List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2016)


# Date Title
785 01/01/16 Report on dwkcommentaries–2015
786 01/01/16 Pope Francis’ Message for World Peace
787 01/03/16 Book Group Tackles Norman Maclean’s “The River Runs Through It”
415A 01/04/16 Comment: New Quarters for Hennepin County Jury Assembly Room
788 01/04/16 Thoughts About “The River Runs Through It”
777B 01/06/16 Comment: NPR Commends Minnesota Orchestra for Cuba Trip
781A 01/07/16 Comment: Comment: BIA Decision on Removal of Former Salvadoran General Garcia] Now Available
789 01/07/16 Successful Benefit Concert for Displaced Syrians
790 01/08/16 U.S. Ending Its Cuban Medical Personnel Parole Program?
781B 01/08/16 Comment: Former Salvadoran General Garcia Removed (Deported) from U.S.
791 01/10/16 Cuba’s Possession of U.S. Missile Threatens To Disrupt U.S.-Cuba Normalization
791A 01/12/16 Comment: Cuba-North Korea Ties Are Risk to Hellfire Technology
791B 01/12/16 Comment: A Skeptical View of Significance of Cuba’s Possession of Hellfire Missile
791C 01/12/16 Comment: Further Details on White House Comments About Hellfire Missile in Cuba
792 01/14/16 Does President Obama Have Legal Authority Too Adopt More Limitations on the Scope of the U.S. Embargo of Cuba?
781C 01/17/16 Comment: Background to Removal of General Garcia
793 01/19/16 Bryan Stevenson’s Amazing Advocacy for Justice
794 01/21/16 Cuban Migration Developments
715C 01/22/16 Comment: Representative Tom Emmer’s Efforts To End Cuba Embargo
795 01/25/16 U.S. Supreme Court Expands Parole Rights for Juveniles Convicted of Murder
796 01/26/16 University Students Investigate Jim-Crow Era Killings
797 01/26/16 U.S. Loosens Restrictions on Transactions with Cuba
798 02/03/16 Additional Reflections on Ta-Nehisi Coates
799 02/06/16 Resumption of Spanish Criminal Case Over 1989 Salvadoran Murders of Jesuit Priests?
800 02/07/16 Call to Worship and Prayer of Confession at Minneapolis ‘Westminster Presbyterian Church
801 02/15/16 Cuba Returns Hellfire Missile to U.S.
802 02/18/16 Another U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Ceremony
803 02/22/16 Cuba’s Next President: Miguel Diaz-Canal?
804 02/24/16 Cuba Consortium’s Conference on “Prospects for United States Cuba Normalization, Commerce and investment”
805 02/26/16 Current Status of Efforts To End U.S. Embargo of Cuba
777C 02/27/16 Comment: Minnesota Orchestra Obtains Additional National Attention
806 03/05/16 Another U.S. Event Promoting U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
807 03/25/16 President Obama’s Eloquent Speech to the Cuban People
808 03/26/16 Reactions to President Obama’s Speech to the Cuban People
809 03/28/16 Fidel Castro Challenges President Obama’s Call To Forget the Past
810 03/30/16 Cuba’s Opposition to Proposed U.S. Democracy Promotion Program
811 03/31/16 Other Reactions to Fidel Castro’s Commentary on President Obama’s Trip
812 04/01/16 Port of Mariel Cuba Has Great Potential for U.S. Business
813 04/08/16 President Obama Continues To Demonstrate His Intelligence, Eloquence and Performance
813A 04/09/06 Comment: Obama Has Been a Transformational President
814 04/13/16 Senator Chuck Grassley’s Outrageous Conduct Regarding the Supreme Court Nomination of Merrick Garland
815 04/14/16 Different Views of the Cuban Health Care System?
