List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2019) First Half


Number Date Title
                            JANUARY 2019
1331 01/02/19 Report on dwkcommentaries–2018
1332 01/05/19 Crickets Caused Sounds Heard by U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1333 01/07/19 Announcement of Cuba’s “Pillars of Management” and Strategy for 2019
1334 01/08/19 Raúl Castro’s Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution’s Triumph
1335 01/11/19 Senators Menendez and Rubio Call for Restoring U.S. Parole Program for Cuban Doctors
1335A 01/12/19 Cuba Attacks the Proposed Resolution
1336 01/16/19 The Economist Ranks Cuba as the Worst Democracy in Latin America
1337 01/18/19 President Trump Considering Another Hostile Action Against Cuba
1338 01/25/19 Secretary of State Pompeo Criticizes Cuba for Supporting Venezuela’s Maduro
1339 01/25/19 Wall Street Journal Supports Hostility Towards Cuba’s Links with Venezuela
1340 01/26/19 U.S. Considering Re-Designating Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”
1341 01/27/19 U.S. Urges U.N. Security Council To Reject Venezuela’s Maduro and Embrace Gualdó
1342 01/30/19 Update on Trump Administration’s Threat To Allow U.S. Litigation Over Cuba’s Expropriated Property
1343 01/30/19 Canada Reducing Cuba Diplomatic Staffing
1344 01/31/19 Proposed Resolution of U.S.-Cuba  Issues
1345 01/31/19 Wall Street Journal: U.S. Asserting New Plan To Re-Shape Latin America
                     FEBRUARY 2019
1346 02/07/19 U.S. Announced Suspension of Military Aid to Cameroon
1347 02/09/19 New Bill To End U.S. Embargo of Cuba
1348 02/10/19 Injured U.S. and Canadian Diplomats  in Cuba: New Developments
1349 02/14/19 Cuba Arrests Opponents of Proposed New Constitution
1350 02/18/19 Senator Leahy’s Senate Floor Speech To End Embargo of Cuba
1351 02/19/19 Professor LeoGrande’s Argument About U.S. Litigation Over Cuba Expropriated Property
1352 02/26/19 Cuban Citizens Approve New Constitution
1353 02/28/19 “What Is Your Call Story?”
                                      MARCH 2019
1354 03/01/19 U.S. and Cuba Exchange Insults Over Cuba’s Constitutional Reforms
1355 03/0219 Washington Post Criticizes New Cuban Constitution
1356 03/04/19 My Call Stories
1357 03/05/19 U.S. Authorizes U.S. Litigation Against Entities on Cuba Restricted List
1358 03/10/19 Cuba’s Success and Problems with Aging, Declining Population
1359 03/12/19 Venezuela Power Outage Caused New Crisis
1360 03/13/19 U.S. Modifies Its Cuba Restricted List
1361 03/14/19 Latest U.S. Report on Cuban Human Rights
1362 03/15/19 Cuba Abandons Rhetorical Restraint in Comments on U.S.
1363 03/20/19 Cuba Doctors in Venezuela Provide Political Support to Maduro: New York Times
1364 03/22/19 “America’s Farms Need Immigrants”
1365 03/24/19 Businesses Need More Immigrants
1366 03/17/19 U.S. Increases Warning on Travel to Cameroon
1367 03/28.19 Economist Criticizes Cuban Economy
                                      APRIL 2019
1368 04/02/19 John Bolton and New Threats Against Cuba
1369 04/03/19 U.S. Construction Industry Needs More Immigrants
1370 04/04/19 Another Two Weeks Suspension of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act
1371 04/05/19 Opening the U.N. Security Council’s Draperies Uncovers Forgotten History
1372 04/05/19 New U.S. Sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela
1373 04/09/19 Trump Erroneously Says U.S. Is “Full”
1374 04/17/19 State Department Announcement of New Sanctions Against Cuba
1375 04/18/19 Additional State Department Briefing on Helms-Burton Changes
1376 04/19/19 National Security Advisor Bolton Announces New Sanctions Against Cuba
1377 04/20/19 Cuba’s Current Dire Economic Situation
1378 04/21/19 Cuba Reactions to New U.S. Anti-Cuba Measures
1379 04/22/19 European and Other Countries Reactions to New U.S. Anti-Cuba Policies
1380 04/23/19 U.S. Reactions to New U.S. Anti-Cuba Policies
1381 04/24/19 Important Updated Source of News About Cuba
1382 04/25/19 The Many Skills of an Orchestra’s Music Director
1383 04/27/19 New State Department Ethos
1384 04/29/19 U.S. Needs To Cooperate with U.N. Human Rights Experts
1385 04/30/19 U.S. and Cuban Churches Denounce U.S. Embargo and Recent Additional U.S. Actions Against Cuba
                                   MAY 2019
1386 05/02/19 Critique of John Bolton’s Consistent Advocacy of Using Aggressive Force
1387 05/03/19 Cuba Foreign Minister Denounces U.S. Policies
1388 05/04/19 Cuba Reveals Purported U.S. TOP SECRET Plan for Overthrow of Venezuelan Government
1389 05/06/19 U.S. Reactions to Failure of Juan Guido’s Attempt To Takeover Venezuelan Government
1390 05/08/19 Vice President Pence Addresses Disruption and Transformation in the Americas
1391 05/09/19 One of Saint Oscar Romero’s Final Conversations
1392 05/10/19 President Trump’s Skepticism About John Bolton’s Advice
1393 05/11/19 Cuba Facing Shortages of Basic Foodstuffs
1394 05/13/19 Cuba’s Negative Population Trends Continue
1395 05/15/19 New Bill To Expand U.S. Agricultural Exports to Cuba
1396 05/16/19 U.S. Reiterates Its Negative Assessment of Cuba
1397 05/18/19 Additional Support for U.S. Needing More Immigrants
1398 05/20/19 Still Uncertainty Over What Happened to U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1399 05/24/19 Carolyn Forché’s Additional Comments About Saint Oscar Romero
1400 05/26/19 President Eisenhower and U.S. Covert Plan Against Cuba
                            JUNE 2019
1401 06/01/19 Did U.S. Ineptly Investigate the Medical Problems of Some U.S. Diplomats in Cuba?
1402 06/14/19 Proposed U.N. Human Rights Council’s Resolution on Cuban Human Rights
1403 06/15/19 Is the Trump Administration Attempting To Redefine International Human Rights?
1404 06/17/19 Other Reactions to State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights
1405 06/18/19 More Thoughts on Commission on Unalienable Rights
1406 06/19/19 Cuba’s Alleged Expatriation of Dissidents
1407 06/20/19 Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders Involvement in Cuba’s War of Independence from Spain
1408 06/22/19 State Department Unjustly Downgrades Cuba in Annual Report on Human Trafficking
1408A 06/22/19 Cuba Rejects U.S. Government’s Report About Human Trafficking in Cuba
1409 06/25/19 State Department’s Latest Report on International Religious Freedom