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  As of 5/4/20
# Date Title
2 04/04/11 My Political Philosophy
    U.S. Presidency
  420 04/24/13 Evaluations of President Obama
467 02/07/14 President Obama Speaks Out for Religious Freedom
467A 02/07/14 Comment: President Obama Criticized for Not Addressing U.S. Religious Freedom
485 03/27/14 President Obama’s Audience with Pope Francis
829 05/11/16 President Obama’s Challenging Commencement Address at Howard University
830 05/12/16 A Civics Lesson in President Obama’s Final State of the Union Address
831 05/13/16 Another Civics Lesson from President Obama at the Illinois General Assembly
832 05/14/16 President Obama’s Civics Lesson at Town Hall Meeting in London
833 05/16/16 Political and Civics Lessons from President Obama’s Speech at Rutgers University
834 05/17/16 Praise for President Obama’s Recent Civics Lessons
834A 05/17/16 Comment: Adam Gopnik’s Reactions to President Obama’s Recent Speeches
838 05/24/16 Evaluating Bryan Stevenson Through the Prism of President Obama’s Speech at Howard University
844 06/04/16 Evaluating Ta-Nehisi Coates Through the Prism of President Obama’s Speeches at Howard and Rutgers Universities
759 11/07/15 Successful Democratic Presidential Forum
870 08/02/16 Wall Street Journal Editor Castigates Donald Trump
870A 08/06/16 Sean Hannity and W.S.J. Editor Exchange Insults
871 08/03/16 President Obama and Others Call for Republicans to Stop Supporting Donald Trump
872 08/08/16 Conservative Columnist George Will Condemns Donald Trump
873 08/08/16 Prominent Republican National Security Officials Voice Vigorous Opposition to Donald Trump
1308 11/15/18 Beschloss Discusses “Presidents of War” at Westminster Town Hall Forum
    U.S. Senate Rules
4 04/06/11 The Abominable Rules of the U.S. Senate
142 10/12/11 The Abominable Rules of the U.S. Senate Are Modified
142A 10/14/11 Comment: Wall Street Journal Criticizes Senate Vote on Chinese Currency Bill
142B 10/16/11 Comment: New York Times Criticizes Chinese Currency Bill
253 04/28/12 Miniscule Proposed Changes to U.S. Senate Rules
261 05/15/12 U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule Under Attack
261A 05/18/12 Comment: Differing Opinions on Constitutionality of Senate’s Filibuster Rule
261B 06/04/12 Comment: Rebuttal to Criticism of U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule
261C 06/08/12 Comment: Response to Republican Defense of Senate’s Filibuster Rule
261D 09/28/12 Comment: Another Plea for Changing the Senate Filibuster Rule
334 10/19/12 The History of the U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
335 10/22/12 Are the U.S. Senate’s Rules on Filibuster and Changing Those Rules Unconstitutional?
