List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2012)

Chronological List of Posts and Comments (2012)

# Date Title
191 01/01/12 International Law Regarding Religious Freedom
192 01/02/12 2011 Annual Report on dwkcommentaries
193 01/05/12 U.S. Government’s Opinions on Religious Freedom in Cuba
87B 01/06/12 Comment: Yoani Sanchez Pleas to Brazilian President To Help Her Get Out of Cuba [Comment to 7/21/11 post]
194 01/08/12 Cuban Religious Freedom According to the U.S. Commission on Assistance to a Free Cuba
162G 01/09/12 Comment: Sif Qaddafi Still in Custody in Libya  [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
189A 01/10/12 Comment: Former President of Mexico’s Dismissal Motion [Comment to 12/29/11 post]
195 01/11/12 Words of Wisdom from a History Professor
196 01/15/12 Racing to Court for Sports Car Racing
197 01/15/12 Litigating Against Scientology
198 01/17/12 A Tribute to James de Jong
162H 01/18/12 Comment: Unresolved Issues for Any Attempt by Libya To Prosecute Two Individuals under ICC Arrest Warrants  [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
199 01/20/12 Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Issues Important Decision on Judicial Independence
119B 01/20/12 Comment: Another Voice Says U.S. Designation of Cuba a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” Is Fraudulent [Comment to 8/21/11 post]
200 01/21/12 Spain Invokes Universal Jurisdiction for Three Criminal Cases Against U.S. Officials for Alleged Torture
201 01/23/12 Spain’s Criminal Case Over Alleged U.S. Torture of Detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
202 01/25/12 Spain’s Criminal Case Against Authors of U.S. Legal Memoranda Allegedly Justifying Torture
87C 01/26/12 Comment: Brazil Grants Visa to Cuban Blogger[Comment to 7/21/11 post]
203 01/28/12 Spain’s Criminal Case Over Alleged U.S. Killing of Spanish Journalist in Iraq
204 01/31/12 Alleged Interference with Spanish Judicial Process by U.S. and Spanish Officials
87D 01/31/12 Comment: Brazil’s President Has No Comment on Whether Cuba Should Grant an Exit Visa to Cuban Blogger [Comment to 7/21/11 post]
205 02/07/12 Spain’s Criminal Cases Against Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon
206 02/09/12 Judge Garzon Convicted in Case Involving Bugging of Attorney-Client Communications
201A 02/09/12 Comment: Details of U.S. Torture of Guantanamo Bay Detainee Submitted to Spanish Court [Comment to 1/23/12 post]
207 02/10/12 Reactions to Judge Garzon’s Conviction
208 02/11/12 Additional Reactions to Judge Garzon’s Conviction
171A 02/12/12 Comment: Ex-Salvadoran Military Officer Indicted for Alleged Violations of U.S. Immigration Laws [Comment to 12/3/11 post]
209 02/13/12 Dismissal of Spanish Criminal Case Against Judge Baltasar Garzon for Alleged Bribery
210 02/14/12 Commentary on Spanish Criminal Cases Against Judge Baltasar Garzon
211 02/18/12 The Persistence of the Inquisition
212 02/20/12 Is Chad Harbach’s “The Art of Fielding” a Great Novel?
