The Atrocious Benghazi Hearing

Hillary Clinton @ Hearing
Hillary Clinton @ Hearing

Yesterday I watched the opening and the closing of the hearing held by the House Select Committee on Benghazi to interrogate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I could not watch any more because of my disgust at the conduct of the Committee members, both Republicans and Democrats.[1]

As a retired lawyer, I kept wanting to say that most of the questions were objectionable as argumentative, assume facts not in evidence, multiple, irrelevant or repetitive.

If I had been in the witness chair, I would have wanted to scream in protest.

Yes, I know that a congressional hearing is not in charge of a judge to rule on objections. I know that not all Congressmen and women have legal education and experience. I know that even those who have that education and experience do not use it. I know that such hearings are not designed to gain admissible evidence, but instead are opportunities for Congressional Representatives to show off to certain constituencies.

The whole process is disgusting and atrocious.

I am a Democrat who had been hoping to be able to support Joe Biden for president in 2016. With his refusal to run, I am now a backer of Hillary.


[1] E.g., Shear & Schmidt, At Benghazi Hearing, Shouting Match Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails, N.Y. times (Oct. 22, 2015).