Perryite Laments Misuse of His Hometown by Michelle Bachmann

I grew up in Perry, Iowa. I know Perry, Iowa.[1] And Michelle Bachmann is no Perryite.

Last week she chose my hometown to sign a pledge to construct a fence on the entire U.S.-Mexico border and to criticize Texas Governor Rick Perry’s immigration policies or actions. She said she chose to do this in this Iowa town because its population is now 32% Hispanic due to a meat-packing plant in the town and because it just happens to have the same name as her Republican rival.[2]

When I was growing up in the town in the 1950’s there were no Hispanics and very few black people. It was a very plain “white bread” place. But it was not a town of bigots. It has produced many people who now live in the town and many different parts of the U.S. and the rest of the world and who quietly contribute to making the world a better place.

Mrs. Bachmann, quit spreading your views in Perry, Iowa and elsewhere! I am happy your campaign fundraising is falling off. Soon, I hope, you will be forced to exit the national stage.

[1]  Post: Growing Up in Small Town Iowa (Aug. 23, 2011).

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