List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2018) First Half


Number Date Title
 1112 01/03/18 Report on dwkcommentaries–2017
 1113 01/03/18 Professor LeoGrande’s Comments on the Strengthening Cuba-Russia Relationship
 1114  01/04/18 Teens Hear Strange High-Pitched Noise at Havana Airport
 1115  01/06/18 Pope Francis Offers Advice for Everyone
 1116  01/06/18 More Details on Medical Problems of Canadian Diplomats in Cuba
 1117  01/07/18 No Evidence of ‘Sonic Attacks’ on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1118  01/08/18 Additional Controversy Over What Happened to U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1119  01/10/18 U.S. Senate Hearing on Medical Problems of U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1120  01/11/18 State Department’s New Travel Advisory System for Cuba and Other Countries
 1121  01/12/18 Cuba and the European Union Strengthen Their Relationship
 1119A  01/12/18 Cuban Journalist Claims Inconsistencies in Allegations of Cuban Causing Medical Problems in U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1122  01/16/18 Is Cuba Concealing Bad Economic Data?
 1119B  01/16/18 Published: Witness Direct Testimony at Senate Hearing
1119C  01/17/18 Senator Rubio continues Attacks on Normalization with Cuba
 1123  01/18/18 Cuba and U.S. Continue To Hold Bilateral Meetings on various Issues
1123A 01/20/18 Reuters Reports on U.S.-Cuba Talks About Law Enforcement
 1124  01/20/18 Senator Jeff Flake Condemns President Trump’s “Fake News” Tirades
 1125  01/23/18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
1126  01/24/18 New Uses of New Spaces at Minneapolis’  Westminster Presbyterian Church
 1127  01/25/18 State Department Creates Cuba Internet Task Force and Suspends Enforcement of Statutory Liability for Trafficking in Certain Cuban Expropriated Property
 1128  01/27/18 Discovering the Ideas of Jordan Peterson
 1129  01/29/18 Minneapolis Interfaith Gathering To End Homelessness
 1130  01/30/18 Perplexing Status of U.S. Travel to Cuba
 1129A  01/31/18 Editorial Commending Interfaith Gathering
 1131  01/31/18 President Trump’s Unsound Action Regarding the U.S. Prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
 1121A  01/31/18 EU To Assist Cuba’s Dual Currency Consolidation
 1132  02/01/18 Cuba Protests U.S. Creation of Cuba Internet Task Force
 1133  02/02/18 Guantánamo: Trump’s Action Re-Ignites Controversy
 1129B  02/03/18 Westminster Presbyterian Church Aiding Homeless
 1134  02/03/18 Powerful Call to Service in Sermon at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
 1132B  02/04/18 Cuban Prisoner Criticizes U.S.” Cuba Internet Task Force
 1135  02/07/18 Secretary of State Tillerson’s Provocative Comments About Latin America
 1136  02/08/18 U.S.’ Cuba Internet Task Force Hold Inaugural Meeting
 1137  02/09/18 Objections to U.S.’ Cuba Internet Task Force
 1137A  02/09/18 Comment to Cuba Internet Task Force
 1135A  02/10/18 More Criticism of Tillerson’s Comments About the Monroe Doctrine
 1138  02/13/18 Katherine Graham’s Connections with Harry Hopkins and Edward B. Burling
 1139  02/15/18 U.S. and Cuba Continue To Confer Over Common Concerns
 1140 02/16/18 Medical Report on U.S. Diplomats with Health Problems Occurring in Cuba
 1141  02/17/18 Edward B. Burling’s Early Years in Iowa
 1142  02/18/18 Edward B. Burling’s Years at Harvard University, 1890-1894
 1143  02/19/18 Edward B. Burling: The Chicago Attorney, 1895-1917
 1144  02/20/18 Edward B. Burling: The Federal Government Attorney, 1917-1918
 1145  02/21/18 Edward B. Burling: The Prominent Washington, D.C. Attorney, 1919-1966
 1146  02.22.18 Edward B/ Burling’s Lifelong Friendship with Learned Hand
 1147  02/23/18 Upcoming Cuba Regulations on Free Enterprise?
 1148  02/24/18 Congressional Delegation Visits Cuba
 1149  02/25/18 Edward B. Burling: The Character of the Man
 1150  02/26/18 The Joy of Researching and Writing About Edward B. Burling and Joseph Welch
 1079C  02/28/18 New Details About U.S. Plots To Kill Fidel Castro
 1151  03/03/18 Developments in U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Relations
 1152  03/04/18 Possible Solution to Mystery of “Sonic Attacks” in Cuba
 1152A  03/05/18 Approval of University of Michigan Research on Alleged “Sonic Seapon” in Cuba
 1151A  03/06/18 Additional Reactions to U.S. Continuing Low Staffing of Havana Embassy
 1153  03/07/18 Cuban Violations of Press Freedom in 2017
 1154  03/15/18 Cuban Medical Professionals Continue To Escape from Foreign Missions
1155  03/18/18 The U.S. and Cuba Exchange Accusations at U.N. Human Rights Council
 1156  03/19/18 Upcoming Cuba Issues for Trump Administration
 1157  03/20/18 Archbishop Oscar Romero To Be Canonized as a Saint by the Roman Catholic Church
 1158  03/26/18 Signs of Possible Increased U.S. Hostility Towards Cuba
 1159  03/27/18 Cuba’s Communist Party Admits Errors in Liberalization of  Economy
 1152B  03/30/18 U.S. Still Does Not Know Cause of “Sonic Attacks” on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
 1160  03/31/18 Vietnamese Communist Party Official Advocates Economic Reforms for Cuba
 1161 04/03/18  World Faces Demographic Challenges
 1162  04/04/18 Robert F. Kennedy’s Moving Eulogy for Martin Luther King, Jr.
 1163 04/05/18 Economic Challenges Facing Cuba’s New President
 1164  04/05/18 Steven Pinker’s Analysis of Wealth and Inequality
 1161A  04/05/18 Another Example of Demographic Challenges
 1156A  04/06/18 Trump Not Expected To Meet Castro at Summit of the Americas
 1162  04/06/07 U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s Second Term (1905-1909): Federal Regulation of Railroads
 1163  04/07/18 The New York Central’s 1907 Woodlawn Crash
 1167  04/11/18 Developments Regarding the Summit of the Americas
 1168  04/12/18 U.S. and Cuba Continue to Cooperate on Agriculture
 1168A  04/13/18 Identification of U.S.-Cuba Agriculture Agreements
 1169  04/14/18 U.S. Needs More Immigrants
 1170  04/17/18 U.S.-Cuba Skirmishes at the Summit of the Americas
 1171  04/19/18 Inauguration of Cuba’s New President: Miguel Díaz-Canel
 1172  04/21/18 New U.S. Annual Report on Human Rights Around the World
 1173  04/22/18 U.S. Current Assessment of Cuban Human Rights
 1174  04/23/18 U.S. Reactions to the New President of Cuba