Watertown, Massachusetts, 238 Years Ago

Yesterday (April 19, 2013), Watertown, Massachusetts was the searing focus of at least the U.S. news with the killing of the first suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing and the search for, and ultimate capture of, his brother, the second such suspect.

On April 20, 1775 (238 years ago today), Perley Brown (my maternal fifth great-grandfather) and his fellow Minute Men from Leicester, Massachusetts marched into Watertown and stayed the night before going on the next day to Cambridge to take part in what became the American Revolutionary War. Here is the original settlers’ map of Watertown:

Watertown, Massachusetts
Watertown, Massachusetts

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  1. Perley Brown is also my maternal fifth GGF although I am English and proud. It’s very interesting to read about the Browns and their part in the revolution, but also a little strange, bearing in mind my own thoughts and loyalties. My husband’s ancestor was also in America during the revolution and fought for the King at Brandywine.

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