Cuba Response to  U.S. Campaign Against Cuba’s Medical Missions

During 2019, the U.S. has engaged in verbal attacks on Cuban medical missions around the world while Cuba withdrew thousands of its medical personnel from Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia, resulting in major financial losses for the Cuban government. [1]

On December 18, Cuba’s “Johana Tablada, deputy director of North American affairs for Cuba’s Foreign Ministry, said Trump administration officials have pressured Latin American governments to end the medical support programs, hurting health care in those countries.”[2]

Such U.S. actions, said Tablada, have “crossed the red line of decency by taking the foreign relations of the United States to levels of hypocrisy and double standards that none of his predecessors have done.” He also accused the U.S. of trying to destabilize Cuba in order to distract attention from the impeachment process against Trump.

As has been explained several times in this blog, one of the most outrageous and invalid U.S. allegations against the program is the assertion that the Cuban doctors and other medical personnel serving in various countries around the world are engaged in illegal forced labor or “modern day slavery.” The U.S. immediately should cease such accusations. Mere repetition does not make them valid.


[1] Cuba Ministry Foreign Affairs, U.S. Crusade Against Cuban international medical cooperation, Granma (Dec. 6, 2019).

[2] Assoc. Press, Cuba Blasts US Over End of Medical Missions in Some Nations, (Dec. 18, 2019).








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