336 10/25/12 Jurisdictional Issues for Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of Senate’s Filibuster Rule
365 12/22/12 District Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
568 11/04/14 Courts Reject Lawsuit Challenging U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
343 11/08/12 Open Letter to Members of U.S. Senate in the Upcoming 1113th U.S. Congress
343A 11/13/12 Comment: New York Times Calls for Significant Weakening of U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule
343B 11/15/12 Comment: Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren Calls for Changing Filibuster Rule
348 11/20/12 Sign Petition for Reform of Senate Filibuster Rule
352 11/30/12 A Citizen’s Response to Washington Skirmishes Over the U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
353 12/03/12 New York Times Hosts Debate Over the Filibuster
354 12/04/12 Washington Post Editorial Admits U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule Is Broken and Needs Fixing, But Not by Simple Majority Vote
355 12/05/12 Former U.S. Senator and Vice President, Walter Mondale, Supports Changing Senate Filibuster Rule
362 12/18/12 Update on Changing the U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule
369 12/31/12 Only Three Days Until U.S. Senate Decides on Filibuster Reform
371 01/04/13 U.S. Senate Postpones Filibuster Reform to January 22nd
377 01/23/13 U.S. Senate Again Postpones Decision on Filibuster Reform
378 01/24/13 U.S. Senate Adopts Modest Reform of Its Filibuster Rule
379 01/26/13 Additional Reactions to U.S. Senate’s Adoption of Modest Reforms to Its Filibuster Rule
379A 01/27/13 Comment: Washington Post Endorses Senate’s Reform of Its Filibuster Rule
393 02/28/13 GOP Senators Continue To Flirt with Filibusters
415 04/17/13 The Outrageous, Dysfunctional U.S. Senate
444 07/20/13 “I don’t want to belong to any club [like the U.S. Senate] that will accept me as a member”
573 11/13/14 U.S. Senate Democrats Unwisely Re-Elect Harry Reid as Leader
573A 11/14/14 Comment: More Information About Senate Democrats’ Re-Election of Reid as Leader
961 02/09/17 The Improper Use of Senate Rule XIX To Stop Senator Warren from Speaking
971 03/10/17 The U.S. Senate’s Dysfunctional Confirmation Process
    U.S. Senate Confirmation of Judicial Nominees
814 04/13/16 Senator Chuck Grassley’s Outrageous Conduct Regarding the Supreme Court Nomination of Merrick Garland
862 07/18/16 Wall Street Journal Publishes President Obama’s Plea for U.S. Senate Hearing and Vote on Nomination of Merrick Garland to U..S. Supreme Court
1251 07/31/18 Important Questions for Judge Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing
    U.S. Senate Ratification of Treaties
257 05/10/12 Will the U.S. Senate Finally Give Its “Advice and Consent” to Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty?
265 05/24/12 U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Holds Hearing on the Law of the Seas Convention
265A 05/25/12 Comment: New York Times Reiterates Its Support of Ratification of Law of Sea Treaty
265B 05/29/12 Comment: Analysis of Opposition to Law of Sea Treaty
265C 05/31/12 Comment: Former Republican Secretaries of State Endorse Law of Sea Treaty
265D 06/13/12 Comment: Former Republican Defense Secretary Opposes Law of Sea Treaty
265E 06/18/12 Comment: Former Republican Official Disputes Rumsfeld’s Opposition to the Law of the Sea Treaty
265F 06/21/12 Comment: Questions for Former Republican Official on Law of the Sea Treaty
265G 06/22/12 Comment: Important Source of Commentary About the Law of the Sea Treaty
265H 06/23/12 Comment: George Will Opposes the Law of the Sea Treaty
265I 06/26/12 Comment: Rebuttal of Criticism of Law of Sea Treaty
265J 07/09/12 Comment: Another Rebuttal to Rumsfeld’s Opposition to the Law of the Sea Treaty
265K 07/17/12 Comment: Law of Sea Treaty Appears To Be Dead in Senate
356 12/08/12 The Difficulty of Obtaining U.S. Ratification of Multilateral Treaties
528 07/12/14 Ted Cruz Torpedoed U.S. Ratification of Treaty on Rights of People with Disabilities
    Dysfunctional U.S. Congress
88 07/22/11 Passionate, Committed Political Leadership
89 07/23/11 Disgusting U.S. Political Scene
93 07/28/11 The Founder of Modern Conservatism’s Perspective on the Current U.S. Political Turmoil
