List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2017) Second Half


Number Date Title
1016 07/04/17 Cuban Entrepreneurs Fear Implementation of Trump’s Ban on Individual Person-to-Person Travel to the Island
 581A, 793A, 876B, 922A 07/04/17 Bryan Stevenson’s Update on Racial Injustice
 917F  07/07/17 Additional Reflections on Impact of Supreme Court’s Loving Decision
 1017  07/09/17 Welcoming Immigrants at Minneapolis’ Westminster Presbyterian Church
 1018  07/11/17  Revisionist Christians
 340A, 426A, 436A, 441A  07/12/17 Additional Resource on U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 and Mass Execution of 38 Dakota Indians on December 26, 1862
 1019  07/16/17 Open Letter to U.S. Congress About U.S. Freedom To Travel to Cuba
1020  07/18/17 President Raúl Castro Affirms Importance of Cuba’s Private Sector
 1021  07/19/17 President Raúl Castro Discusses History of Cuba-U.S. Relations
 1022  07/19/17 Cuban Entrepreneurs Issue Policy Recommendations to Trump Administration 
 1023  07/20/17 U.S. Continues To Suspend Part of Its Embargo of Cuba