Racing to Court for Sports Car Racing

Brainerd International Sppedway

On short notice I was retained to be the lawyer for a professional sports car driver. The mission was to obtain an injunction to prevent the Sports Car Club of America (the Club) from excluding him from a weekend race at the Brainerd (Minnesota) International Raceway approximately 130 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

1986 VW Scirocco

The driver was Eddie Wachs, who was racing a Volkswagen Scirocco in a series of races operated by the Club. Because of the alleged illegal modification of his car at a prior race, the Club was threatening to not permit Wachs to race at Brainerd.

I prepared the appropriate papers and met Wachs at the Brainerd airport, as I recall. We then flew in his private airplane to a lake in northern Minnesota where he was going to obtain the necessary certification for flying a float plane. After staying that night at a resort at the lake, we flew the next morning in his plane to Brainerd.

Somehow I served the papers on an official of the Club. I do not remember if we went to court and obtained the injunction or if the Club agreed to let Wachs participate in the race. But participate he did. I do not recall how he did in the race, but I do remember being in the pit for his car. (I did not attempt to do anything to assist the pit crew. I would just get in the way.)

Paul Newman & Eddie Wachs

Long after my brief encounter with Wachs, in 2005 he joined with the famous actor Paul Newman to form Newman Wachs Racing to operate their auto racing team.