213 02/21/12 Update to Reactions to Spanish Criminal Cases Against Judge Garzon
213A 02/23/12 Comment: Further Developments in Garzon Criminal Cases [Comment to 2/21/12 post]
214 02/24/12 Former Salvadoran Military Officer Is Determined To Have Assisted in Torture and Murder
215 02/25/12 Procedural Background for U.S. Supreme Court Argument in Kiobel Case on Corporate Liability for foreign Human Rights Violations
216 02/26/12 Second Circuit’s Decision Rejecting Corporate Liability for Assisting Foreign Human Rights Violations
217 02/27/12 U.S. Supreme Court To Consider Another Case Regarding Corporate Liability for Assisting Torture and Extrajudicial Killing
218 02/29/12 Dismissal of Spanish Criminal Case Against Judge Baltasar Garzón Over Franco-Era Investigation
219 03/01/12 U.S. Supreme Court Hints That It Will Decide That Corporations Are Not Liable Under the Torture Victims Protection Act
220 03/02/12 U.S. Supreme Court Hears Case That May Decide If Corporations Are Liable Under the Alien Tort Statute
221 03/08/12 Intimations of Mortality
222 03/09/12 International Criminal Court’s New Judges Take Office
223 03/10/12 U.S. Supreme Court Orders Rehearing in Kiobel Case
224 03/11/12 The 1981 El Mozote Massacre in El Salvador
223A 03/11/12 Comment: Response to Erik Hare [Comment to 3/10/12 post]
225 03/12/12 The Art of Fact: Weaving Your Personal Story into Historical Context
226 03/15/12 Gratitude I
227 03/20/12 International Criminal Court’s First Conviction
193A 03/21/12 Comment: U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s New Report on Cuba [Comment to 1/5/12 post]
228 03/22/12 International  Criminal Court: Other Recent Developments
228A 03/24/12 Comment: African Union Military Action Against the Lord’s Resistance Army [Comment to 3/22/12 post]
229 03/25/12 The U.N. Human Rights Council
229A 03/27/12 Comment: Israel Suspends Relationship with U.N. Human Rights Council [Comment to 3/25/12 post]
230 03/27/12 U.N. Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review of the United States’ Human Rights Record
231 03/28/12 The Antiquated U.S. Constitution
119C 03/28/12 Comment: Retired U.S. General Asserts Cuba Is Not a State Sponsor of Terrorism [Comment to 8/21/11 post]
232 03/29/12 International Criminal Court and Victims of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes
233 03/30/12 World of Refugees
234 03/31/12 Methods of Enforcing International Human Rights Norms
235 04/01/12 Garzon Calls for Spanish Truth Commission Regarding Franco Regime’s Crimes
236 04/01/12 Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Decides Guantanamo Bay Detainee’s Case Against U.S. Is Admissible on the Merits
237 04/02/12 Are International Criminal Tribunals Successful?
238 04/03/12 National Geographic BEE
239 04/04/12 Cuban Protestant Leader: Cuban Religious Freedom
240 04/07/12 International Criminal Court: More Developments
240A 04/07/12 Comment: Libya To Defy ICC Order To Turn over Gaddafi to ICC [Comment to 4/7/12 post]
241 04/09/12 Netherlands Court Awards Monetary Damages to Palestinian for Libyan Torture
240B 04/10/12 Comment: Speedy Libyan Trial for Seif-al Qaddafi [Comment to 4/7/12 post]
231A 04/10/12 Comment: Another Constitutional Change: Term Limits for U.S. Supreme Justices [Comment to 3/28/12 post]
242 04/11/12 Gratitude II
243 04/12/12 Gratitude III
244 04/17/12 Palestinian Arts Festival in Minneapolis
241A 04/18/12 Comment: Libyans Sue Former U.K. Foreign Minister Over Alleged Complicity in Libyan Torture [Comment to 4/9/12 post]
245 04/19/12 Legal Entities Not Liable under the Torture Victims Protection Act
245A 04/20/12 Comment: Human Rights Group Calls for Congress To Amend the TVPA To Subject Organizations to Liability [Comment to 4/19/12 post]
246 04/20/12 “Healing the Heart of Democracy”
87E 04/22/12 Comment: Yoani’s Unending Dream of Leaving Cuba [Comment to 7/21/11 post]
247 04/22/12 Palestinian Christian Leader To Appear on CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes” TODAY
248 04/23/12 International Criminal Court Launches 10th Anniversary Website
249 04/23/12 “Christians of the Holy Land” on CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes
250 04/24/12 U.S. Establishes Atrocities Prevention Board
224A 04/24/12 Comment: Inter-American Court of Human Rights Considers El Mozote Case [Comment to 3/11/12 post]
251 04/26/12 Former President of Liberia Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes
252 04/27/12 Reactions to Charles Taylor’s Conviction
253 04/28/12 Miniscule Proposed Reform of Dysfunctional U.S. Senate Rules
252A 04/29/12 Comment: Additional Reactions to Conviction of Charles Taylor  [Comment to 4/27/12 post]
254 04/29/12 An 1842 Journey from New York to the Iowa Territory
163D 04/30/12 Comment: U.S. Military Forces Hunt for Joseph Kony [Comment to 11/18/11 post]
252B 04/30/12 Comment: Another Criticism of the Charles Taylor Conviction [Comment to 4/27/12 post]
162I 05/01/12 Comment: Libya Asks ICC To Allow Libya To Investigate and Prosecute the Two Libyans under ICC Arrest Warrants [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
255 05/04/12 Federal Appellate Court Grants Immunity to Author of Legal Memoranda Regarding U.S. Detention and Interrogation of Suspects in the “War on Terrorism”
256 05/07/12 Rev. Charles Edwin Brown’s Lineage in America
255A 05/09/12 Comment: More Criticism of Ninth Circuit’s Decision in Case Against Author of Legal Memoranda Regarding Treatment and Interrogation of Detainees [Comment to 5/4/12 post]
171B 05/10/12 Comment: El Salvador Denies Spain’s Request for Extradition of Salvadorans for Killing of Jesuits [Comment to 12/3/11 post]
257 05/10/12 Will U.S. Senate Finally Give Its “Advice and Consent” to Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty?
