List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2018) Second Half


Number Date Title
JULY 2018
1231 07/01/18 Cuba Remains on “Tier 2-Watch List” in U.S. State Department’s Annual Human Trafficking Report
1232 07/02/18 Senate Passes Bill To Expand Agricultural Exports to Cuba
1233 07/03/18 Fear of Change Driving U.S. and European Clamor Over Immigration
1230A 07/03/18 Another U.S. Diplomat From Beijing Embassy Evacuated
1227B 07/04/18 Ariel Ruiz Urquiola Has Been Paroled
1234 07/06/18 Spectacular “West Side Story” at Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater
1235 07/10/18 Cuba Announces New Regulations for Private Business
1236 07/11/18 More Details on New Cuba Regulations for Private Business
1237 07/12/18 U.S. and Cuba Continue To Hold Dialogues on Common Issues
1238 07/14/18 New Perspective on Different Social Class Attitudes Toward Immigrants
1239 07/15/18 New Cuba Constitution Draft Recognizes Private Property
1240 07/16/18 Cameroon: Conflict with U.S. Ambassador and Reported Extrajudicial Executions