94 07/29/11 A Message for Speaker Boehner
95 07/30/11 Dysfunctional U.S. Congress Careens Towards U.S. Default
100 08/02/11 Dysfunctional U.S. Congress Averts Default
104 08/06/11 Downgrading the U.S. Credit Rating
104A 08/07/11 Comment on Downgrading the U.S. Credit Rating
104B 08/08/11 Comment: Additional Credit Ratings Downgrades by S&P
368 12/27/12 The U.S. Congress Continues To Demonstrate Its Dysfunctionality
368A 01/10/13 Comment: Endorsement of Having a Bipartisan Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
374 01/15/13 Additional Support for Reform of U.S. Congress
510 05/26/14 Another Perspective on the Dysfunctionality of the U.S. Government
151 10/18/11 Perryite Laments Misuse of His Hometown by Michelle Bachmann
752 10/23/15 The Atrocious Benghazi HearingHearing
    Interpreting/Amending U.S. Constitution
26 05/04/11 No to Constitutional Amendment on Taxes
105 08/07/11 A “Virtual” Constitutional Convention
231 03/28/12 The Antiquated U.S. Constitution
231A 04/10/12 Comment: Another Constitutional Change: Term Limits for U.S. Supreme Court Justices
268 05/29/12 “Our Imbecilic Constitution”
268A 07/03/12 Comment: Questioning the Power of the U.S. Supreme Court
268B 07/05/12 Comment: The Founders Are Not Quasi-Religious Prophets
268C 07/05/12 Comment: U.S. Needs Constitutional Changes
280 06/19/12 Interpreting the U.S. Constitution Regarding Economic Regulation
282 06/23/12 Other Approaches to Interpreting the U.S. Constitution Regarding Economic Regulation
291 07/17/12 Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s Textualism Theory of Legal Interpretation Is Challenged
291A 07/19/12 Comment: Justice Scalia and Bryan Garner Are Interviewed on TV
291B 07/23/12 Comment: Another Review of Scalia/Garner Book
309 09/01/12 Judge Richard Posner Critiques Justice Scalia’s Textual Originalism Theory of Interpreting Legal Texts
283 06/24/12 The Role of Stare Decisis in the Forthcoming U.S. Supreme Court Decision on the Affordable Care Act
285 07/05/12 The U.S. Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause After the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Affordable Care Act
287 07/10/12 Proposals for Changing the U.S. Constitution
    U.S. Election Voting
246 04/20/12 “Healing the Heart of Democracy”
337 10/29/12 Maximize U.S. Voting!
337A 11/04/12 Comment: Protecting the U.S. Right To Vote
337B 11/11/12 Comment: Argument in Favor of Abolition of Electoral College
337C 11/16/12 Comment: Abolish the Electoral College
338 10/30/12 Excesses of People Falsely Alleging Voter Fraud
345 11/10/12 The Urgent Need for Reform of U.S. Election Systems
345A 11/11/12 Comment: Voter Anger Against Attempts at Voting Suppression
345B 11/12/12 Comment: Another Argument that Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Fueled Minority Voting for Democrats
349 11/22/12 Improving U.S. Election Procedures
376 01/19/13 GOP Scheming To Thwart Majority Popular Vote for President
376A 01/25/13 Comment: Under GOP Scheme, Romney Would Have Won Electoral College in Last Election
376B 01/26/13 Comment: “Rig the Vote”
376C 01/28/13 Comment: More Criticism of GOP Scheme
376D 01/28/13 Comment: Haley Barbour Says No GOP Plot To Rig Electoral College Voting
376E 02/02/13 Comment: Washington Post Condemns GOP Scheme To Rig Electoral College
454 09/01/13 Is This Blog’s Proposed Federal Voting Rights Act Constitutional?
457 01/25/14 Bipartisan Call for Reform of U.S. Elections
457A 02/03/14 Comment: Washington Post Endorses Presidential Commission’s Recommendations for Reforming U.S. voting Laws and Procedures
395 03/04/13 The Voting Rights Act of 1965
396 03/06/13 The Voting Rights Act of 2006
397 03/08/13 Prior U.S. Supreme Court Case Regarding the Voting Rights Act of 2006
399 03/11/13 The D.C. Circuit’s Decision Upholding the Validity of the Voting Rights Act of 2006
402 03/18/13 U.S. Supreme Court Shows Unjustified Hostility to Voting Rights Act of 2006
442 07/02/13 U.S. Supreme Court Invalidates Key Provision of Voting Rights Act of 2006
446 07/26/13 Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Criticizes Its Decision on the Voting Rights Act of 2006
447 07/29/13 U.S. Needs New Voting Rights Act
517 06/13/14 Over-Reaction to Eric Cantor’s Defeat?