258 05/12/12 Ancestor’s Military Service in King George’s War
259 05/13/12 U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy Encounters Langston Hughes at Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater
260 05/14/12 A New Book About the Crimes of the Franco Era
261 05/15/12 U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule Under Attack
262 05/17/12 World Premier of Palestinian Christian Hymns at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
251A 05/17/12 Comment: Charles Taylor’s Sentencing Hearing[Comment to 4/26/12 post]
54A 05/17/12 Comment: Trial of Former Bosnian Serb Military Commander Starts [Comment to 6/1/11 post]
263 05/18/12 Palestinian Dancers Perform in Minneapolis
54B 05/18/12 Comment: Mladic Trial Delayed [Comment to 6/1/11 post]
261A 05/18/12 Comment: Differing Opinions on Constitutionality of the U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule [Comment to 5/15/12 post]
264 05/20/12 South Africa Invokes Universal Jurisdiction for Alleged Crimes in Zimbabwe
265 05/24/12 U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Hold Hearing on the Law of the Seas Convention
54C 05/25/12 Comment: Mladic Trial To Resume
265A 05/25/12 Comment: New York Times Reiterates Its Support of Ratification of Law of Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
266 05/26/12 U.N. Security Council Briefing on Libya by International Criminal Court Prosecutor
267 05/26/12 European Judicial Group Calls for Pardon of Garzon
268 05/29/12 “Our Imbecilic Constitution”
265B 05/29/12 Comment: Analysis of Opposition to Law of Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
269 05/30/12 U.S. Releases Annual Report on Human Rights in the World
251B 05/30/12 Comment: Charles Taylor Sentenced to 50 Years Imprisonment [Comment to 4/26/12 post]
265C 05/31/12 Comment: Former Republican Secretaries of State Endorse Law of Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
261B 06/04/12 Comment: Rebuttal to Criticism of U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule [Comment to 5/15/12 post]
270 06/04/12 U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Nemesis: Attorney Joseph Welch
271 06/06/12 Attorney Joseph Welch’s Performance at the Army-McCarthy Hearings
272 06/08/12 The U.S. Army’s Hiring of Attorney Joseph Welch for the Army-McCarthy Hearings
261C 06/08/12 Comment: Response to Republican Defense of Senate’s Filibuster Rule
264A 06/08/12 Comment: Zimbabwe President Asks for Halt to South African Investigation [Comment to 5/20/12 post]
273 06/08/12 ICC Prosecutor Reports About Sudan/Darfur to U.N. Security Council
274 06/10/12 President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Involvement in the Army-McCarthy Hearings
275 06/12/12 Joseph Welch After the Army-McCarthy Hearings
265D 06/13/12 Comment: Former Republican Defense Secretary Opposes Law of Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
276 06/13/12 Gratitude Revisited
277 06/14/12 Joseph Welch Before the Army-McCarthy Hearings
278 06/16/12 International Criminal Court: Recent Developments
212A 06/16/12 Comment: Catcher–The Toughest Position in Baseball [Comment to 2/20/12 post]
279 06/17/12 Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize
265E 06/18/12 Comment: Former Republican Official Disputes Rumsfeld’s Opposition to the Law of the Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
280 06/19/12 Interpreting the U.S. Constitution Regarding Limitations on Economic Regulations
265F 06/21/12 Comment: Questions for Former Republican Official on Law of the Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
281 06/21/12 Somali Immigrant Meets Star of “M*A*S*H” TV Show
265G 06/22/12 Comment: Important Source of Commentary About the Law of the Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
278A 06/22/12 Comment: ICC-Libyan Meeting Regarding Detention of Four ICC Staff Members  [Comment to 6/16/12 post]
282 06/23/12 Other Approaches to Interpreting the U.S. Constitution Regarding Economic Regulation
265H 06/23/12 Comment: George Will Opposes the Law of the Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
283 06/24/12 The Role of Stare Decisis in the Forthcoming U.S. Supreme Court Decision on the Affordable Care Act
