List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2018) Second Half


Number Date Title
JULY 2018
1231 07/01/18 Cuba Remains on “Tier 2-Watch List” in U.S. State Department’s Annual Human Trafficking Report
1232 07/02/18 Senate Passes Bill To Expand Agricultural Exports to Cuba
1233 07/03/18 Fear of Change Driving U.S. and European Clamor Over Immigration
1230A 07/03/18 Another U.S. Diplomat From Beijing Embassy Evacuated
1227B 07/04/18 Ariel Ruiz Urquiola Has Been Paroled
1234 07/06/18 Spectacular “West Side Story” at Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater
1235 07/10/18 Cuba Announces New Regulations for Private Business
1236 07/11/18 More Details on New Cuba Regulations for Private Business
1237 07/12/18 U.S. and Cuba Continue To Hold Dialogues on Common Issues
1238 07/14/18 New Perspective on Different Social Class Attitudes Toward Immigrants
1239 07/15/18 New Cuba Constitution Draft Recognizes Private Property
1240 07/16/18 Cameroon: Conflict with U.S. Ambassador and Reported Extrajudicial Executions
1241 07/19/18 Barack Obama: “Renewing Mandela’s Legacy and Promoting Active Citizenship in a Changing World”
1242 07/20/18 Accusations About Perpetrators of “Grave Abuses” in Cameroon
1243 07/23/18 Cuba National Assembly Approves Draft Constitution
1244 07/24/18 Minnesota Orchestra Celebrates the Life of Nelson Mandela
1245 07/25/18 State Department Officials Visit Cuba to Discuss Diplomats’ Health Incidents
1239A 07/26/18 Washington Post Condemns Draft of New Cuba Constitution
1246 07/26/18 Cameroon: U.N. Human Rights Chief Expresses Great Concern About Violence
1247 07/27/18 Outstate Minnesota Newspaper Stresses Need for Immigrants
1248 07/28/18 Economists See Cuban Economy in Dire Straits
1249 07/29/18 Minnesota Orchestra’s “Celebrating Mandela at 100” Concert
1250 07/30/18 Principles of Civility from Duluth, Minnesota
1247A 07/30/18 Outstate Iowa Newspaper Also Stresses Need for Immigrants
1251 07/31/18 Important Questions for Judge Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing
1252 08/01/18 Difficulties in Diversifying Some Sections of U.S.
1253 08/02/18 Good News: Increasing U.S. Travel to Cuba
1254 08/04/18 Criticism of Cuba’s New Regulations for Private Business
1255 08/05/18 Outstate Minnesota City Aided by Immigrants
1256 08/10/18 Appointment of New U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
1257 08/13/18 Cameroonian Soldiers Kill Unarmed People, Says Amnesty International
1258 08/14/18 Inspirations for Minnesota Orchestra’s South African Tour
1259  08/15/18 Minnesota Orchestra’s Concert in South Africa (Cape Town)
1260 08/16/18 Minnesota Orchestra’s Other Cape Town Activities
1261 08/17/18 Nelson Mandela’s Speech at Cape Town’s City Hall Upon His Release from Prison (February 11, 1990)
1262 08/18/18 Minnesota Orchestra in South Africa (Durban)
1263 08/20/18 Minnesota Orchestra in South Africa (Pretoria)
1264 08/21/18 Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural Address (May 10, 1994, Pretoria)
1265 08/22/18 Soweto South Africa’s Historical Signficance
1266 08/22/18 Nelson Mandela’s Connections with Soweto
1267 08/24/18 Minnesota Orchestra in South Africa (Soweto)
1268 08/24/18 U.S. State Department Softens Travel Advisory for Cuba
1269 08/25/18 Minnesota Orchestra in South Africa (Johannesburg)
1270 08/26/18 Update on Universal Periodic Review of Cuba Human Rights Record by U.N. Human Rights Council
1271 08/26/18 Update on Universal Periodic Review of Cameroon Human Rights Record by U.N. Human Rights Council