546 09/04/14 Alarming U.S. Federal Government Fiscal Challenges
    Native-Americans’ Legal Issues
387 02/13/13 Jurisdictional Black Hole for Certain Crimes by Non-Indian Men Against Indian Women on Indian Reservations
394 03/01/13 Congress Passes Violence Against Women Act of 2013
    Racial Justice
722 08/13/15 Reactions to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me”
722A 08/16/15 Comment: Coates’ Comments on Books and Writers
734 09/17/15 Ta-Nehisi Coates Discusses the Age of Mass Incarceration
750 10/18/15 Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Unsatisfactory “Case for Reparations”
798 02/03/16 Additional Reflections on Ta-Nehisi Coates
798A 05/30/16 Comment: Caveats to Coates’ Love of Paris
844 06/04/16 Evaluating Ta-Nehisi Coates Through the Prism of President Obama’s Howard and Rutgers Universities Speeches
845 06/07/16 Anthropologists’ Opinion That Race Is Not a Scientific Concept
846 06/08/16 Anthropologists’ Statement Regarding the Historical and Cultural Background of the Concept of Race
853 06/27/16 Highlights of American Anthropological Association’s Exhibit on Race
581 11/26/14 TODAY on Minnesota Public Radio: Bryan Stevenson’s “Just Mercy: Reforming the Criminal Justice System”
581A 07/04/17 Bryan Stevenson’s Update on Racial Injustice
793 01/19/16 Bryan Stevenson’s Amazing Advocacy for Justice
793A 07/04/17 Bryan Stevenson’s Update on Racial Injustice
829 05/11/16 President Obama’s Challenging Commencement Address at Howard University
838 05/24/16 Evaluating Bryan Stevenson Through the Prism of President Obama’s  Howard University Speech
876 08/17/16 Honoring Victims of Racial Lynchings and Injustice
876A 08/23/16 Bryan Stevenson Interviewed by Charlie Rose
  876B, 07/04/17 Bryan Stevenson’s Update on Racial Injustice
922 12/06/16 Important Criminal Justice Work Continued by Equal Justice Initiative
922A 07/04/17 Bryan Stevenson’s Update on Racial Injustice
852 06/24/16 Long History of Racism in U.S. Laws Regarding United States Citizenship
851 06/20/16 Exploring Sub-Saharan African History
751 10/20/15 “Get Home Safely”
918 11/21/16 Richard and Mildred Loving’s Entanglement with Anti-Miscegenation Laws
918A 11/27/16 Contemporary Interracial Couples’ Experience
918B 05/03/17 Comments from Seven Minnesota Interracial Couples
918C 05/19/17 Increase in Racial Intermarriage in U.S.
918D 06/04/17 Broader Social Impact of Interracial Marriages
918E 06/13/17 Additional Reflections on Impact of Supreme Court’s Loving Decision
918F 07/07/17 Additional Reflections on Supreme Court’s Loving Decision
973 03/15/17 Proposed Reparations for Slavery
973A 03/26/17 Georgetown University Employee’s Ancestor Was Slave Sold by the University
    Judicial Immunity
894 10/04/16 New U.S. Statute Creates Another Exception to Foreign State (Sovereign) Immunity
894A 12/01/16 Suggestion That Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act Is Unconstitutional
898 10/11/16 Pre-Veto Controversies Regarding the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)
912 10/30/16 Possible Amendments to New Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)
    U.S.-Ecuador Relations
11 04/09/11 Unfortunate Ecuador-U.S. Diplomatic Spat
438 06/17/13 Ecuador Continues To Restrict Freedom of the Press
438A 06/19/14 Comment: U.S. Expresses Concern Over Ecuadorian Communications Law
    U.S.-Turkey Relations
879 08/23/16 Turkey Presses U.S. To Extradite Muslim Cleric in U.S.