281A 06/25/12 Comment: Mike Farrell’s Speech at Dinner for Advocates for Human Rights [Comment to 6/21/12 post]
278B 06/26/12 Comment: Libya Official Accuses ICC Official of Illegally Bringing Letter and Spying Devices to Gaddafi [Comment to 6/16/12 post]
265I 06/26/12 Comment: Rebuttal of Criticism of Law of Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
284 06/27/12 Legal Ethics Issues in the “Anatomy of a Murder” Movie
278C 07/02/12 Comment: Libya Releases ICC Staff Members [Comment to 6/16/12 post]
268A 07/03/12 Comment: Questioning the Power of the U.S. Supreme Court [Comment to  5/29/12 comment]
268B 07/05/12 Comment: The Founders Are Not Quasi-Religious Prophets [Comment to  5/29/12 comment]
268C 07/05/12 Comment: U.S. Needs Constitutional Changes
285 07/05/12 The U.S. Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause After Supreme Court’s Decision on the Affordable Care Act
278D 07/07/12 Comment: ICC Staff Member Denies Illegality in Libya [Comment to 6/16/12 post]
286 07/08/12 Is the International Criminal Court Flawed?
265J 07/09/12 Comment: Another Rebuttal to Rumsfeld’s Opposition to Law of Sea Treaty [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
287 07/10/12 Proposals for Changing the U.S. Constitution
227A 07/10/12 Comment: ICC Sentences Lubanga to 14 Years Imprisonment [Comment to 3/20/12 post]
54D 07/10/12 Comment: Mladic Trial Resumes [Comment to 6/1/11 post]
227B 07/10/12 Comment: More Details About ICC’s Sentencing of Lubanga [Comment to 3/20/12 post]
288 07/12/12 Ancestors’ Military Service in French and Indian War
54E 07/13/12 Comment: Mladic Hospitalized and Trial Suspended [Comment to 6/1/11 post]
289 07/14/12 Ancestor’s Service as Leader in the Town of Leicester in the Province of Massachusetts Bay
290 07/16/12 Great Britain’s Deteriorating Relationship with Her American Colonies, 1765-1775
265K 07/17/12 Comment: Law of Sea Treaty Appears To Be Dead in Senate [Comment to 5/24/12 post]
291 07/17/12 Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s Textualism Theory of Legal Interpretation Is Challenged
292 07/18/12 Mali Refers Current Situation in Its Country to the International Criminal Court
291A 07/19/12 Comment: Justice Scalia and Bryan Garner Interviewed on TV [Comment to 7/17/12 post]
293 07/20/12 The American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783
294 07/22/12 The American Revolutionary War’s Battles of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, April 19, 1775
291B 07/23/12 Comment: Another Review of Scalia/Garner Book  [Comment to 7/17/12 post]
223B 07/23/12 Comment: Law Professors Say Alien Tort Statute Was Intended To Have Extraterritorial Effect [Comment to 3/10/12 post}
295 07/24/12 The American Revolutionary War’s Mustering of the Minute Men, April 1775
295A 07/24/12 Comment: Response to Kristi Paxton’s comment [Comment to 7/24/12 post]
296 07/27/12 The American Revolutionary War’s Siege of Boston, April 19, 1775–March 17, 1776
41B 07/27/12 Comment: Cuba Reiterates Its Willingness To Discuss All Issues with U.S. [Comment to 5/21/11 post]
212B 07/29/12 Comment: Catcher–The Mental Demands of the Position
297 07/30/12 The American Revolutionary War’s Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775
298 08/01/12 The Latest U.S. Report on International Religious Freedom
299 08/03/12 Cuban Religious Freedom According to the Latest U.S. Report on International Religious Freedom
300 08/05/12 The Latest U.S. Report on International Terrorism
301 08/07/12 Yet Another Ridiculous U.S. Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorismj”
302 08/09/12 Additional Thoughts on the Ridiculous U.S. Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
303 08/10/12 A Powerful Prayer
304 08/13/12 The American Revolutionary War’s Campaign for New York and New Jersey, March 1776–January 1777
303A 08/13/12 Composer’s Comments
296A 08/14/12 Comment: David McCullough on the Siege of Boston
303B 08/14/12 Comments by Westminster’s Minister of Music and Organist
305 08/17/12 Letter to President Obama Regarding Cuba
306 08/25/12 Ecuador’s Dispute with the United Kingdom and Sweden over Julian Assange: Background
307 08/26/12 Ecuador’s Dispute with the United Kingdom and Sweden over Julian Assange: The Inviolability of Ecuador’s Embassy
