Finding Posts and Comments on dwkcommentaries

There are at least six ways to find posts on this blog. Two of them help to find comments that have been added to previous posts to report on subsequent developments.

First, the “tag cloud” in the upper right of the blog page is a computer-generated alphabetical list of the most frequently used tags on the posts. The more times a tag is used, the larger the type of the tag. Double click on a tag in the “tag cloud” and you will have the posts that have used that tag in reverse chronological order.

Second, directly underneath the “tag cloud” and the blogroll is the Archives box arranged by the month the posts were made. Just enter a month in the box, and you will have the posts for that month in reverse chronological order.

Third, directly under the “Archives” box is the Search box. Enter a search term in the box, and you will have the posts with that term in reverse chronological order.

Fourth and Fifth, directly under the Search and the “Follow blog” button is a section called “Pages” with nine entries. The third entry is this “Finding Posts and Comments on dwkcommentaries.”

The fourth and fifth entries In the “Pages” section are the following finding aids:

  • List of Posts and Comments to dwkcommentaries–Chronological” is a list of the posts and comments in the chronological order in which they were added to the blog. Many comments have references to the dates of the posts upon which they are commenting.
  • “List of Posts and Comments to dwkcommentaries–Topical”” is an arrangement of the posts and comments by logical sequence in the following topics: Personal; Higher Education; Religion/Christianity; Lawyering (my practice of law); U.S. History; U.S. Politics; El Salvador; Cuba; Human Rights Treaties & U.N. Human Rights Council; Refugee and Asylum Law; Alien Tort Statute & Torture Victims Protection Act; International Criminal Justice; International Criminal Court; and Miscellaneous . Additional topics may be added as necessary.

Sixth, many of the posts through mid January 2012 have footnotes with references to other posts. Since then, many of the posts have hyperlinks to earlier posts and other sources.

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