816 04/15/16 Another Negative Review of Cuban Human Rights by U.S. State Department
817 04/16/16 Cuban Communist Party Holding Its Seventh Congress
818 04/17/16 Another Cuban Migrant Problem in Central America
819 04/18/16 Raúl Castro Discusses Cuba-U.S. Relations in Report to Seventh Congress of Communist Party of Cuba
820 04/19/16 Raúl Castro Discusses Socio-Economic Issues in Report to Seventh Congress of Communist Party of Cuba
821 04/20/16 Conclusion of Seventh Congress of Communist Party of Cuba
821A 04/20/16 Comment: U.S. Downplays Criticism by Cuban Officials
822 04/21/16 Other Signs of Cuban Regime’s Distress Over Economy
821B 04/22/16 U.S. State Department Comments on Seventh Congress of Communist Party of Cuba
823 04/27/16 U.S. State Department Announces Free the Press Campaign
824 04/28/16 Cuba Gets Low Marks on Press Freedom from Committee to Protect Journalists
825 04/30/16 U.S. Covert or “Discreet” Democracy Promotion Programs in Cuba
826 05/03/16 United Kingdom Promotes Engagement with Cuba
827 05/04/16 Prominent Latin American Journalist’s Critical Observations About Cuba
828 05/10/16 Continued Cuban Migrant Problem in Central America
829 05/11/16 President Obama’s Challenging Commencement Address at Howard University
830 05/12/16 A Civics Lesson in President Obama’s Final State of the Union Address
831 05/13/16 Another Civics Lesson from President Obama at the Illinois General Assembly
832 05/14/16 President Obama’s Civics Lesson at Town Hall Meeting in London
833 05/16/16 Political and Civics Lessons from President Obama’s Speech at Rutgers University
834 05/17/16 Praise for President Obama’s Recent Civics Lessons
834A 05/17/16 Comment: Adam Gopnik’s Reactions to President Obama’s Recent Speeches
835 05/18/16 United States-Cuba Bilateral Commission Meets To Review Normalization Status
836 05/19/16 United States and Cuba Hold Second Law Enforcement Dialogue
826A 05/05/19/16 Comment: Cuba and Spain Strengthen Commercial Ties
826B 05/20/16 Comment: Cuba Strengthens Commercial Ties with Italy and Switzerland
837 05/21/16 Pentecost Sunday at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
838 05/24/16 Evaluating Bryan Stevenson Through the Prism of President Obama’s Speech at Howard University
839 05/25/16 Cuba To Legalize Small and Medium-Sized Private Businesses
839A 05/26/16 Comment: Other Comments on Cuba’s Licensing of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
840 05/27/16 Cuba and Nine Other Countries Deny U.N. Accreditation to Committee to Protect Journalists
839B 05/27/16 Comment: Online Report of Communist Party of Cuba
840A 05/28/16 Comment: U.N. Secretary-General Criticizes Rejection of Committee to Protect Journalists
798A 05/30/16 Comment: Caveats to Coates’ Love of Paris
841 05/30/16 Covert CIA 1966 Operation To Assassinate Fidel Castro?
842 05/31/16 Caveats to Cuba’s Communist Party’s Decision to Legalize Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
843 06/01/16 Cuba Press Offers Positive Press About the Island’s Private Enterprise Section
844 06/04/16 Evaluating Ta-Nehisi Coates Through the Prism of President Obama’s Speeches at Howard and Rutgers Universities
845 06/07/16 Anthropologists’ Opinion That Race Is Not a Scientific Concept
846 06/08/16 Anthropologists’ Statement Regarding the Historical and Cultural Background of the Concept of Race
847 06/10/16 United States and Cuba Discuss Counterterrorism Cooperation
847A 06/11/16 Comment: U.S. Fugitives in Cuba Not Afraid of Extradition
836A 06/11/16 Comment: U.S. Fugitives in Cuba Not Afraid of Extradition
848 06/13/16 Wall Street Law Firm Increases Attorneys’ Compensation
849 06/15/16 Peripatetic People and Religious Faith
848A 06/16/16 Comment: Corporate Clients Resist Higher Legal Fees Associated with Increases in Attorneys Compensation
848B 06/17/16 Comment: Continued Bad News for Many New Lawyers
850 06/17/16 What Is Westminster’s Way of Faith?
843A 06/17/16 Comment: Another Positive Granma Article About Cuba’s Private Enterprise Sector
851 06/20/16 Exploring Sub-Saharan African History
852 06/24/16 Long History of Racism in U.S. Laws Regarding United States Citizenship
853 06/27/16 Highlights of American Anthropological Association’s Exhibit on Race
854 07/01/16 “Where Is Christian Faith Headed?”