879A 08/23/16 U.S. Confirms Turkey’s Request for Extradition of Cleric Is Not Related to Attempted Coup
879B 08/24/16 Other Voices on Turkey and Fethullah Gulen
880 08/25/16 On Visit to Turkey, Vice President Biden Discusses Possible U.S. Extradition of Fethullah Gulen
880A 08/26/16 New York Times Editorial Highlights Challenges for U.S.-Turkey Alliance
    U.S. –Russia Relations
907 10/22/16 An Impressionistic View of the Russian Federation
907A 10/24/16 Other Evidence of Russian War Fears
915 11/04/16 Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin’s Hostile Relationship
916 11/05/16 Russian State-Owned Media Support Donald Trump’s Candidacy
    U.S. Population & Immigration
979 03/27/17 The Importance of a Growing U.S. Population
979A 04/03/17 Comment about Nick Kristoff by Chuck Coate
979B 04/03/17 Response about Nick Kristoff
979C 05/07/17 U.S. Needs Immigrants for Economic Growth
983 04/10/17 Disagreement About the Positive Impacts of Immigration
1169 04/14/18 U.S. Needs More Immigrants
1187 05/17/18 Other Factors Favoring U.S. Immigration
1187A 05/21/18 Wall Street Journal: U.S. Immigration Debate Disconnected from Economic Realities
1187B 05/26/18 More U.S. Guest Worker Visas for 2018
11817C 05/29/18 Wall Street Journal Calls for More Guest Worker Visas
1187D 06/04/18 Small Town in Pennsylvania Bolstered by Immigrants
1519 01/10/20 Implications of Reduced U.S. Population Growth
1192 05/22/18 Impact of Declining, Aging, Rural Population
1247 07/27/18 Outstate Minnesota Newspaper Stresses Need for Immigrants
1247A 07/30/18 Outstate Iowa Newspaper Also Stresses Need for Immigrants
1252 08/01/18 Difficulties in Diversifying Some Sections of the U.S.
1255 08/05/18 Outstate Minnesota City Aided by Immigrants
1310 11/17/18 Federal Reserve Bank Endorses Need for More Immigrants
1313 11/20/18 Robots Replacing Farm Workers
1323 12/13/18 State of Minnesota Faces Increasing Shortage of Workers
1325 12/15/18 Major Difficulties in Reinvigorating U.S. Rural Areas
1327 12/19/18 Other Perspectives on Reinvigorating U.S. Rural Areas
1364 03/22/19 “America’s Farms Need Immigrants”
1444 09/02/19 Rural Minnesota Endeavoring To Attract Younger People
1444A 09/20/19 More Evidence of Recovery of Rural America
1445 09/03/19 Minnesota Facing Slowdown in Labor force Growth
1445A 09/10/19 Minnesota Lacks Skilled Labor
1445B 09/20/19 Minnesota Still Has Labor Shortages
1463 10/02/19 Minnesota’s Challenges of Declining, Aging Population
1464 10/03/19 Worthington’s Mayor Defends City
1472 10/21/19 Immigrants’ Stories from Worthington Minnesota
1480 11/06/19 Voters Approve School Bond Referenda in Worthington, Minnesota
1480A 11/09/19 StarTribune Editorial Congratulates Worthington
1496 11/29/19 Telemedicine Helps Isolated Hospitals in Rural America
1496A 12/21/19 Remote Robotic Surgery Under Test by Mayo Clinic
1496B 12/29/19 Closure of Rural Hospital Highlights Challenges of Rural America
1512 12/29/19 Slower Growth Predicted for Minnesota Population in the 2020s
1512A 01/24/20 Minnesota’s Slow Job Growth Due to Slow Population Growth
1555 03/12/20 Two Other Minnesota Cities Celebrate Diversity
1223 06/23/18 More Immigrants Needed in U.S.
