Other Opinion Polls Confirm Broad American Support for U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation

A previous post mentioned the results of a recent public opinion poll by abc News and the Washington Post about U.S.-Cuba reconciliation: Favor normalizing relations? 64% to 31%; favor ending the embargo? 68% to 29%; favor liberal travel to Cuba? 74% to 24%.

Other recent polls confirm those findings. As the Miami Herald, in the heart of Cuban-American opposition to reconciliation, reports, “The polling is in: Cuban exile hardliners and Republicans are in the clear minority nationwide when it comes to the embargo and reestablishing ties with the island nation.” That was its summary of national polls from CNN/ORC International, Langer Research/ABC-Washington Post, Reuters/Ipsos, CBS and a Bendixen & Amandi International survey conducted last week for The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and the Tampa Bay Times.” Here are some of the polling specifics:


Favor Normailizing? (Yes-No)

Favor End of Embargo?  (Yes-No)

Favor Liberal Travel? (Yes-No)


     64% to 31%

    68% to 29%

     74% to 24%


     63% to 33%

    45% to 40%

     67% to 32%


     54% to 28%

Pew Research

     63% to 28%

     66% to 28%


     60%  (YES)

Assoc. Press



However, these polls also show lower support for, and even overall opposition to, these reforms from Republicans. Those who identified themselves as “very conservative,” were even stronger in their opposition.

With the Republican Party now in charge of both chambers of the Congress, their  problem now is: do they respond to the overall public opinion or only the opinion of the Republican respondents in these polls?




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3 thoughts on “Other Opinion Polls Confirm Broad American Support for U.S.-Cuba Reconciliation”

  1. Is there no justice in the USA?

    The UN Security Council Resolution 1373 of September, 2001, states that countries should not give safe haven or any kind of assistance to people involved in present or past terrorist activities.

    The USA has an extradition agreement (United States Statutes at Large Volume 43 Part 2.djvu/351), with Venezuela, where USA trained Luis Posada Carriles, “the biggest terrorist of this continent”, escaped after trial and before judgment.

    Why does the USA not honour the UN Security Council Resolution 1373 of September, 2001, and extradite Posada to Venezuela?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am not familiar with the U.S.-Venezuela extradition treaty or the history re Posada. However, I have written about the U.S.-Cuba extradition treaty and the current issues about extradition of each other’s fugitives. The post also discussed a State Department report on international extradition practice. “Issues Regarding Cuba and U.S. Extradition of the Other’s Fugitives (02/24/15), http://dwkcommentaries.com/2015/02/24/issues-regarding-cuba-and-u-s-extradition-of-the-others-fugitives/.

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