U.S. Ending Its Cuban Medical Personnel Parole Program?

Previous posts have discussed the U.S. Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program, whereby such professionals easily may obtain “parole” into the U.S. and thereafter acquire legal status to remain here, and why the U.S. should end it.[1]

On January 8, word came that the U.S. was considering doing just that. The source was Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security advisor to President Obama who was part of the negotiating team that reached detente with Cuba a year ago after 18 months of secret talks. He told Reuters, “It’s an unusual policy, and I think as we look at the whole totality of the relationship, this is something that we felt was worth being in the list of things that we consider.”  Another senior administration official said such a decision was due early this year.[2]

Good news! Tell the Administration and your representatives in Congress that you support such a move!


[1] E.g., New York Times Calls for End of U.S. Program for Special Immigration Relief for Cuban Medical Personnel (Nov. 23, 2014); New York Times Calls for End to Special U.S. Immigration Programs for Cubans (Dec. 21, 2015).

[2] Reuters, Exclusive: U.S. Considers Ending Program That Lures Cuban Doctors to Defect, N.Y. Times (Jan. 8, 2016)

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