307A 08/27/12 Comment: United Kingdom Reiterates Desire for Renewed Negotiations with Ecuador
307B 08/30/12 Comment: Ecuadorian Optimism Over Resolution of Dispute
308 08/30/12) Ecuador’s Dispute with the United Kingdom and Sweden over Julian Assange: Ecuador’s Grant of Asylum to Assange
308A 08/31/12 Comment: Developments in Dispute between Ecuador and U.K. and Sweden
309 09/01/12 Judge Richard Posner Critiques Justice Scalia’s Textual Originalism Theory of Interpreting Legal Texts
310 09/03/12 Should the International Criminal Court Indict George W. Bush and Tony Blair over Iraq?
308B 09/04/12 Comment: Developments in Dispute between Ecuador and U.K. and Sweden # 2
311 09/05/12 Jazzy Music at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
312 09/06/12 Minneapolis Public Schools Desegregation/Integration Litigation, 1971-1977
308C 09/06/12 Comment: Developments in Dispute between Ecuador and U.K. and Sweden # 3
313 09/07/12 Positive Developments for Improved U.S.-Cuba Relations
313A 09/08/12 Comment: Details of Cuba’s Assistance to Colombia-FARC Negotiations
314 09/09/12 Minneapolis Public Schools’ Desegregation/Integration Litigation, 1978-1983
315 09/11/12 The Impact of the Minneapolis Public Schools Desegregation/Integration Litigation on Native American Children
316 09/12/12 The U.S. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
317 09/14/12 U.S. Supreme Court Decides that Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Does Not Apply to Former Foreign Government Official
318 09/15/12 U.S. District Court Decides that Former Somali Government Official Is Not Entitled to Common Law Immunity and Is Liable for $21 Million of Compensatory and Punitive Damages
171C 09/15/12 Comment: Former Salvadoran Military Officer Pleads Guilty to Lying to U.S. Immigration Officials
319 09/17/12 U.S. State Department Suggests Former President of Mexico Is Immune from Suit in U.S. Federal Court for Alleged Human Rights Violations
313B 09/17/12 Comment: Skepticism about Colombia-FARC Negotiations
320 09/19/12 The Importance of Protecting Foreign Diplomats and Diplomatic Missions
308D 09/21/12 Comment: U.K. Foreign Secretary’s Statement About the Assange Matter
321 09/22/12 “O Holy One and Nameless”
308E 09/24/12 Comment: Ecuador Considers Suggesting Assange Be Interrogated in Sweden
322 09/25/12 “What Do Our Hearts Treasure?”
323 09/26/12 Prayer of Confession
324 09/27/12 “How Do We Know God: Human Community”
308F 09/28/12 Comment: Assange Developments in New York City and London
261D 09/28/12 Comment: Another Plea for Changing the Senate Filibuster Rule
325 09/29/12 In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Henry William Andersen, 1925-2012
326 09/30/12 Percussive Preludes at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
327 10/04/12 Re-argument of Important Human Rights Case in U.S. Supreme Court
212C 10/05/12 Comment: Additional Reflections on Baseball’s Catcher
327A 10/05/12 Comment: Wall Street Journal Reiterates Its Opposition to ATS
87F 10/06/12 Comment: Yoani Detained To Prevent Her Covering Trial
328 10/08/12 The American Revolutionary War: The Battle of Brooklyn (Long Island), August 1776
308G 10/09/12 Comment: Assange Developments
329 10/10/12 The American Revolutionary War: The Battle of Harlem Heights (New York), September 1776
330 10/12/12 The American Revolutionary War: The Battle of White Plains, October 1776
331 10/14/12 The American Revolutionary War’s End in New York City, 1783
313C 10/14/12 Comment: Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez Aided Colombia and the FARC’s Agreeing to Negotiate an End to the Colombian Civil War
332 10/16/12 Affirmations of Faith at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
333 10/17/12 Confessions of Faith of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
319A 10/17/12 Comment: District Court Orders Plaintiffs To Show Cause Why Case Should Not Be Dismissed
334 10/19/12 The History of the U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
41C 10/20/12 Comment: Another Plea for Normalization of U.S.-Cuba Relations
335 10/22/12 Are The U.S. Senate’s Rules on Filibuster and Changing Those Rules Unconstitutional?
