List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2011)

# Date Title
1 04/04/11 Getting Started
2 04/04/11 My Political Philosophy
3 04/05/11 Adventures of a History Detective
4 04/06/11 The Abominable Rules of the U.S. Senate
5 04/06/11 Jesus on the Rich and the Poor
6 04/06/11 Dr. Rev. Anna Carter Florence’s “Preaching as Testimony”
7 04/06/11 Reflections on Pre-Law Education
8 04/06/11 My Christian Faith
9 04/06/11 Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
10 04/08/11 Former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Supports U.N. Security Council on Libya
11 04/09/11 Unfortunate Ecuador-U.S. Diplomatic Spat
12 04/11/11 Tip for Grandparents
13 04/14/11 Lawyering on Wall Street
14 04/16/11 Encounters with Candidates JFK and LBJ
15 04/17/11 Questioning President Lyndon Johnson
16 04/18/11 Lawyering in Minneapolis
17 04/20/11 The Parable of the Prodigal Son and His Older Brother
18 04/20/11 Ruminations on Lawyering
19 04/22/11 Retiring from Lawyering
20 04/22/11 Superior Elementary Education
21 04/23/11 My First Ten Years of Retirement
22 04/26/11 International Criminal Justice: Introduction
23 04/27/11 The Roads Not Taken
24 04/28/11 The International Criminal Court: Introduction
25 04/28/11 The International Criminal Court: Investigations and Prosecutions
26 05/04/11 No to Constitutional Amendment on Taxes
27 05/08/11 The International Criminal Court: Libya Investigation Status
28 05/10/11 Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Mattie Stepanek and Five Judges
29 05/11/11 The International Criminal Court and the Clinton Administration
30 05/12/11 The International Criminal Court and the G. W. Bush Administration
31 05/13/11 The International Criminal Court and the Obama Administration
32 05/15/11 The International Criminal Court: The Crime of Aggression
33 05/16/11 The International Criminal Court: Three Libyan Arrest Warrants Sought
34 05/17/11 Oxford in New York City
35 05/17/11 The International Criminal Court: Investigation of Gang-Rape in Libya
36 05/18/11 Dinner at an Oxford High Table
37 05/19/11 Dr. Rev. Anna Carter Florence’s “Skinny-Dip Sermon”
38 05/20/11 Dr. Rev. Anna Carter Florence’s “Changing Your Mind”
39 05/20/11 The Ridiculous U.S. Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
40 05/20/11 Two Women “Shakers” Rock Minneapolis Dinner
41 05/21/11 The U.S. Should Pursue Reconciliation with Cuba
42 05/22/11 The Sanctuary Movement Case
43 05/23/11 The International Criminal Court: Prosecutor Seeks To Open Investigation of Ivory Coast
44 05/24/11 Becoming a Pro Bono Asylum Lawyer
45 05/25/11 My Pilgrimage to El Salvador, April 1989
46 05/26/11 A Sabbatical Leave from Lawyering
47 05/27/11 International Criminal Justice: Mladic To Face Charges at ICTY
48 05/28/11 International Criminal Justice: The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals
49 05/28/11 A Liberal Arts Seminar for Lawyers
50 05/29/11 Celebrating Oxford’s Worcester College’s 700th Anniversary
51 05/30/11 Celebrating 80th Anniversary of Rhodes Scholarships
52 05/31/11 The Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Litigation
53 05/31/11 International Criminal Justice: Spanish Court Issues Criminal Arrest Warrants for Salvadoran Murders of Jesuit Priests
54 06/01/11 International Criminal Justice: Mladic Update
55 06/02/11 International Criminal Justice: The Salvadoran Murders of the Jesuit Priests
56 06/06/11 Reading PPE at Oxford
57 06/07/11 International Criminal Justice: Salvadoran Military’s Attempted Cover-Up of Its Committing the Murders of the Jesuit Priests
58 06/08/11 International Criminal Justice: Salvadoran Criminal Prosecution of the Murders of the Jesuit Priests
59 06/09/11 International Criminal Justice: The Jesuits Case in The Truth Commission for El Salvador
60 06/10/11 PPE Examinations at Oxford
61 06/11/11 International Criminal Justice: El Salvador’s General Amnesty Law and Its Impact on the Jesuits Case
62 06/13/11 International Criminal Justice: The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights’ Case Regarding the Jesuit Priests