855 07/02/16 U.S. Reasserts Upgrade of Cuba in Annual Human Trafficking Report
856 07/04/16 Caveats to Celebration of American Declaration of Independence
857 07/06/16 Prayers of Confession at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
858 07/13/16 Grim Cuban Economic News
858A 07/14/16 Comment: New Position for Murillo
859 07/15/16 Analysis of What Cuba’s Minister of Economy and Planning Said to Cuba’s Legislature
860 07/16/16 U.S. and Cuba Hold Inconclusive Meetings About Trade and Economic Regulations and Migration
861 07/17/16 Declaration of Christian Freedom at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
862 07/18/16 Wall Street Journal Publishes President Obama’s Plea for U.S. Senate Hearing and Vote on Nomination of Merrick Garland to U.S. Supreme Court
863 07/20/16 U.S. Senate Hearing on 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report
864 07/21/16 The Confession of Belhar Is Adopted by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
865 07/24/16 El Salvador Supreme Court’s Invalidation of Salvadoran Amnesty Law
866 07/26/16 Extradition Becomes Hot Topic for the United States
865A 07/27/16 Comment: Another Congratulations for Invalidating Amnesty Law
865B 07/27/16 Comment: Update from Tim’s El Salvador Blog
867 07/28/16 U.S. State Department on Cuban Religious Freedom
868 07/30/16 U.S. and Cuba Discuss Their Claims Against Each Other
865C 08/01/16 W.S.J. Columnist Discusses Invalidation of Salvadoran Amnesty Law
869 08/01/16 Economists Discuss Current Cuban Economic and Political Situation
868A 08/02/16 Cuba Says Claims Discussions with U.S. Will Not Proceed Quickly
870 08/02/16 Wall Street Journal Editor Castigates Donald Trump
871 08/03/16 President Obama and Others Call for Republicans to Stop Supporting Donald Trump
870A 08/06/16 Sean Hannity and W.S.J. Editor Exchange Insults
868B 08/06/16 Reactions to Cuba Statement That Claims Discussions Will Not Go Quickly
872 08/08/16 Conservative Columnist George Will Condemns Donald Trump
873 08/08/16 Prominent Republican National Security Officials Voice Vigorous Opposition to Donald Trump
874 08/13/16 Fidel Castro Criticizes President Obama
875 08/15/16 Fidel Castro’s Disingenuous Criticism of President Obama Over Nuclear Weapons
876 08/17/16 Honoring Victims of Racial Lynchings and Injustice
848D 08/18/16 New Law Graduates Get Fewer Law Firm Jobs
877 08/20/16 A Garrison Keillor Sermon on Hospitality
878 08/22/16 Update on Status of Extradition of Defendants in Spanish Case Regarding 1989 Murder of Jesuit Priests
879 08/23/16 Turkey Presses U.S. To Extradite Muslim Cleric in U.S.
876A 08/23/16 Bryan Stevenson Interviewed by Charlie Rose
879A 08/23/16 U.S. Confirms Turkey’s Request for Extradition of Cleric Is Not Related to Attempted Coup
879B 08/24/16 Other Voices on Turkey and Fethullah Gulen
880 08/25/16 On Visit to Turkey, Vice President Biden Discusses Possible U.S. Extradition of Fethullah Gulen
880A 08/26/16 New York Times Editorial Highlights Challenges for U.S.-Turkey Alliance
878A 08/27/16 El Salvador Supreme Court Rejects Extradition for Other Military Officers
881 09/02/16 U.S. Continues Its Absurd Special Immigration Benefits for Cubans
882 09/05/16 Fidel Castro-Nikita Khrushchev’s Messages During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962
883 09/06/16 Projected Cuban Population: Stabilizing and Aging
884 09/07/16 Recommended Obama Administrative Actions To Promote U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation
885 09/13/16 U.S. and Cuba Hold Economic Discussions
886 09/20/16 Cuban-Americans Support U.S.-Cuba Normalization
887 09/21/16 IRS’ Unjustified Threats Against IFCO/Pastors for Peace
888 09/26/16 European Union Moves to Normalization with Cuba
889 09/28/16 Cuba’s Foreign Minister Advocates Cuban Interests at U.N.
