List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2023)


Number Date Title
    JANUARY 2023
1876 01/03/23 U.S. Procedures for Resettlement of Ukrainians
1877 01/05/23 Department of Homeland Security Announces Important Proposed Rules To Improve Immigration Laws and Border Security
1878 01/07/23 President Biden’s Argument for New Asylum/Border Policy
1858C 01/14/23 Comment: Prosecution Drops Appeals of Federal Sentences of Kueng and Thao for Involuntary Manslaughter
1879 01/20/23 U.S. Adopts Confusing New Program for Resettling Certain Foreigners
1880 01/21/23 U.S. and Cuba Resume Law Enforcement Dialogue
1881 01/23/23 Derek Chauvin’s Appeal of State Conviction and Sentencing for Killing George Floyd
1881A 01/25/23 COMMENT: Criminal Prosecutor’s Opinion on Use of Chauvin’s Federal Guilty Plea
1882 01/28/23 Another Defining Challenge for the 21st Century
1883 01/30/23 Skepticism About Douthat’s Defining Challenge of the 21st Cendtury
1882A 01/31/23 Comment: Developments in Africa and Italy Accentuate Douthat’s Concerns
          FEBRUARY 2023
1884 02/01/23 Need To Improve U.S. Asylum System
1885 02/02/23 Briefs in Tou Thao’s State Criminal Case Over Killing of George Floyd
1886 02/03/23 Iowa State Government Encouraging Refugee and Migrant Resettlement
1886A 02/03/23 Comment: National Worker Shortages in U.S.
1886B 02/04/23 Economists Surprised by January New Jobs Data
1887 02/08/23 Sub-Saharan Africa Is ‘New Epicenter’ of Extremism, Says UN
1886C 02/08/23 Migrant Workers Being Paid Premium Wages in U.S. Tight Labor Market
1888 02/09/23 More Details on U.S. and Other Countries’ Worker Shortages
1889 02/11/23 A Contemporary Perspective on the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
1890 02/12/23 Your Longevity Is Imporant for Many Reasons
1891 02/22/23 U.S. Supreme Court Cancels Argument in Title 42 Immigration Case
1892 02/22/23 Other States Join Iowa in Encouraging Immigration to Combat Aging, Declining Population
1892A 02/23/23 COMMENT: More Support for Immigrants’ Importance for U.S. Economy
1893 02/25/23 Derek Chauvin’s Ex-Wife Pleads Guilty to Income Tax Evasion
1894 02/25/23 U.S. High-Tech Layoffs Threaten Immigrants with Temporary Visasg
1895 02/26/23 U.S. Needs To Ameliorate Brutal Jobs Endangering Immigrant Workers
1888A 02/26/23 China’s Failing Efforts To Spark a Baby Boom
1896 02/27/23 Biden Administration Announces Proposed Restrictions on Asylum Applications
1894A 02/27/23 COMMENT: Layoffs in Overall U.S. Economy Are Rare
           MARCH 2023
1894B 03/01/23 COMMENT: Many Undocumented  Immigrants Leaving U.S.
1895A 03/01/23 COMMENT: Biden Administration Plans Investigations of Child Labor in U.S.
1897 03/01/23 U.S. Admits “Havana Syndrome” Not Caused by Foreign Adversary
           APRIL 2023
1898 04/13/23 U.S. and Cuba Hold Migration Talks
1899 04/14/23 City of Minneapolis Settles Other Derek Chauvin Cases
1900 04/16/23 Roman Catholic Church Rejects Doctrine of Discovery
1901 04/19/23 Minnesota Court of Appeals Affirms Conviction of Derek Chauvin for Killing George Floyd
1902 04/21/23 State Department Secret Memo from 1960 Set Basis for Subsequent U.S. Policies Regarding Cuba
1903 04/22/23 Protections for U.S.Child Labor Need Improvement
1904 04/24/23 Reasonable Proposal for Solving U.S. Debt Ceiling Crisis
1905 04/29/23 U.S. Should Release All Guantanamo Prisoners and Close Down
           MAY 2023
1906 05/02/23 The Lord’s Prayer at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
1907 05/02/23 U.N. Demands Release of Guantanamo Prisoner
1908 05/03/23 Tou Thao, ex-MPD Officer, Convicted for Aiding and Abetting Second-degree Manslaughter of George Floyd
1909 05/04/23 The Prayer Jesus Taught: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name”
1910 05/05/23 Loving Herbie Hancock’s Jazz Music
1911 05/06/23 The Prayer Jesus Taught: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”
1912 05/ 08/23 The Prayer Jesus Taught: “Give us this day our daily bread”
1913 05/09/23  The Prayer Jesus Taught: “and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”