1272 08/29/18 Minnesota Singer’s Celebration of Minnesota Orchestra’s Soweto Concert
1273 08/31/18 State Department’s Cuba Accountability Review Board Report
September 2018
1274 09/01/18 Nelson Mandela’s Defense Statement at His Trial (April 1964)
1275 09/02/18 Nelson Mandela’s Decade of Democracy Article (April 2004)
1276 09/04/18 Nelson Mandela’s Retirement Statement (June 2004)
1223C 09/04/18 U.S. Businesses Press for More Immigrants
1277 09/07/18 U.S. House Hearing on U.S. Policy Toward Cuba
1277A 09/08/18 Representative Engel Questions State Department’s Response to Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1278 09/09/18 Continuing Controversy Over Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1279 09/12/18 Russia Is Identified as Suspect of Harming U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1279A 09/12/18 Cuba Responds to NBC News Report of Russian Involvement in Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats
1280 09/14/18 U.S. and Cuba Meet About Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1281 09/15/18 U.N. Criticizes Cuba for Reprisals Against Citizens Cooperating with U.N. Human Rights Activities
1282 09/16/18 U.N. Criticizes Cameroon for Reprisals Against Citizens Cooperating with U.N. Human Rights Activities
1257A 09/20/18 More Violence in Cameroon
1283 09/20/18 U.N. Human Rights Council’s Final Consideration of Cameroon’s Universal Periodic Review
1284 09/21/18 U.N. Human Rights Council’s Final Consideration of Cuba’s Universal Periodic Review
1284A 09/22/18 Other Reports on the Recent Human Rights council’s Discussion of Cuban Human Rights
1285 09/23/18 Nelson Mandela’s Letters from Prison
1286 09/29/18 Small Chance of Liberalized U.S. Rules for Agricultural Exports to Cuba
October 2018
1287 10/01/18 South Africa’s ANC Members Killing One Another
1288 10/02/18 “Who Is Jesus for Us Today?”
1289 10/03/18 Canadian Government Also Baffled by Medical Problems of Its Diplomats in Cuba
1290 10/04/18 Continued Violence in Cameroon
1291 10/07/18 U.S. Protests Cuban Detention of Democratic Activist
1292 10/15/18 The Canonization of Oscar Romero
1291A 10/16/18  Magdariaga Released from Cuba Prison
1293 10/17/18 U.S. at U.N. Condemns Cuba’s Imprisonment of Political Opponents
1294 10/18/18 “Where Do We Go From Here?”
1295 10/20/18 “What Does It Mean To Choose Life?”
1296 10/21/18 “How Does Jesus Use Power?”
1297 10/22/18 “Is One New Humanity Possible?”
1298 10/23/18 “Does Our Faith Rock the Boat?”
1299 10/25/18 Increasing U.S.-Cuba Tensions
1300 10/26/18 Cameroonian President Biya Wins Re-election by a Landslide
1301 10/27/18 Cameroon Elected As Member of U.N. Human Rights Council
1302 10/31/18 U.S. Citizen Killed in Cameroon
  November 2018
1302A 11/01/18 U.S. Comments on Killing of U.S. Citizen in Cameroon
1303 11/02/18 Yet Another U.N. General Assembly Resolution Condemning U.S. Embargo (Blockade) of Cuba
1304 11/03/18 U.S. National Security Advisor Announces New U.S. Hostility Towards Cuba
1305 11/04/18 Forces Promoting U.S. Hostility Towards Cuba
1306 11/12/18 Recent Violence in Cameroon Calls for International Action
1306A 11/12/18 Release of Remaining Students and Staff
1306B 11/14/18 More Killings in Cameroon
1307 11/14/18 New Yorker Report on Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
1308 11/15/18 Beschloss Discusses “Presidents of War” at Westminster Town Hall Forum
1309 11/16/18 More Cuban Businesses Forbidden to U.S. Visitors