Giving Thanks for Composers and Musicians 

This morning as I was driving to do errands, I had my car radio tuned to SiriusXM’s “Symphony Hall” and heard recorded excerpts of the beautiful Concerto No. 5 for violin, strings and figured bass in C minor by Antonio Vivaldi, the  Italian composer, violinist, impresario and Roman Catholic priest (1678-1741), and Piano Concerto No. 4 by Anton Rubinstein, the Russian composer and pianist (1829-1894). Unfortunately because I was driving I was unable to get the names of the musicians, and searching the SeriusXM website did not provide their names. (If anyone reading this post has those names or corrections to the names of the pieces, please provide them in comments to this post.)

Nevertheless, this listening prompted me to express thanks to myself for the gifts of composers creating beautiful music that was still enriching our lives many years after their mortal existence and the gifts of musicians playing that music for us today through the gifts of the many individuals and companies that recorded, preserved and presented that music today.










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