19/16 Bryan Stevenson’s Amazing Advocacy for Justice
795 01/25/16 U.S. Supreme Court Expands Parole Rights for Juveniles Convicted of Murder
796 01/26/16 University Students Investigate Jim-Crow Era Killings