890 09/29/16 Non-Aligned Movement Holds Summit in Venezuela
891 09/30/16 Presidential Nomination of U.S. Ambassador to Cuba
892 09/30/16 U.S. and Cuba Hold Another Meeting of the Bilateral Commission
893 10/01/16 U.N. Human Rights Council Members Call on Venezuela To Engage with Political Opposition
894 10/04/16 New U.S. Statute Creates Another Exception to Foreign State (Sovereign) Immunity
895 10/05/16 President Obama’s Reflections on His Pursuit of Normalization with Cuba
896 10/06/16 Joyous Worship Services at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
897 10/07/16 Cuban Police Search and Seize Property of Independent Legal Center
898 10/11/16 Pre-Veto Controversies Regarding the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)
899 10/14/16 President Obama Issues Presidential Policy Directive–United States-Cuba Normalization
900 10/15/16 El Salvador Wins Arbitration Over Gold Mining
901 10/16/16 Reactions to New Presidential Policy Directive on U.S.-Cuba Normalization
902 10/17/16 Cuba Addresses Its Declining and Aging Population
903 10/17/16 U.S. and Cuba Hold Another Meeting To Discuss Human Rights
904 10/19/16 Washington Post Editorial Blasts Cuban Human Rights
905 10/20/16 House Speaker Ryan Pledges To Keep U.S. Embargo
906 10/21/16 Cuba’s Suggestions for Additional U.S. Relaxation of Embargo
901A 10/21/16 U.S. Professor’s Critique of U.S. Presidential Policy Directive –United States-Cuba Normalization
907 10/22/16 An Impressionistic View of the Russian Federation
908 10/23/16 The Antiquated Constitutional Structure of the U.S. Senate
907A 10/24/16 Other Evidence of Russian War Fears
909 10/25/16 U.S. Continues Objectionable “Democracy Promotion” Programs in Cuba
910 10/26/16 Enactment of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) Over Presidential Veto
911 10/27/16 Another U.N. Condemnation of U.S. Embargo of Cuba
912 10/30/16 Possible Amendments to New Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)
913 11/02/16 Conflicting Opinions Regarding the Relative Strength of U.S. and Soviet Missiles, 1960-1962
914 11/03/16 Answers to Cuba’s Questions About U.S. Presidential Policy Directive on U.S.-Cuba Normalization
915 11/04/16 Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin’s Hostile Relationship
916 11/05/16 Russian State-Owned Media Support Donald Trump’s Candidacy
881A 11/07/16 Cuban Doctors in Brazil Seek Court Order To Remain in Brazil
917 11/10/16 Cuba Announces Defensive Military Exercises
918 11/21/16 Richard and Mildred Loving’s Entanglement with Anti-Miscegenation Laws
919 11/23/16 Cuba Conducts Defensive Military Exercise
918A 11/27/16 Contemporary Interracial Couples’ Experience
848E 11/29/16 Wall Street Law Firms Promise No Change in Bonuses for 2016
848F 11/30/16 Women Lawyers’ Difficulties in Getting Good Jobs
920 11/30/16 U.S. Reactions to Death of Fidel Castro
894A 12/01/16 Suggestion That Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) Is Unconstitutional
921 12/03/16 Roger Cohen’s Gentle Words of Wisdom
922 12/06/16 Important Criminal Justice Work Continued by the Equal Justice Initiative
923 12/07/16 Where is the Sense of Vocation in Roger Cohen’s Writings?
924 12/09/16 U.S. and Cuba’s Efforts To Continue Normalization
925 12/12/16 European Union and Cuba Agree To Cooperate on Political Dialogue, Cooperation, Trade and Economic Relations
926 12/13/16 Cuba’s Recent Arrests of Journalists
925A 12/13/16 More Details on Signing of EU-Cuba Agreement
927 12/14/16 Cuba Faces Economic Challenges
928 12/14/16 Cuba’s Economic Ties with Venezuela Are Fraying
927A 12/15/16 Cuba’s Tourism Sector Projects Successful 2016 and 2017
929 12/15/16 Early U.S. Desire To Own or Control Cuba Driven by U.S. Slaveholders
925B 12/16/16 EU-Cuba Agreement Criticized As Weak on Human Rights
848G 12/17/16 Women Law Students Now Majority
930 12/20/16 Subdued Commemoration of Second Anniversary of U.S.-Cuba Rapprochement
931 12/21/16 More Cuban Arrests of Dissidents
932 12/22/16 The Future of U.S.-Cuba Normalization Under the Trump Administration
776A 12/23/16 President Obama’s Naturalization Speech: One of His Top Speeches
807A 12/23/16 President Obama’s Speech to the Cuban People: One of His Top Speeches
927B 12/26/16 Cuba’s Economic and Political Challenges for 2017
933 12/27/16 Contemplations of Life and Death
927C 12/28/16 Cuban Government’s Bleak Economic Assessment for Cuba