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In April 2011 I started this blog in order to share my experiences and expertise in certain areas of U.S. and international law, my concerns as a liberal or progressive Democrat about weaknesses in the U.S. governmental system and my renewed and progressive Christian faith. Such sharing and advocacy I see as part of my responsibilities as a U.S. and world citizen and as a progressive Christian. As my blog has unfolded, its major subjects so far have been the following (with details in the Topical Lists of posts):

Finding Posts on This Blog

There are at least five ways to find posts on this blog.

First, the posts are written as the spirit moves me and do not follow the above structure. The structure develops ex post facto, and the posts in this structure are listed in the various “List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Topical” that are in the left column of the home page and that are periodically updated. (Most of the entries are not hyperlinked to the posts themselves.)

Second, the TAG CLOUD [“dwkcommentaries tags”] in the middle of the left column of the home page is a computer-generated alphabetical listing of the most popular tags that I have assigned to the posts; the larger the type of the tag, the more times the tag has been used. Click on one of the tags in the CLOUD and you will have all of the posts that have that tag in reverse chronological order of posting.

Third, the search box near the top of the left column of the home page allows the user to enter a search term and obtain all of the posts, if any, that use that term, again in reverse chronological order.

Fourth, the ARCHIVES section at the top of the left column of the home page enables the user to click on a month from April 2011 through the current month and obtain all of the posts for that month in reverse chronological order of posting.

Fifth, the PAGES section  in the left column of the home page has a separate “List of Posts and Comments to dwkcommentaries–Chronological” for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. These are lists in the chronological order of posting. (They are not hyperlinked to the posts themselves.)

Other Information About This Blog

At the bottom of the left column of the home page is “The Joy of Blogging,” an essay about why and how I started this blog and the pleasures it has brought me. In addition, this same  location has “About the Author,” and “Reports for dwkcommentaries” for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and First Anniversary (April 4, 2012). The BLOGROLL section at the bottom of the right column of an individual post is a list of other blogs and websites that I have found useful for this blog.

Subscribing to This Blog

Finally, near the top of the left column of the home page are three ways to subscribe to this blog:  (i) a “Follow dwkcommentaries” button; just click the button; or (ii) “Follow blog Via Email” with a place to enter your email address; or (iii) a “Follow” button; just click the button.  I urge the reader to do so.

Duane W. Krohnke

5 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Hi, Duane, This is simply to tell you that I am slowly making my way through some of your blogs. I have not found “Tag Cloud” but have the blog roll to guide me. I am not well-versed on international legal questions but will see what develops.

    Yesterday, February 28, I was at the monthly luncheon Luther College’s alumni office arranges for people up here. The speaker was MN Supreme Court justice David Lillehaug, his topic first amendment religion cases. Great stuff, not least AZ governor Brewer’s veto of the “freedom to discriminate” bill.


    1. The TAG CLOUD or “dwkcommentaries tags” is in the middle of the right column.

      Justice Lillehaug started his legal career at Faegre & Benson and worked for me, in part.

  2. Hi Duane,
    Glad to hear you are doing well after having lost contact for a very ,very long time. Must have last spoken after the arbitration case .Am back in Singapore now .Found your blog interesting .All the best .

  3. Hi Duane, I graduated from Grinnell (class of ’93) and found your blog when I searched for older pictures of the Grinnell College campus to send to students in classes ’22- ’25 as part of a care package project. I found a picture of North Campus where the trees are much smaller than they are today. I especially like the comment you posted about allowing a speaker “one more sentence” during a political campaign and how he was quick to catch on by repeatedly inserting the word “and.” Such a classic Grinnellian-style twist to problem-solving where the cleverness of the solution can still inspire smiles and a sense of connection years later. I look forward to reading more blogs.

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