Businesses Need More Immigrants

A prior post discussed U.S. farmers’ need for more immigration. Businesses too are recognizing that same need. One example is in Texas.[1]

In late February over 50 Texas companies and chambers of commerce formed the Texans for Economic Growth Coalition, which is “dedicated to recognizing and supporting the positive impact immigrants have on the Texas economy as business owners, taxpayers, and consumers.”

This Coalition immediately partnered with the Texas Business Immigration Coalition and the Texas Business Leadership Council to release the Texas Compact on Immigration, that stated, “”We are committed to promoting common-sense immigration reforms that strengthen our economy and attract talent and business to our state.”  One of their goals is “to head off bills that would punish immigrants and hurt the economy. . . . Another goal is to make a persuasive case on the economic value of immigration.”

Another bipartisan national pro-immigration group, New American Economy, which was founded by Michael Bloomberg, voiced its support of the Texas coalition, saying that the Compact was voicing “why immigrant-friendly policies will help ensure the ongoing vitality of Texas’ economy.”


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  1. I always thought that Texans were true red blooded American patriots. But here they go advocating for more criminal immigrants swarming over our borders. Is there no shame? (don’t you just love it that Texas business men come out in favor or more immigration – take that Donald!)

  2. Since when US needs immigrants? It has enough people who immigrated years ago till now … or those immigrants do not want to work on farms nor in factories… I wonder?

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