3 thoughts on “Reactions to November 1, 2019, Meeting of U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights”

  1. While I am not as scholared as many, including Duane khohnke, reading the words of FDR and Patterson, I take away a thought that our 5th Great Grandfathers, Capt Benjamin Brown and Perly Brown, brothers, may have had concerning freedoms and what was said by the two men in the article. That thought is that under our current system we live as free people. What they are talking about sounds as if they, by trading freedom for security, are proposing we become subjects once again, a matter our ancestors fought for and settled so many years ago. Thank You Benjamin and Perly, I appreciate what you did and although I could never fill your shoes, I can walk in your footsteps and follow the trail you blazed.

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