List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2020—2d Half)

Number Date Title
                                      July  2020
1627 07/02/20 Pandemic Journal (# 26): Reflections on Pandemic
1628 07/04/20 Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer: “Take the Next Best Step”
1629 07/05/20 Will Upcoming U.S. Presidential Election Be Legitimate?
1630 07/05/30 Third Ex-Cop in George Floyd Casses Posts Bond and Leaves Jail
1631 07/06/20 Electoral College Electors Do Not Have Discretion to Vote Contrary to Their State’s Voters
1629A 07/08/20 Update on Litigation Regarding 2020 Election
1632 07/08/20 Derek Chauvin’s Wife’s Divorce Petition Raises Questions
1629B 07/08/20 Trump’s Rants Against Voting by Mail May Hurt Voters for Trump
1633 07/09/20 Ex-Officer Lane Moves for Dismissal of Criminal Charges for George Floyd Killing
1634 07/09/20 Gag Order in George Floyd Murder Cases
1635 07/10/20 Other Opinions About the U.S. Electoral College
1636 07/11/20 Minneapolis Police Officers Claim PTSD
1637 07/11/20 Election Officals’ Dread About This Year’s U.S. Election
1636A 07/12/20 Comment: Budget Problems for Minneapolis Police Department
1638 07/13/20 Defendants Derek Chauvin and Tou Thau Also Object to Gag Order
1639 07/14/20 Minnesota Attorney General Appoints Speical Assistant Attorney Generals for George Floyd Cases
1640 07/14/20 Media Coalition Asks Court To Release BodyCam Footage of George Floyd Killing
1641 07/15/20 Defense Attorneys Accuse Attorney General Ellison of Contempt of Court in George Floyd Cases
1642 07/15/20 Journalist’s Report on Viewing two Bodycam Footages of George Floyd Killing
1643 07/16/20 Floyd’s Family Sues City of Minneapolis and Four Ex-Officers Involved in George Floyd’s Death
1644 07/17/20 George Floyd Family’s Complaint Against Four Ex- Police Officers Over His Death
1636B 07/18/20 More Minneapolis Police Officers Claim PTSD Disability Releif
1645 07/18/20 George Floyd Family’s Complaint Against City of Minneapolis Over His Death: Count II
1646 07/19/20 George Floyd Family’s Complaint Against City of Minneapolis Over His Death: Count III
1647 07/20/20 Derek Chauvin’s Policing Background
1648 07/21/20 Concept of “Excited Delirium” Is Junk Science
1649 07/21/20 Minnesota Legislature Adopts Significant Police Reform
1649A 07/22/20 Comment: More Reactions to New Minnesota Police Accountability Act
1650 07/22/20 Court Hearing in Criminal Cases Against Four Ex-Policemen in George Floyd Killing
1651 07/22/20 Chauvin and Wife Now Charged with Minnesota Tax Crimes
1652 07/23/20 President Truimp Prepares To Rule by Decree
1649B 07/23/20 Comment: Governor Signs Minnesota Police Accountability Act
1653 07/24/20 Gary Hart Concerned About Emergency Powers of President
1654 07/26/20 Pandemic Journal (# 27): More Reflections on Pandemic
1655 07/27/20 U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights’ Report
1656 07/29/20 Secretary Pompeo’s Reactions to U.C. Commission on Unalienable Rights’ Report
1657 007/30/20 Ex-Officer Thao Moves for Dismissal of Criminal Charges for George Floyd Killing
1658 07/31/20 John Lewis’ Final Message for the American People
1659 07/31/20 Barack Obama’s Eulogy for John Lewis
                          AUGUST 2020
1660 08/03/20 Evaluation of the Report of the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights and Its Endorsement by Secretary Pompeo
1661 08/04/20 British Newspaper Releases Bodycam Footage of George Floyd’s Arrest and Killing
1662 08/05/20 U.S. Efforts to Prevent Global Atrocities
1663 08/07/20 Cuba Eliminates List of Permissible Activities for Private Sector
1664 08/07/20 Court Denies Ex-Officer Kueng Motion To Remove County Attorney from George Floyd Criminal Case
1665 08/08/20 Court Orders Public release of Bodycam Footage of George Floyd Arrest and Killing
1666 08/08/20 Change of charge d’affaires of U.S. Embassy in Cuba
1667 08/09/20 Derek Chauvin: An Enigma in Blue?
