List of Posts to dwkcommentaries–Chronological (2023)


Number Date Title
                    January 2023
1876 01/03/23 U.S. Procedures for Resettlement of Ukrainians
1877 01/05/23 Department of Homeland Security Announces Important Proposed Rules to Improve Immigration Laws and Border Security
1878 01/07/23 President Biden’s Argument for New Asylum/Border Policy
1858C 01/14/23 Comment: Prosecution Drops Appeal of  Federal Sentences of Kueng and Thao for Involuntary Manslaughter of George Floyd
1879 01/20/23 U.S. Adopts Confusing New Program for Resettling Certain Foreigners
1880 01/21/23 U.S. and Cuba Resume Law Enforcement Dialogue
1881 01/23/23 Derek Chauvin’s Appeal of State Conviction and Sentencing for Killing George Floyd
1881A 01/25/23 Comment: Criminal Prosecutor’s Opinion on Use of Chauvin’s Federal Guilty Plea
1882 01/28/23 Another Defining Challenge of the 21st Century
1883 01/30/23 Skepticism About Douthat’s Defining Challenge of the 21st Century