Cuba Tells European Union That Ferrer Is Not a Political Detainee 

On November 26, 2019, Norma Goicochea, Cuba’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU), released an open letter to the European Parliament asserting that José Daniel Ferrer is not a political detainee on the island.[1] The following alleged grounds were provided for that conclusion:

  • On October 1 Ferrer was arrested “in response to the complaint filed by his countryman Sergio García, who accused him and three other individuals of kidnapping him for a whole night,” severely beating him and leaving him in hospital admission.
  • Ferrer now is awaiting trial on charges from that incident.
  • The U.S. and its diplomatic mission in Cuba have been “guiding, instigating and financing the violent and destabilizing behavior of Ferrer while intending “to fabricate the image of [him as] a persecuted and mistreated” political dissident.
  • Moreover, “the US embassy in Havana [has concentrated] in recent months on the failed purpose of recruiting mercenaries, of promoting division and confusion in [Cuba], of identifying the areas of the [Cuban] economy against which [to] direct coercive measures, and [of] trying to slander and discredit the management of the Cuban Government and the Revolution. ”
  • In Cuba, “as in many countries where the rule of law prevails, it is the law that establishes the procedures and circumstances that warrant detention; as well as the terms [for holding a] detainee . . . subject to precautionary measures, [and when a] criminal proceeding must be initiated or [dismissed.]”
  • “Ferrer has received a visit from his wife and children and received proper medical attention.” In addition, he “performs regular physical exercises and, upon request, religious assistance is provided. I can assure you that all references to [his] physical disappearance, alleged physical abuse, torture or receiving insufficient food are false. These lies are deliberately conceived and guided by the United States Government and its Embassy in Havana.”


[1] Cuba points to the European Union that José Daniel Ferrer is not a political detainee, Cubadebate (Nov. 26, 2019).  Earlier blog posts have discussed recent events regarding Ferrer.



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  1. Update on Ferrer Status

    Cuban TV Segment
    On November 27 the Cuban government had a 10 minute segment on Cuban national television with statements by people accusing José Daniel Ferrer of corruption and violent behavior. For example, someone alleged that “so far this year, Ferrer has received $ 50,000 from the United States Government through the Cuban-American National Foundation, based in Miami.”
    In addition, Sergio García González said Ferrer and three other individuals had kidnapped him for a whole night and gave him “a severe beating” that left him “in conditions of hospital admission.”

    This TV report also included a vidio of Ferrer in a police room banging his head against a metal table, throwing furniture and screaming. These images, an announcer said, “show the world who attacks José Daniel, who tortures him and who physically abuses him.”

    Yet Dr. Yaro Sánchez Corona said that last November 22 Ferrer was in “good general condition”, that he was “feeding properly” and “drinking liquids” and that his life was not running “any kind of dangerousness.

    The Cuban regime takes out its propaganda arsenal against José Daniel Ferrer, Diario de Cuba (Nov. 28, 2019).

    European Parliament Action
    On November 28, the European Parliament by a vote of 382 to 243 (with 42 abstensions) adopted a resolution condemning Ferrer’s arbitrary detention and torture and demanded his immediate release.

    The resolution also expressed the Parliament’s “deep concern for the persecution, harassment and continued attacks against peaceful dissidents, independent journalists, human rights defenders and members of the political opposition in Cuba,” and demanded “that those actions cease immediately. and release all political prisoners and persons arbitrarily detained solely for exercising their freedom of expression and assembly.”

    This EU resolution, according to Cuba, was “full of lies, demanding the “immediate release” of Cuban counterrevolutionary José Daniel Ferrer, a mercenary in the service of a foreign power detained for acts of violence, disruption of the public order, and illegal acts.” In reality, Ferrer “is a ‘dissident’ created by the U.S. embassy, paid by the State Department through USAID and other organizations such as the NED, publicly identified with the worst of the Cuban-American mafia in Miami. . . .Rubbish of this magnitude will not only be condemned by our country, but by friendly nations and governments, which understand what this is about and what it seeks to accomplish.”

    The Cuban regime’s campaign did not work: the European Parliament condemns the imprisonment of Ferrer, Diario de Cuba (Nov. 28, 2019,

    European Parliament, what a shame!, Granma (Nov. 29, 2019)

  2. Current Status of Jośe Daniel Ferrer

    On January 30 imprisoned José Daniel Ferrer was permitted to have a visit with his wife and four of their young children at Aguadores prison, in Santiago de Cuba under the watchful eyes of jailers and State Security agents.

    Ferrer is kept in a punishment cell and only has access to a dirty mattress to sleep on from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. The prison refuses to give him medical attention as a sanction for his refusal to wear an inmate’s uniform. They also refused to allow him to eat the food or accept the medicines and toiletries his family brought for him. He appeared to be very thin.

    Ferrer also said the authorities have not told him anything about his upcoming trial other than last month it became known that he was facing a prison sentence of nine years for the crime of “injuries.”

    José Daniel Ferrer ‘is practically being buried alive,’ Diario de Cuba (Jan. 31, 2020)

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