63 06/14/11 El Salvador’s General Amnesty Law in U.S. Federal Court Cases
64 06/15/11 International Criminal Justice: Spanish Court’s Case Regarding the Salvadoran Murders of the Jesuit Priests
65 06/16/11 The Current Controversy Over El Salvador’s General Amnesty Law  and Supreme Court
66 06/17/11 International Criminal Court: ICC Prosecutor Updates U.N. Security Council on Sudan (Darfur)
67 06/18/11 International Criminal Justice: Winding Down Two Ad Hoc Criminal Tribunals
68 06/18/11 The International Criminal Court: Possible U.N. Security Council Referral of Syrian Human Rights Abuses to ICC
69 06/20/11 Oxford’s Lord Franks
70 06/21/11 Celebrating the Rhodes Scholarships Centennial
71 06/22/11 International Criminal Justice: U.S. Reportedly Failed To Detain Rwandan Indictee of Spanish Court
72 06/23/11 The International Criminal Court: Basics of Its Upcoming Judicial Election
73 06/24/11 The International Criminal Court: Specified and Recommendation Qualifications for ICC Judges
74 06/25/11 The International Criminal Court: Its Upcoming Prosecutor Election
75 06/27/11 The International Criminal Court: Issuance of Libyan Arrest Warrants and Other Developments
76 06/28/11 Minnesota’s Federal Court
77 06/29/11 Practitioner in Residence
78 06/30/11 Auditing the International Human Rights Law Course
79 07/01/11 Teaching the International Human Rights Law Course
80 07/02/11 Supporting International Criminal Justice and the International Criminal Court
81 07/04/11 International Criminal Justice: Libya, Sudan, Rwanda and Serbia Developments
82 07/07/11 Refugee and Asylum Law: Pre-Modern Era
83 07/09/11 Refugee and Asylum Law: Modern Era
84 07/09/11 Alien Tort Statute: Important Cases Heading to U.S. Supreme Court
85 07/10/11 Refugee and Asylum Law: Office of U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees
86 07/11/11 The Washington Semester
87 07/21/11 Blogging in Havana
88 07/22/11 Passionate, Committed Political Leadership
89 07/23/11 Disgusting U.S. Political Scene
90 07/25/11 Westminster Town Hall Forum
91 07/26/11 Westminster Town Hall Forum: Krista Tippett
92 07/27/11 Westminster Town Hall Forum: Marcus Borg
93 07/28/11 The Founder of Modern Conservatism’s Perspective on the Current U.S. Political Turmoil
94 07/29/11 A Message for Speaker Boehner
95 07/30/11 Dysfunctional U.S. Congress Careens Towards U.S. Default
96 07/30/11 The IBM Antitrust Litigation
97 07/31/11 Minneapolis Police’s Pretextual Arrests of Political Dissidents in 1970
98 08/01/11 Buying Banks and Selling Hot Dogs Are the Same Under the Law
99 08/02/11 The Lutheran Pastor at the 1973 Siege of Wounded Knee
100 08/02/11 Dysfunctional U.S. Congress Averts Default
101 08/03/11 U.S. Litigation Over a Russian Real Estate Project
102 08/04/11 Ted Turner’s Superstation in the Crosshairs
103 08/05/11 Westminster Town Hall Forum: Fall 2011 Speakers
104 08/06/11 Downgrading the U.S. Credit Rating
104A 08/07/11 Comment on Downgrading the U.S. Credit Rating[Comment to 9/29/11 post]
104B 08/08/11 Comment: Additional Credit Ratings Downgrades by S&P [Comment to 8/6/11 post]
105 08/07/11 A “Virtual” Constitutional Convention
106 08/08/11 The Personal Jurisdiction Requirement for U.S. Civil Lawsuits
106A 08/11/11 Comment: Another Victory for Foreign Client [Comment to 8/8/11 post]
107 08/09/11 Resolving Disputes between Manufacturers and Distributors/Dealers
108 08/10/11 Selecting a College
109 08/11/11 International Commercial Dispute Resolution
110 08/12/11 Battling Australian and Wisconsin Courts
111 08/13/11 Star Pagination of Legal Materials
112 08/14/11 Honorary Degree
113 08/15/11 Silver Bullion and Underground Homes
114 08/16/11 Artificial Insemination of Cattle
115 08/17/11 The Flight Transportation Corporation Litigation
116 08/18/11 Intraocular Lenses Litigation
117 08/19/11 International Criminal Court: Protection of Witnesses
118 08/20/11 International Criminal Justice: Other International Criminal Tribunals
119 08/21/11 U.S. Repeats Its Ridiculous Designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism
120 08/22/11 International Criminal Court: Potential Arrests of Three Libyan Suspects
121 08/23/11 Growing Up in a Small Iowa Town
122 08/24/11 International Criminal Court: ICC’s First Trial To End This Week
123 08/25/11 Employers’ Lawsuits Against Former Employees
124 08/26/11 International Criminal Justice: Developments in Spanish Court’s Case Regarding the Salvadoran Murders of the Jesuit Priests
124A 08/28/11 Comment: Salvadoran Supreme Court’s Decision on INTERPOL RED NOTICE Was Erroneous [Comment to 8/26/11 post]
125 08/27/11 My Grinnell College Years
126 08/29/11 Sailing to Oxford
127 08/30/11 My Oxford University Years
128 08/31/11 Chosen To Be a Rhodes Scholar
129 09/02/11 Memory and Human Rights: Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula
130 09/09/11 International Criminal Court: ICC Prosecutor Seeking INTERPOL Red Notice for Gaddafi
131 09/24/11 Commutation and Release of Convicted “Spies”
132 09/27/11 Roots of Hope for U.S.-Cuba Relations
132A 09/28/11 Cuban Foreign Minister Attacks U.S. Policies [Comment to 9/27/11 post]
133 09/29/11 President Obama Is Wrong on Cuba
134 10/03/11 International Criminal Court: Investigation of Ivory Coast Is Authorized
135 10/05/11 Oscar Romero, A Saint for All People and All Time
136 10/06/11 Oscar Romero’s Opposition
137 10/07/11 Oscar Romero’s Last Homily
138 10/08/11 Oscar Romero’s Assassination
139 10/09/11 Oscar Romero’s Funeral
140 10/10/11 Oscar Romero’s Tomb
141 10/11/11 Litigation Against Conspirators in the Assassination of Oscar Romero
142 10/12/11 The Abominable Rules of the U.S. Senate Are Modified
143 10/13/11 The Oscar Romero Assassination Case in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
144 10/14/11 Remembering Oscar Romero in Music
145 10/14/11 U.S. and Cuba Discuss Exchange of Prisoners
142A 10/14/11 Wall Street Journal Criticizes Senate Vote on Chinese Currency Bill [Comment to 10/12/11 post]
146 10/15/11 Remembering Oscar Romero in Film
145A 10/15/11 Comment: Cuban-Americans in Congress Criticize U.S. Willingness To Discuss Issues with Cuba [Comment to 10/14/11 post]
133A 10/15/11 Obama and Romney Out of Touch on Cuba [Comment to 9/29/11 post]
147 10/16/11 Remembering Oscar Romero in Art
142B 10/16/11 Comment: New York Times Criticizes Chinese Currency Bill [Comment to 10/12/11 post]
148 10/17/11 Remembering Oscar Romero in Books
149 10/17/11 U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Cases Challenging Whether Corporations Can Be Held Liable for Aiding and Abetting Foreign Human Rights Violations
150 10/18/11 Remembering Oscar Romero at Westminster Abbey
151 10/18/11 Perryite Laments Misuse of His Hometown by Michelle Bachmann
152 10/19/11 Annual Anniversaries for Oscar Romero
153 10/21/11 The Alien Tort Statute, 1789–1979
154 10/23/11 U.S. Circuit Court’s 1980 Decision Vindicates Use of Alien Tort Statute To Hold Foreign Human Rights Violators Accountable
155 10/25/11 The Alien Tort Statute, 1980-2004
156 10/25/11 International Criminal Court: Four People Recommended for Election as ICC Prosecutor
157 10/25/11 U.N. General Assembly Again Condemns U.S. Embargo of Cuba
158 11/09/11 Alien Tort Statute Interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2004
159 11/11/11 Former Salvadoran Generals Held Liable by U.S. Courts for $54.6 Million for Failure To Stop Torture
160 11/13/11 Former Salvadoran Vice-Minister of Defense Held Liable by U.S. Courts for $6 Million for Torture and Extrajudicial Killing
161 11/14/11 The Alien Tort Statute, 2004-Present
162 11/16/11 International Criminal Court: Recent Developments in ICC’s Libyan Investigation and Cases
163 11/18/11 International Criminal Court: Recent Developments in Other ICC Investigations and Cases
162A 11/19/11 Comment: Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi Is Arrested  [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
163A 11/20/11 Comment: U.S. Military Forces To Remain in Uganda [Comment to 11/18/11 post]
164 11/20/11 International Criminal Court: Recent Developments in ICC Proposed Investigations
