Defendants Identify Expert Witnesses in George Floyd Criminal Cases   

On January 14 and 15 the four defendants in the George Floyd criminal cases filed expert witness disclosure statements.

Derek Chauvin’s Disclosures[1]


  1. Forensic Pathology:

Primary Examiner: David R. Fowler, MB, ChB. M.Med. Path.

Peer Reviewers: William R. Oliver, M.D., M.S., M.P.A.; Brian L. Peterson, M.D.; Ljubisa Jovan Dragovic, M.D., F.C.A.P., F.A.A.F.S; Kanthi DeAlwis, M.D.; and Kimberly Ann Collins, M.D.

  1. Forensic Toxicology

Primary Examiner: Gary W. Kunsman, PH.D., F-ABFT.

Peer Reviewers: Aahraf Mozayani, PHARM.D., PH.D., F-ABFT; Lionel Raymon, PHARM. D., PH.D.; and Sara J. Schreiber, MS.

  1. Forensic Psychiatry: Dr. Michael Welner.
  2. Emergency Medicine: Dr. Kai Sturmann.


Barry Brodd, Bozeman, MT.

Other Defendants’ Expert Disclosures

On  January 14 and 15 the three other defendants made their initial expert disclosures. Since their trial is not scheduled to start until August, they made indirect references to experts in the Chauvin case plus the following:

  • Alexander Kueng and Tou Thau: Use of Force and/or Minneapolis Police Procedure (Steve Ijames) and Medical/Scientific (Dr. David R. Fowler).[2]
  • Thomas Lane: Use of Force and Related Policies, Training, Intervention, Detention and Arrests (Greg Meyer).[3]


[1] Initial Expert Disclosures, State v. Chauvin, Court File No. 27-CR-20-12646 (Hennepin County District Court Jan. 15, 2021); [Chauvin Expert Witnesses’]  Curriculum Vitae, State v. Chauvin, Court File No. 27-CR-20-12646 (Hennepin County District Court Jan. 15, 2021).

[2] Defendant’s Initial Expert Disclosure, State v. Kueng, Court File No. 27-CR-20-12953 (Hennepin County District Court Jan. 14.  2021); Attachment to Defendant’s Initial Expert Disclosure, State v. Kueng, Court File No.27-CR-20-12953 ((Hennepin County District Court Jan. 14,  2021); Defendant’s Initial Expert Disclosure, State v. Thao, Court File No. 27-CR-20-12949 (Hennepin County District Court Jan. 15, 2021).

[3] Expert Witness Notice, State v. Lane, Court File No.  12951 (Hennepin County District Court Jan. 14,  2021). Greg Meyer is a retired Los Angeles police captain who testified for the defense in the 1994 civil trial for money damages over the killing of Rodney King and who is a critic of bans on police use of chokeholds. (Xiong, L.A. police captain who testified in Rodney King case will serve as expert witness in George Floyd trial, StarTribune (Jan. 14, 2021).)

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