List of Posts to dwkcommentaries—Topical: Police Reform


                                 JUNE 2020
1605 06/06/20 Ban on Police Choke Holds and Neck Restraints in Agreement between City of Minneapolis and Minnesota Department of Human Rights
1607 06/09/20 Court Approves Agreement on Police Conduct Between City of Minneapolis and Minnesota Deparment of Human Rights
1612 06/15/20 Five St. Paul Police Officers Fired for Failing To Intervene in Assault by Ex-Cop
1617 06/19/20 Use of Chokeholds and Neck Restrainst by Other Minnesota Police Departments
1618 06/20/20 Training New Minneapolis Poiice Recruits
1620 06/21/20 Former Minneapolis Mayor Discusses Police Reform Problems
1621 06/22/20 Dispute About Arbitration for Terminated Cops
1622 06/23/20 Minnesota Legislature’s Special Session Fails To Pass Police Reform Measures
1624 06/27/20 Congress Fails To Pass Federal Police Reform Bill
1636 07/11/20 Minneapolis Police Officers Claiming PTSD
1649 07/21/20 Minnesota Legislature Adopts Significant Police Reform
1649A 07/22/20 Comment: More Reactions to New Minnesota Police Accountability Act
1649B 07/23/20 Comment: Governor Signs Minnesota Police Accountability Act