Star Pagination of Legal Materials

Detail-obsessive lawyers like to cite to specific pages in legal materials that support their factual or legal assertions. Sometimes court rules require them to do so. When the legal material appears in multiple versions, there is a similar desire to cite to the pages in the original version. As a result, publishers of the subsequent … Continue reading Star Pagination of Legal Materials

International Commercial Dispute Resolution

As previously noted, I have a strong professional preference for mediation and arbitration as methods for resolving disputes between manufacturers and distributors or dealers.[1] This assumes that the parties have tried and failed to resolve their disputes through direct negotiation, which is the least expensive and least time-consuming method and which enhances the possibility of … Continue reading International Commercial Dispute Resolution

Buying Banks and Selling Hot Dogs Are the Same Under the Law

In the early 1970’s the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (the Board) approved the acquisition of two Iowa (Bettendorf and Keokuk) banks by Minneapolis-based Northwest Bancorporation (Northwest).[1] At the time, federal law provided that no acquisition of a state bank by an out-of-state bank holding company was permissible unless such an acquisition … Continue reading Buying Banks and Selling Hot Dogs Are the Same Under the Law

The IBM Antitrust Litigation

In 1964 International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) introduced its System/360 mainframe computer system family, the first to cover the complete range of applications, from large to small, both commercial and scientific.[1] One of the models in the family, System 360/91 (92?), was announced as being as fast as the then fastest machine on the market, … Continue reading The IBM Antitrust Litigation

Auditing the International Human Rights Course

In the Fall of 2001, after retiring from Faegre & Benson, I audited the International Human Rights Law course at the University of Minnesota Law School.[1] Although I had gained some knowledge of refugee and asylum law from my pro bono asylum work,[2] I knew very little about the rest of the field. Through this … Continue reading Auditing the International Human Rights Course

Practitioner in Residence

For three days in February 1986 I was the practitioner in residence at the University of Iowa College of Law. I helped teach a class, made a presentation to a faculty seminar, gave a speech to an assembly of students and faculty and talked to a student group and a legal clinic seminar.[1] Professor Patrick … Continue reading Practitioner in Residence

A Sabbatical Leave from Lawyering

In February 1982 I took a three-month sabbatical leave from my law firm, Faegre & Benson, and became a Visiting Instructor in Political Science at my alma mater, Grinnell College.[1] I taught one course that I created, The American Civil Law System. It had units on the structure of the legal system, legal reasoning, adjective … Continue reading A Sabbatical Leave from Lawyering

The Sanctuary Movement Case

After 19 years of practicing corporate litigation with prominent law firms in New York City and Minneapolis, I was a tabula rasa in what turned out to be important topics for me. I had no knowledge of, or interest in, international human rights law in general or refugee and asylum law in particular. Nor did … Continue reading The Sanctuary Movement Case

The Roads Not Taken

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”[1]   In earlier posts, I described two roads not taken–becoming a Protestant minister or a professional historian.[2] Another was not going to graduate school in economics after reading PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) … Continue reading The Roads Not Taken

Lawyering in Minneapolis

From April 1970 through June 2001, I practiced law with the Minneapolis office of the eminent Faegre & Benson law firm, first as an associate and then as a partner and of counsel. I was in its business litigation group and handled many kinds of cases, including dealer/distributor terminations, securities fraud, antitrust, copyright, trade secrets … Continue reading Lawyering in Minneapolis