162B 11/20/11 Comment: Abdullah al-Senussi Arrested   [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
162C 11/21/11 Comment: Options for Trials of Seif Qaddifi and Senussi  [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
41A 11/21/11 Comment: Additional Support for U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation [Comment to 5/21/11 post]
162D 11/22/11 Comment: ICC Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor in Libya To Discuss Future Trials  [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
165 11/22/11 International Criminal Court: New States Parties, Judges and Prosecutor
166 11/23/11 Developments in El Salvador Cases before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
162E 11/23/11 Comment: ICC Prosecutor Reports on Libyan Discussions  [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
162F 11/24/11 Comment: ICC Pre-Trial Chamber Disagrees with ICC Prosecutor Over Libyan Trials  [Comment to 11/16/11 post]
167 11/26/11 Important Foreign Sovereign Immunities Case
165A 11/28/11 Comment: List of Possible New ICC Prosecutor Is Narrowed to Two People [Comment to 11/22/11 post]
168 11/29/11 The Multilateral Treaty Against Torture
169 12/01/11 U.S. Ratification of the Multilateral Treaty Against Torture
165B 12/01/11 Comment: Consensus on New ICC Prosecutor [Comment to 11/22/11 post]
163B 12/02/11 Comment: ICC Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrant for Sudanese Official [Comment to 11/18/11 post]
163C 12/02/11 Comment: Former Ivory Coast President in ICC Custody [Comment to 11/18/11 post]
119A 12/02/11 Comment: Call for Cancelling U.S. Designation of Cuba as “State Sponsor of Terrorism” [Comment to 8/21/11 post]
164A 12/02/11 Comment: U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Calls for Security Council Referral of Syria to ICC [Comment to 11/20/11 post]
170 12/02/11 Supplement to the Multilateral Treaty Against Torture
171 12/03/11 Spain Requests Extradition of Suspects in Jesuits Case
172 12/05/11 First U.S. Report to Committee Against Torture
87A 12/05/11 Comment: Yoani Sanchez Named One of Top 100 “Global Thinkers” [Comment to 7/21/11 post]
173 12/06/11 Universal Jurisdiction for the Most Serious Crimes
174 12/08/11 U.S. Second Report to Committee Against Torture
175 12/10/11 The Torture Victims Protection Act
133B 12/10/11 Comment: Church Leaders Call for U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation [Comment to 9/29/11 post]
176 12/12/11 The Four American Churchwomen of El Salvador
177 12/14/11 The December 1980 Murders of the Four American Churchwomen in El Salvador
164B 12/14/11 Comment: U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges U.N. Security Council to Refer Syrian Situation to ICC [Comment to 11/20/11 post]
178 12/15/11 International Criminal Court: New ICC Prosecutor Elected
179 12/16/11 Non-Judicial investigations of the 1980 Murders of the Four Churchwomen in El Salvador
180 12/17/11 International Criminal Court: Six New judges Elected
181 12/18/11 Salvadoran Judicial Investigation and Prosecution of National Guardsmen for the Murders of the American Churchwomen
182 12/19/11 Salvadoran Truth Commission’s Investigation of the Murders of the American Churchwomen
67A 12/19/11 Comment: Continued Problems in Winding Down the Ad Hoc Criminal Tribunals [Comment to 6/18/11 post]
183 12/20/11 TVPA Lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court Over Murders of American Churchwomen in El Salvador
66A 12/20/11 Comment: ICC Prosecutor Updates U.N. Security Council on Investigation of Sudan (Darfur) [Comment to 6/17/11 post]
184 12/21/11 Pilgrimage to American Churchwomen Sites in El Salvador
185 12/23/11 The Joy of Blogging
186 12/24/11 Merry Christmas
187 12/27/11 My Years at the University of Chicago Law School
188 12/28/11 Accounting for Horses, Cattle and Catfish
189 12/29/11 Former President of Mexico Is Sued in U.S. Federal Court for Alleged Human Rights Violations
190 12/30/11 The Cuban Revolution and Religion


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