1223A 06/28/18 Intense U.S. Demand for H-2B Visa Workers
1225 06/25/18 White Anxiety and Fearing Immigration
1226 06/26/18 Other Voices on White Anxiety and Immigration
1233 07/03/18 Fear Driving U.S. and European Clamor Over Immigration
1238 07/14/18 New Perspective on Different Social Class Attitudes Towards Immigrants
1238A 07/14/18 Jack M. Baskin: One thought on “New Perspective on Different Social Class Attitudes Towards Immigrants”
1238B 07/14/18 Commentary on Baskin Article
1365 03/24/19 Businesses Need More Immigrants
1369 04/03/19 U.S. Construction Industry Needs More Immigrants
1373 04/09/19 Trump Erroneously Says U.S. Is “Full”
1397 05/18/19 Additional Support for U.S. Needing More Immigrants
1430 08/14/19 More Warnings of Problems Facing U.S. Aging, Declining Population
1432 08/19/19 Declining U.S. Rankings in Important International Socio-Political Indices
1437 08/25/19 Another Report About U.S. Need for More Immigrants
1531 01/31/20 Immigrants Come to U.S. To Work
1443 09/01/19 Japan Shows Way U.S. Needs More Immigrants
1443A 09/20/19 Japanese Editorial Promoting Intergenerational Interaction
1454 09/15/19 Japan Implements New Law Allowing Increased Immigration
1509 12/26/19 Continued Demographic Squeeze on Japan
1509A 01/09/20 Using Robots Not So Easy for Japan
1527 01/21/20 “The Chinese Population Crisis”
1468 10/12/19 Prominent Economist Says Cuts in U.S. Immigration Threaten U.S. Economy and Innovation
1539 02/16/20 U.S. Needs Immigration To Keep Growing and Maintain Prosperity
1546 02/22/20 Trump Official Says U.S. Needs More Immigrants
1546A 03/07/20 Washington Post Thanks Mulvaney for Saying U.S. Needs More Immigrants
1478 11/04/19 U.S. Sets 18,000 Quota for New Refugee Admissions to U.S. for Fiscal 2020
1482 11/11/19 U.S. Senators Oppose U.S. Reduction in Refugee Admissions for Fiscal 2020
1498 12/11/19 Latest U.S. Struggle Over Refugees
1498A 01/07/20 North Dakota County Affirms Consent to Refugee Resettlement
1500 12/14/19 Minnesota and Minneapolis Say “Yes” to Refugees
1501 12/16/19 Update on States’ Consents to Refugees Resettlement
1504 12/20/19 Tennessee Consents to Refugees Resttlement
1513 12/30/19 Another Update on Consents to Refugee Resettlement
1514 12/31/19 U.S. State and Local Governments’ Justifications for Consenting to Resettlement of Refugees
1515 01/01/20 Pope Francis Reminding Us To Welcome, Protect, Promote and Integrate Refugees and Migrants
1517 01/07/20 Five More States Have Consented toRrefugee Resettlement
1518 01/08/20 Alaska Says “Yes” to Refugee Resettlement
1520 01/11/20 Texas Says “No” to Refugee Resettlement
1522 01/14/20 Blowback on Two Decisions on Refugee Resettlement
1523 01/15/20 Minnesota Counties’ Actions on Refugee Resettlement
1523A 01/20/20 Additional Counties Actions on Consenting to Refugee Resettlement
1523B 01/28/20 Minnesota Counties Halt Consents to Refugee Resettlement
1523C 02/02/20 Examination of Pope County’s Consenting to Refugee  Resettlement
1524 01/16/20 Court: Trump’s Illegal Consent Procedure for Refugee Resettlement
1524A 01/28/20 Minnesota Counties Halt Consents to Refugee Resettlement
1524B 02/02/20 Refugee Resettlement Agencies Still Requiring Counties and Municipalities To Consent to Such Resettlements
1525 01/18/20 Trump’s Unjust Criticism of Court’s Enjoining the Consent Procedure for Refugee Resettlement
1526 01/20/20 Washington Post Endorses Court Injunction Against Trump’s Consent Requirements for Refugee Resettlement
1532 02/02/20 U.S. State Governments Celebrate Refugees’ Accomplishments
    Trump Administration
938 01/09/17 Why Is Donald Trump Disparaging the U.S. Intelligence Community?