1914 05/10/23 The Prayer Jesus Taught: “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”
1915 05/11/23 The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
1916 05/12/23 Minneapolis Westminster Presbyterian Church: Presbyterian Principles: God alone is Lord of the conscience
1917 05/13/21 Minneapolis Westminster Presbyterian Church: Presbyterian Principles: Truth is in order to goodness
1918 05/16/23 Derek Chauvin’s Ex-Wife Sentenced for Minnesota Tax Evasion
1919 05/18/23 Derek Chauvin Asks Minnesota Supreme Court To Review His Conviction for Killing of George Floyd
1920 05/19/23 Minneapolis Westminster Presbyterian Church: Presbyterian Principles: It is our duty to exercise mutual forbearance toward each other
             JULY 2023
1921 07/11/23 Westminster Presbyterian Church: Rejection of Christian Nationalism
1922 07/19/23 U.S. Calls for Cuba To Release All July 11 Political Prisoners
1923 07/20/23 UN Counterterrorism Expert Reports That Conditions at U.S. Guantanamo Detention Facility Are Cruel and Inhuman
1924 07/21/23 Derek Chauvin Will Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Review His State Court Conviction for Murder and Manslaughter of George Floyd
1925 07/25/23 Wall Street Journal Editorial: U.S. Needs More Immigrants
1925A 07/26/23 Comment: Americans in Their Prime Are Flooding Into the Job Market
1925B 07/27/23 Dire Shortages of Workers in U.S. Public Sector
1926 07/31/23 Introduction of New Proposed Afghan Adjustment Act
                      AUGUST 2023
1927 08/04/23 U.S. Needs To Improve Relations with Cuba
1928 04/05/23 U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms Federal Conviction of Tou thao for Violating the Civil Rights of George Floyd
1929 08/06/23 Biden Administration’s New Restrictions on U.S. Asylum Law Being Challenged in Federal Courts
1930 08/08/23 State Court Imposes Sentence of 57 months on Tou Thao for Aiding and Abetting Manslaughter of George Floyd
1931 08/09/23 Are Anti-Trumpers “the Bad Guys”?
1931A 08/09/13 COMMENT: Today’s Problem for Non-MAGA Republicans


1931B 08/10/23 COMMENT: Need for Forbearance (by law school classmate)
1931C 08/10/23 COMMENT: Another Law school classmate comment
1931D 08/11/23 COMMENT: More Information About Small Towns and Rural America
1932 08/11/23 New York City Pleads for Federal Financial Aid for New Migrants
1933 08/14/23 Other Comments on David Brooks’ Column on “the Bad Guys”
1934 08/15/23 New York Times Editorial: Trump’s Four Indictments Show His Disdain for American Democracy and His Unfitness for the Presidency
1935 08/16/23 Increasing Migrant Crossings at U.S. Border Call for Legal Changes
1927A 08/25/23 Developments Regarding U.S. Private Exports to Cuba
1936 08/26/23 U.N. Agency Reports Afghan Human Rights Violations Against Former U.S. Partners
1937 08/26/23 Cuba Reports 1.5 Million Tourists Have Visited the Island So Far this Year
1936A 08/29/23 COMMENT: Dangerous Life in Afghanistan of Former Interpreter for U.S.
           SEPTEMBER 2023
1938 09/01/23 Overwhelmed U.S. Immigration Court System
1939 09/02/23 U.S. Afghan Special Visa Program Still Facing Immense Problems
1940 09/04/23 Should the U.S. Modify Its Stance Against the Taliban in Afghanistan?
1941 09/05/23 State of Minnesota Transferring State Park to Dakota Tribe
1939A 09/05/23 COMMENT: Another Administrative Problem for Obtaining Afghan Special Visas
1942 09/07/23 Cuban Criminal Prosecution of “Trafficking Network” for Recruiting Cubans for Russian Armed Forces
1943 09/08/23 Cuba Arrests 17 Linked to Russian Trafficking Network Recruiting Cubans for War in Ukraine
1943A 09/09/23 COMMENT: Moscow Denies It Recruits Cubans for Ukraine War
1944 09/12/23 Conflicting News About Cubans Fighting for Russia
1945 09/16/23 More Conflicting News About Cubans fighting for Russia Against Ukraine While U.S. Continues Anti-Cuban Policies
1946 09/17/23 Cuban Foreign Minister: Cubans May Not Legally Participate in Foreign Wars
1947 09/19/23 More Details on Cubans fighting for Russia in Ukraine
1948 09/20/23 At U.N., Cuban President Says Nothing About Russia and Ukraine While Condemning U.S. Sanctions