1668 08/10/20 Senator Cotton Continues His Criticism of The 1619 Project
1665A 08/10/20 Comment: BodyCam Videos of George floyd’s Arrest and Killing Released
1669 08/11/20 Historian Wilentz’ Response to Senator Tom Cotton on the Issue of Slavery
1633A 08/12/20 Prosecutors Oppose Ex-Cop Thomas Lane’s Dismissal Motion
08/12/20 Prominent Historians and New York Times Official’s Comments About The 1619 Project
1671 08/13/20 Prosecution Requests One Trial for the Four Former Policemen for Floyd Killing
1672 08/14/20 Judge Cahill’s Memorandum Opinion Explaining Hise Order for Release of  Bodycam Videos
1673 08/15/20 Defendant Thao Interviewed About George Floyd by Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
1674 08/16/20 Thao’s Body worn Camera Video Has More Damning Evidence
1675 08/21/20 Prosecution Opposes Lane’s Motion To Dismiss Criminal Complaint
1676 08/22/20 Lane’s Reply tp Prosecution’s Opposition to Dismissal of Criminal Complaint
1677 08/25/20 Defendant Thao’s Dismissal Motion
1678 08/27/20 Prosecution Opposes Defendant Thao’s Dismissal Motion for George Floyd Killing
1679 08/28/20 Defendant Kueng Moves for Dismissal and Change of Venue in George Floyd Case
                            SEPTEMBER 2020
1680 09/02/20 Agenda for Court’s 9/11/20 Hearing in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1680A 09/07/20 Comment: More Informed Reaction to Aganda
1681 09/07/20 Pandemic Journal (# 28): The 1918 Flu Never Went Away
1682 09/09/20 Chauvin Moves To Dismiss Criminal Complaint
1683 09/10/20 Preview of the 9/11/20 Hearing in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1683A 09/10/20 Comment: Rule 44 Evidence Motions: More Details
1684 09/11/20 More Details on 9/11/20 Hearing in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1685 09/12/20 Results of 9/11/20 Hearing in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1686 09/14/20 Guilty Judgment in 1989 Murder of Jesuit Priests in El Salvador
1687 09/18/20 Status of Civil Litigation Over George Floyd Killing
1688 09/19/20 Developments in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1689 09/20/20 Pandemic Journal (# 29(: Current Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic
1690 09/21/20 The Four George Floyd Criminal Cases Should Remain in Minneapolis
1691 09/27/30 Pandemic Journal (# 30): More Days in the Pandemic
                       October 2020
1692 10/02/20 U.S. Reduces Refugee Admissions to 15,000 for Fiscal 2021
1693 10/03/20 Secretary Pompeo Foments Conflict with Holy See
1651A 10/04/20 Chauvin Appears in Court on Tax Evasion Charges
1694 10/04/20 Additional Developments in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1695 10/05/20 Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter “Fratelli Tutti” (Brothers All)
1696 10/06/20 Pandemic Journal (# 31): What Will Be the New Normal?
1692A 10/07/20 Criticism of U.S. Reduction of Refugee Admissions
1697 10/07/20 Chauvin Out of Prison on Bail
1698 10/08/20 A Moving Biography of George Floyd
1697A 10/09/20 Comment: More Protest of Chauvin’s Release from Prison
1699 10/09/20 Court Permits Chauvin To Live Out-of-State on Bail
1700 10/11/20 New U.S. Sanctions Against Cuba
1701 10/13/20 Prosecution’s Supplemental Argument for Enhanced Sentences for Defendants in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1694A 10/13/20 Woman charged for Damaging Car of Defendant’s Lawyer in George floyd Criminal Cases
1702 10/14/20 Important Prosecution Filings in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1703 10/15/20 Court Denies Prosecution’s Motion for Temporary Protective Order in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1704 10/16/20 Post-Hearing Developments in George Floyd Criminal Cases
1705 10/17/20 Questioning Originalists and Textualists’ Interpretations of U.S. Constitution