336 10/25/12 Jurisdictional Issues for Lawsuit Challenging U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule
308H 10/25/12 Comment: Assange To Stay in Ecuadorian Embassy
337 10/29/12 Maximize U.S. Voting!
338 10/30/12 Excesses of People Falsely Alleging Voter Fraud
308I 11/01/12 Comment: Assange’s Attorney Asks U.S. Attorney General for Information
339 11/01/12 Case Against Corporations Under the Alien Tort Statute Allowed To Proceed
340 11/03/12 The U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
337A 11/04/12 Comment: Protecting the U.S. Right To Vote
341 11/06/12 White Settler’s Contemporaneous Reaction to U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
342 11/07/12 Appellate Court Affirms Denial of Common Law Immunity to Former Somali Official
343 11/08/12 Open Letter to Members of U.S. Senate in the Upcoming 113th U.S. Congress
344 11/09/12 Commemoration of 150th Anniversary of the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
345 11/10/12 The Urgent Need for Reform of the U.S. Election Systems
345A 11/11/12 Comment: Voter Anger Against Attempts at Voting Suppression
337B 11/11/12 Comment: Argument in Support of Abolition of Electoral College
345B 11/12/12 Comment: Another Argument that Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Fueled Minority Voting for Democrats
343A 11/13/12 Comment: New York Times Calls for Significant Weakening of U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule
346 11/15/12 The Order of Worship at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
343B 11/15/12 Comment: Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren Calls for Changing Filibuster Rule
337C 11/16/12 Comment: Abolish the Electoral College
347 11/18/12 The U.S.-Dakota War Remembered at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church (Part I)
348 11/20/12 Sign Petition for Reform of Senate Filibuster Rule
349 11/22/12 Improving the U.S. Election Procedues
350 11/25/12 The U.S.-Dakota War Remembered at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church (Part II)
351 11/29/12 The U.S.-Dakota War Remembered at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church (Part III)
352 11/30/12 A Citizen’s Response to Washington Skirmishes Over the U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
353 12/03/12 New York Times Hosts Debate Over the Filibuster
354 12/04/12 Washington Post Editorial Admits U.S. Senate Filibuster Rule Is Broken and Needs Fixing, But Not by Simple Majority Vote
355 12/05/12 Former U.S. Senator and Vice President, Walter Mondale Supports Changing Senate Filibuster Rule
356 12/08/12 The Difficulty of Obtaining U.S. Ratification of Multilateral Treaties
357 12/10/12 Personal Reflections on the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
344A 12/11/12 Minnesota Public Radio’s Resources on the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
358 12/13/12 The El Mozote Massacre: The Truth Commission for El Salvador and the Subsequent Salvadoran General Amnesty Law and Dismissal of Criminal Case
359 12/13/12 The El Mozote Massacre: The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
360 12/14/12 The El Mozote Massacre: Recent Salvadoran Efforts To Redress the Crimes
361 12/16/12 The El Mozote Massacre: Inter-American Court of Human Rights Determines El Salvador Violated American Convention on Human Rights
362 12/18/12 Update on Changing U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
363 12/19/12 Rev. Charles Edwin Brown’s Baptist Missionary Work in Iowa, 1842-1851
364 12/22/12 Rev. Charles Edwin Brown’s Recuperation in New York, 1851-1857
365 12/22/12 District Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of U.S. Senate’s Filibuster Rule
366 12/26/12 Rev. Charles Edwin Brown’s Baptist Missionary Work in Iowa, 1857-1887
367 12/26/12 Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Hanging of the “Dakota 38”
368 12/27/12 The U.S. Congress Continues To Demonstrate Its Dysfunctionality
369 12/31/12 Only Three Days Until U.S. Senate Decides on Filibuster Reform


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