List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2018) First Half


Number Date Title
1112 01/03/18 Report on dwkcommentaries–2017
1113 01/03/18 Professor LeoGrande’s Comments on the Strengthening Cuba-Russia Relationship
 1114  01/04/18 Teens Hear Strange High-Pitched Noise at Havana Airport
 1115  01/06/18 Pope Francis Offers Advice for Everyone
 1116  01/06/18 More Details on Medical Problems of Canadian Diplomats in Cuba
1117  01/07/18 No Evidence of ‘Sonic Attacks’ on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1118  01/08/18 Additional Controversy Over What Happened to U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1119  01/10/18 U.S. Senate Hearing on Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1120  01/11/18 State Department’s New Travel Advisory System for Cuba and Other Countries
 1121  01/12/18 Cuba and the European Union Strengthen Their Relationship
 1119A  01/12/18 Cuban Journalist Claims Inconsistencies in Allegations of Cuban Causing Medical Problems in U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1122  01/16/18 Is Cuba Concealing Bad Economic Data?
 1119B  01/16/18 Published: Witness Direct Testimony at Senate Hearing
1119C  01/17/18 Senator Rubio continues Attacks on Normalization with Cuba
 1123  01/18/18 Cuba and U.S. Continue To Hold Bilateral Meetings on various Issues