938A 01/09/17 Other Observers Identify Trump’s Character Flaw
938B 01/10/17 Another Columnist Nails Trump’s Character
969 02/26/17 Trump’s Macroeconomic Idiocies
1076 10/21/17 A Plea for Apologies Regarding President Trump’s Call to the Family of Sgt. La David Johnson
1124 01/20/18 Senator Jeff Flake Condemns President Trump’s “Fake News” Tirades
1195 05/26/18 U.S. Senator Jeff Flake Issues Another Challenge for All Americans
1038 08/25/17 The Trump Administration’s Record on Changing Federal Laws
1459 09/24/19 Busy Week for U.S. at U.N.
1469 10/17/19 U.S. Hosts Meeting of Warsaw Process Human rights Working Group
1475 10/29/20 Judge David Tatel Honored by Chicago Lawyers’ Committee on R
1475A 12/13/19 U.S. Supreme Court To Review Subpoenas for Trump’s Financial Records
1484 11/15/19 Two Federal Appellate Courts Uphold Subpoenas for Trump Accounting Records
1484A 12/13/19 U.S. Supreme Court To Review Subpoenas for Trump’s Financial Records
    U.S. & U.N. Human Rights Council
1218 06/19/18 Global Updates on Human Rights Concerns by U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
1219 06/20/18 U.S. Withdraws from Membership on U.N. Human Rights Council
1220 06/21/18 Washington Post Opposes U.S. Withdrawal from U.N. Human Rights Council
1222 06/22/18 Controversy Over U.S. Withdrawal from U.N. Human Rights Council
1228 06/28/18 U.N. Official’s Report About U.S. Poverty Is Criticized by U.S.
1384 04/29/19 U.S. Needs To Cooperate with U.N. Human Rights Experts
1529 01/27/20 Remembereing Political Courage of a republican Congressman During Impeachment of President Nixon
1530 01/29/20 Reppublican Congressman Thomas Railsback’s Political Courage in Support of Impeaching President Nixon
1578 04/16/20 Prominent Republicans Unite To Defeat Donald Trump’s Re-Election
1579 04/17/20 Yet More Outrageous Actions by President Trump
952 01/26/17 Increased Risk of Nuclear War
972 03/13/17 Reactions to Tom Friedman’s “Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to thriving in the Age of Accelerations
975 03/19/17 George Will’s Embrace of Natural Law
976 03/20/17 Judge Gorsuch Might Be a Liberal Originalist on Supreme Court
1038 08/25/17 The Trump Administration’s Record on Changing Federal Laws
1040 09/01/17 Humility and Equipoise As Fundamental Civic Virtues
1241 07/19/18 Barack Obama: “Renewing Mandela’s Legacy and Promoting Active Citizenship in a Changing World”
1250 07/30/18 Principles of Civility from Duluth, Minnesota
1383 04/27/19 New State Department Ethos
1537 02/14/20 U.S. Needs More Democratization
1538 02/15/20 Responses to Ezra Klein’s Democratization Thesis
1540 02/17/20 Are Developed Countries Decadent?
1541 02/18/20 Prescriptions for a Better American Politics
1551 02/29/20 Open Letter to U.S. Senate from 70 Former Senators
1588 05/01/20 The Principles Underlying the U.S. Form of Government